Premises formerly occupied under name of Zhou Kitchen, Shin Yeh Bistro serves authentic Taiwanese dishes. Part of Tung Lok Group continue reading
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/02/dinner-at-shin-yeh-bistro.htmlAfter visiting my in law at TTSH, hubby and I decided to settle our dinner at Novena Sq/Square 2 area. We walked around a little to look see and spotted this new casual dining version of the famous brand name from Taiwan.We loved Shin Yeh's food and after confirming that the menu is a subset of the original menu with more affordable prices, we gladly asked for a table for two.Pickles are served upon sitting down. This was sweet, tangy and refreshingly crunchy but we couldn't quite make out what vegetable or fruit this is.We ordered 4 dishes to go with Taiwanese sweet potato porridge. They were delicious, especially our fave Pan fried pork liver...it's still the best!In order of appearance, Pan fried pork liver $12.90++, Preserved turnip omelette (Chye por egg) $10++, Hiratake mushroom in claypot (三杯杏鲍菇) $12.90++ and Sauteed HK kailan $9.90++.As we didn't refill our porridge, we still have some space left for sharing one dessert, so we had the Coconut shaved ice w/ Yam & Red bean toppings (small $4.50++, large $8.90++). It was yummy!After we're done with our meal, the waiting staff serves up a complimentary herbal drink and muah chee. The muah chee was nice, but the drink which is supposedly good for blood circulation tasted really yucky. I only had a sip and gave the rest to hubby.That sums up our enjoyable meal at Shin Yeh Bistro. The food is still as good as what we had at the main restaurant but are priced a lot more friendlier to the wallet. Service was good, more casually done unlike its higher end counterpart. I would highly recommend this place to everyone who loves Taiwanese food! continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-03
As it was the eve of the Lunar New Year, we arrived at the restaurant to find many people crowded around the entrance, it was quite chaotic. After some commotion, and a short wait, we were finally seated at our reserved table.We had selected one of the set menus with 7 dishes for a group of 11.First up was the Lo Hei. Presentation was average, taste was fair. It was interesting as they had used plum sauce in place of traditional sweet sauce.Second dish was braised shark's fin with shredded chicken. It was a clear broth, taste was pretty good. The dish however was served without vinegar and pepper, which we had to request for, and both the vinegar and pepper came in small dishes. Would have been better if served in separate bottles and not in small dishes.Third dish was abalone with broccoli and radish, topped with Fa Choy.Fourth dish was steamed fish. It was nicely cooked and fresh.Fifth dish was coffee spare ribs. Tasted somewhat sweet.Sixth dish was Bok Choy with Sea Cucumber and Mushrooms.Last but not least, we had the Almond Cream with Taro cubes for dessert. A tad sweet for my liking.Overall, I felt the servers were not well-prepared for the crowds. Also, if seated deep inside the restaurant, it was pretty stuffy and hot, and it felt as though the AC was not working well. Food-wise, taste was fair.Perhaps worth a try again on a normal day where service might have been better. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-09
Tonight the family is having dinner at this restaurant. The restaurant is packed but lucky I have made reservation earlier. Shin Yeh originates from Taipei and opens an outlet in Singapore through a joint venture together with Tung Lok Group. It is follows with this bistro outlet through another joint venture. This outlet offers cheaper menu, compares to the first Shin Yeh outlet in Singapore.The menu has a wide spread of simple Taiwanese dishes ranging from Oyster Omelette to Eight Treasures Ice Mountain.Shih Yeh Special Combination ($23.90++)It is one of the new dishes in the menu. In this dish, there is homemade Taiwan Sausage, Crisp-fried Fresh Oysters served with Dip and Deep-fried Lean Pork with Red Fermented Rice Paste. The sausage is actually rice in the shape of a sausage and looks interesting. The deep fried pork tastes like roasted pork and very crispy and tasty.The Soup of the Day ($5.90++) is Lotus Root with Pork Rib Soup, The soup is full flavoured with tender meat inside.Another soup which we have is Meatballs with Carrot Soup ($5.90++) which is full of carrot cubes and flavourful too.Fried Vermicelli with Pumpkin ($9.90++)It is one of the recommended dishes and uses Hsinchu Rice Vermicelli. With just shredded vegetables, the noodles tastes smooth and flavourful.Vermicelli Soup with Yam ($6.90++)The soup base is very flavourful and is soaked up by the vermicelli. Taiwan-style Rice with Soya Sauce Lean Pork ($5.90++) is one of the recommended dishes. Looks simple and plain. The pork is well seasoned and tender.Braised Chicken with Garlic and Basil Leaves served in Claypot ($13.90++)It is one of the new dishes in the menu. Although I do not like the taste of basil but this dish is very flavourful and not overwhelmed by the taste of basil.For dessert, we have Mango Pudding and Milk over Mango Shaved Ice ($9.90++) which is quite a big serving with chucky mango cubes. We have problems finishing it.Another dessert which we have is Almond Cream with Yam Cubes ($4.90++). The almond cream is smooth and thick, with the chewy yam cubes for extra texture.Overall the food is not bad. But the place is quite crowded and noisy. Also have quite a bit of problem of getting the attention of the staff. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
My uncle has brought me to this Chinese restaurant to check out some of their signature dishes. Restaurant is quite cooling but was abit too noisy due to its good business and was really crowded. Service was quite slow but staffs are friendly. Love their stewed chicken in craypot, which the chicken meats are tender and juicy. It is not too salty and really appetizing. The watercress soup looks simple but yet really tasty. Soup is really clear and not too salty, the fresh watercress inside is really crunchy and good for health. Stir fried long beans with minced pork are very crunchy with lots of minced pork fragrant in it as well. Great venue for some sinful Chinese food! continue reading
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The French beans used in this dish were evidently of good quality. They had a good crunch to them and tasted especially fresh. Sadly, they were put to a waste as they were a little undercooked and began to taste raw after some time in my mouth, resulting in a salad like feeling which could have been masked with more sauce and minced meat. In the end, the stingy use of minced meat made the dish feel a little cheap.Portion is not very good, making it's $9.90 price tag a little inappropriate. For full review and more photos, please visit http://freshffm.blogspot.sg/2013/08/shin-yeh-bistro-taiwanese-by-word-not.html continue reading
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