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Shirokiya is a Japanese restaurant chain that promotes healthy-eating. Using ingredients like Collagen Stock and Salted Malt Rice, Shirokiya's Menu emphasizes on "bishoku ryori" which also means "food that promotes beauty". continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-04
The restaurant is located in the middle along the stretch of various restaurants. The restaurant is quite open but decorated in a rather dark traditional looking way. Although it is quite open, but there is a number of fans around, so it is quite cooling dining in.Broiled Salmon Sashimi Served on Your Table ($12)The sashimi is touched upon on the table. Exciting performance by the staff, although we are more worry for him as he has too many things on his hands. Smooth and buttery in texture.Shirokiya Specialty 'Chiritori Hot Pot' ($38.80/ 2pax)Chicken, Pork, Beef and Vegetable Served in Spicy beef stockThe hot pot is said to have originated from Sukiyaki in Osaka. The stainless steel pot looks like a dust pan (Chiritori in Japanese), that's why it is named Chiritori Hot Pot.Although it is hotpot, we do not have stirred the pot, just let it simmers.Until it fully cooked. Do takes note of the thin sliced beef. As we let it simmers until the vegetable soft, the beef becomes overcooked and a bit tough and dry in texture. The vegetable soaks up the flavours, soften and gives abit of soup, although I wish there could be more soup.Overall the meal is not bad. I have a bit of problem in the billing part. Seem that the staff do not know how to process JCB card although it is accepted at the restaurant. One of the staff even asks me for password. Seem that they do not even know which machine is to be used for processing the payment. But all turns out fine when a more senior staff takes over the billing. continue reading
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Level2 2015-04-11
The place was almost empty on a weekend afternoon. The staff were not very attentive despite the lack of guests.They are constantly running promotion for their hotpot. We ordered a collagen hotpot for 2 to share. They had 50% off that day. I thought it was pretty average. It wasn't as thick as I hoped, kind of like normal hotpot.They served us tea upon sitting down. Apparently, they have daily set lunches, which come with free flow green tea. Since we did not order set lunches, the tea was chargeable. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-09-21
Hola everyone! Apologies for not being acting on OpenRice for the past few months, but fret not, I'm offically back! From now onwards, will be posting reviews of various restaurants across the island every week! Today's review will be on Shirokiya at CHIJMES! Firstly, I've to thank OpenRice as well as Reka and her team for organizing this wonderful Food Tasting Session! We started the night off with the Cold Tofu Sprinkled in Salted Rice Malt (Shiokoji) Dressing ($8.80)! The cold silk tofu is very smooth, accompanied with the salted rice malt which gives the tofu a savoury flavour. (Recommendation Index : 3.7/5)Next up is the Avocado and Seafood Salad with Hyaluronic Acid Jelly ($20.80)! Beside the greens, there's generous servings of salmon and avocados! The Hyaluronic Acid Jelly is something rather special, where we normally will not find in salads. The avocado bites gives the salad a sweet yet bitter flavour. It mixs rather well with the salad greens and hyaluronic acid jelly! (Recommendation Index : 3.9/5)The third dish of the night is the Bonito Fish cooked in Hay Straw Marinated with Ponzu Sauce ($14.00). Bonito Fish is actually a kind of fish in the same family as mackerel and tuna. In Shirokiya, they cooked the Bonito Fish with Ponzu Sauce, which is a citrus-based sauce, which removes the stink smell of the fish and gives the fish a sweet and sour flavour. In my honest opinion, the fish wasn't really fresh, and the citrus-based Ponzu Sauce could not really remove the pungent smell of the Bonito Fish, thus I personally would not recommend this dish. (Recommendation Index : 3.0/5)Next up is the Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings with Sweet Sauce ($18.80). Actually prior to this visit, I did some research about Shirokiya and found that this fried chicken wings was actually one of the better dishes at Shirokiya, but it turns out to be kind of disappointing. Wings were dry (yes, I meant dry), not juicy at all. Sweet sauce does not really blends well with the chicken wings. Luckily, the wings were really crispy and coated with sesame seeds. But due to its dryness, I would definitely not recommend this dish. (Recommendation Index : 2.7/5)The highlight of the night is the Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu served in Collagen Soup! ($38.80 for 2-3 pax). The sliced pork belly served were really fresh! No doubt about that. This dish also boosts the amount of nutrients, with the use of collagen and chicken soup. With the generous amount of sliced pork belly, vegetables and collagen, $38.80 is definitely worth it! (Recommendation Index : 4.3/5) The sixth dish of the night is the Broiled Pressed Mackerel ($15.80) which is my second favourite dish of the night. Mackerel used was really fresh as well, accompanied with the wasabi dip. Although mackerel seems to be a simple dish, but it really requires alot of effort to make it delicious. Shirokiya serves one of the best Mackerel I ever had. (Recommendation Index : 4.2/5)A good meal always ends with a good dessert. We were served with generous portions of Warabi-Machi ($7.80). To those who frequents the night markets, its better known as Muah-Chee. But definitely, warabi-machi is a more high-class version of muah chee, served with brown sugar syrup. We also understand that the soy bean used in the process are taken from Mr Bean (yes, Mr Bean!) daily. For those who has a sweet tooth will like this, but for me, I find that the brown sugar syrup is really sweet, so I would suggest just putting 1/4 of the syrup. The soy bean taste is also veru unique, just like what I've mentioned earlier, its taken from Mr Bean daily to ensure its freshness and tastiness. (Recommendation Index : 3.8/5)All in all, I would rate Shirokiya a 3.7/5 for its quality of food. Ambience wise I would rate a 4.0/5. They have two private rooms, each can accomdate up to 8 pax. Otherwise, they also have quite a number of tables available. Again, I would like to thank OpenRice as well as Reka and her team for this invitation!  continue reading
