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Shokudo values the subtle tastes and flavours of Japanese cuisine. Not to mention, Japanese cuisine thrives on its food presentation which is essentially as imperative as its authentic taste. Using only the freshest of ingredients, Shokudo strictly abides to import all ingredients from Japan. continue reading
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Creamy Spaghetti with Teriyaki Meatballs Tofu Cheesecake
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SEAFOOD AVOCADO PASTA (14.80)The al-dente fettuccine complimented well with the creamy sauce, and the unusual avocado on the side provided a refreshing-buttery component to the dish. There were shrimps, clams, octopus and scallops atop the pasta but the portion was simply disappointing.SLICED TERIYAKI OMU RICE (12.90)Presentation was not the priority for this dish and it seemed that the dish was drowning in sauce. The soft and creamy omelette parcel was commendable, and the fried rice soaking up the teriyaki sauce was decent. The sliced beef was slightly dry and chewy but the sauce was able to compensate for the flavor.The food was decent but doesn't leave a lasting impression.Full review with pictures, prices and ratings at - http://zacbhl.blogspot.sg/2015/06/shokudo-japanese-coffee-house.htmlZacbhl - Eating, Writing, Sharing continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-18
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/01/18/ok-post-movie-dinner-shokudo-orchard-cineleisure-on-16jan2015/went with friends to watch “the theory of everything” at orchard cineleisure on 16.1.2015. it’s a movie about the lives of stephen & jane hawkings. really nice movie – wonderful script, acting, direction. i liked it very much! ^^ after movie, we decided to have a quick dinner at shokudo (食堂or canteen in japanese) at level 2. we ordered 4 dishes to share for 4pax as we only wanted a light meal, and one friend had to leave shortly. later we added a parfait for remaining 3 of us to share. we had the unagi tofu salad. somehow we were chatting & missed the wafu 和风 dressing (a vinaigrette) or ponzu sauce until we almost finished. the salad was actually quite nice with the dressing.^^ the saba don was quite tasty. saba was tasty & tender & the don (rice) was nice.the ebi (prawn) mantaiko aloo olio looked anaemic when it came. my friends added the grated cheese & red chilli pepper & it looked a bit more appetising. the truffle flavours were actually quite nice. we had a fried egg tofu with some cheese flavours topped with mentaiko. pretty ok. felt like the tako balls type preparation. i always like the parfait in japan & also sun with moon. this was good good, with yuzu sorbet. mochi, green tea jelly & cornflakes…didn’t see any chestnut? anyway i liked this best. the food was ok. the bill S$66 also about right for the food we had. it was a fun time with friends – movie, makan & chat. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-20
Headed back to my all-time favourite dining place - Shokudo at Cineleisure.This time, i ordered the curry omu rice with ebi prawns. As always, the sweet flavourful curry blends perfectly well with the omelette rice! Not spicy at all, so those non-spicy lovers can try it too. However, towards the end of the meal i felt that the curry tasted saltier. Guess it happens when consumed in excess. The fried ebi prawns tasted average, with the flour obviously making the prawns crunchy and nice to munch on.We ordered matcha float as well, which tasted exactly the way it's named.Staff were still in shortage, as always, and the food took around 20 to 30minutes to arrive, once again. Overall, Shokudo is a place where i never felt hungry still after my meal, unlike many other restaurants/cafes. Will be back again! continue reading
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Thinking of Shokudo while discussing what to eat at Somerset area, it offered something healthy. It was an ideal coffee house concept restaurant, no matter for main meal or light snack. Strictly using the freshest ingredients, the chef prepared only finest Japanese cuisine with creative selection. Indeed food presentation was very important, it affect our desire for food. Scenery from bustling street, the decent restaurant was awesome. Nothing to complain about their service, staffs were attentive and helpful.Tomato-based pasta served, this classic pasta was flavourful. Bacon was in correct ratio, belly soft and tender meat. Pasta shimmered in sourly sweet gravy remained springy, not overcooked or too mushy. It was not a luxury dish yet delicious and appetizing. We had a pleasant dining time over there, affordable price plus comfortable ambience. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-24
Shokudo is a Japanese restaurant that serves both Japanese food as well as western delights such as pasta. We went to the branch at Cathay Cineleisure, which was relatively quite empty for dinner timing. We ordered a carbonara and a mushroom pasta for the mains. In my opinion, the carbonara was really not bad, but I would prefer it to be a little bit creamier (personal preference). For my friend who ate the mushroom pasta, she said it was rather plain and dry. Overall not bad place for a normal lunch with decent pricing. We didn't have any desserts there due to their limited selection, and their desserts didn't really appeal to us as well. continue reading
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