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Level1 2014-09-16
Shirokiya is basically an Izakaya style Japanese restaurant hailing from Japan, but the unique twist is that they focus on healthy dining. Japanese food is already comparatively healthier to begin with, but here the definition of healthy dining here extends to wellness too – they have dishes incorporating collagen, hyaluronic acid, capsaicin and lycopene powder for example, which will promote cellular renewal, increase metabolism, support cardiac health and neutralize free radicals in the body.The other “healthy” aspect they add to their dishes is the the seasoning used – their special Shiokoji, which made from rice koji (rice malt), salt and water. This ingredient is said to be more than just a seasoning. It can make meat tender and draw out the natural sweetness found in raw ingredients. The rice malt is said to contain enzymes and vitamins which are beneficial for the body.Hearing all these gets me really excited. But first, I got to make sure the food tastes good. It is easy to make healthy food which tastes like crap. What about healthy food that tastes good?Cold Tofu Sprinkled in Salted Rice Malt (Shiokoji) Dressing – $8.80++Over the years I’ve acquired the taste for tofu (used to dislike it) and this one was simple but adequate as an appetizer. Avocado and Seafood Salad with Hyaluronic Acid Jelly – $20.80++This has to be my favourite item for today. I love sashimi salad and this one was better with hyaluronic acid jelly. I believe in beauty supplements and I take it everyday to keep my skin hydrated. I like how there’s a variety of sashimi here, including ikura (salmon roe) and there’s avocado, for even more omega 3. The dressing provided wasn’t too heavy too and complemented well.Bonito Fish Cooked in Hay Straw Marinated with Ponzu Sauce – $14.00++The katsuo here wasn’t too fishy and I’m not sure whether the credit goes to the cooking method with hay (like real hay from the farm), but whatever it is, I enjoyed this one. The fish is smoked so technically it isn’t raw. The ponzu sauce was on the saltier side, so you may like to go easy on it.Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings with Sweet Sauce – $18.80++This sort of reminds me of Korean fried chicken because the skin was the crackling sort and there was sweet sauce coated. It was not bad in my opinion and I really wouldn’t mind having it again! The “secret ingredient” here is white pepper which they imported from Japan, and it is said to be different from regular white pepper. Well I am normally not a fan of pepper but it wasn’t overpowering at all, so still good for me.Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Served in Collagen Soup – $38.80++ (for 2-3pax)I was excited to know that there’s going to be collagen for this. I believe in collagen.The collagen will go into the chicken soup first, and then the leek. The kurobuta pork slices are to be cook laid flat, and flipped over for even cooking. It isn’t meant to be like the usual steamboat style were you dip it into the soup. The marbling of the pork was good because it’s kurobuta (black pig). The pork was very tender due to good meat quality and because of how thinly it was sliced. It paired well with the leek. It was towards the bland side because the soup was very light to begin with. If you are expecting a thick collagen broth then you may be disappointed. This one is more like normal broth with collagen supplement.Broiled Pressed Mackerel - $15.80++This looks like Osaka style hako-zushi (box sushi) to me. The rice is not just plain rice, but seasoned with ginger inside. The fish was cooked somewhat like aburi style. Nothing went wrong with this one.Warabi-Mochi / Bracken-starched Dumpling with Brown Sugar Syrup - $7.80++For dessert it was mochi coated with kinako (soy bean power). The kinako is supplied by Mr Bean, which in Singapore is known for quality soy milk.Brown sugar syrup is used to sweeten the mochi and of course you adjust the sweetness to your level. The mochi was very chewy and I liked it.My overall impression of this place is good so far. The prices are affordable for a restaurant in CHIJMES, which is known for more premium food. The food standard was overall not bad, better than benchmark Japanese cuisine in Singapore but the major attraction to me is the added health factor in the dishes. I would not say no to trying this restaurant again. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-13
Embracing the concept of 美食料理(food that promotes beauty) , Shirokiya serves up standard Japanese dishes like most izakayas, but with a healthy twist. For instance, the Shio Koji (salted rice malt) dressing imparts flavors sufficiently to the Cold Tofu ($8.89), so you doesn't really need to resort to the red miso paste at the side. It is heartening to know that Hydraluronic acid jelly--a key to soft supple skin, is tossed into the citrusy Avocado and Seafood salad ($20.80), but it can do with more of such good stuff. I liked the crab mayonnaise and scallops but not the raw salmon as it was not very fresh. The Bonito Fish Cooked in Hay Straw ($14), reminded me of the Smoked Tataki dish from Shikoku prefecture, but it lacked the smoky accents from charcoal fire and was not very fresh. Thankfully, the Boiled Pressed Mackerel ($15.80) did not suffer from fishy-ness but the grains might need a bit more vinegar to bind the flavours.I love crunchy chicken wings but these Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings ($18.80) were overly done such that the meat became sorely dry. A great pity because the sweet marinade pepped up with white pepper deserved a thumbs-up.The Kurobuta Shabu Shabu ($38.80 for 2-3 pax) also boasts some beauty benefits with the addition of collagen into the chicken soup. Though no MSG is claimed to be used in Shirokiya, I found the soup slightly too salty. It might be good to know that the soy ingredients of the desserts such as warabi mocha $7.80 shown here or soy milk pudding, come from our local Mr Bean. Though I was rather disillusioned by the overall experience, perhaps the potential lies in other dishes, given the diversity of the menu which you can check online.Full post : http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/09/shirokiya-at-chijmes.html continue reading
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