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Named after a festival celebrated worldwide by eating pancakes, Shrove Tuesday at Toa Payoh has found its niche with waffles and ice cream instead. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-19
Located within 5 minutes walk of Braddell mrt is this cafe, located under a block of HDB flats. It has a very simple outlook, of white washed walls and sign board. But the minute you walk in, you are greeted by the variety of ice cream and rainbow cakes that they offer.No pork or lard  Who knew you could display cakes alongside ice creams in the same fridge? COOL idea. Nonetheless, we got ourselves a waffle with 2 scoops of gelato. Roasted Pistachio which was a premium flavour so $2.50 + $0.80 and Rocher which was $2.50.Waffle with Roasted Pistachio and Rocher Gelato $10.80And here it was, the leaning tower of gelato! I really enjoyed both flavours of the gelato. I just couldn't get enough of it. The roasted pistacchio was my favourite. The rocher was very chocolatey and creamy as well. Both weren't over-poweringly sweet, and that's why I loved it.Look at the thickness of the waffle. It was so fluffy and awesome!! Definitely coming back for more waffles!Here's why their waffles are so fluffy! Because they use yeast raised batter and each batter takes 3 hours to ferment! The fermentation processes releases C02 making their waffles light and crunchy!Take note employees of the above companies, you get 10% discount M-F 12-7PM All in all, a great place to chill out even though I wasn't able to connect to their wifi for some weird reason. continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-11
Sunday Folks. Sunday Market. Shrove Tuesday. I'm not sure why these cafes are named after days of the week but I do know that they are run by passionate young people. Honestly, Shrove Tuesday is only my third cafe after returning from Tokyo. While I still hold a healthy skepticism with regards to the quality of cafe food, I am delighted to discover some stellar food here.Gelato is no longer a novelty but there is something playful when it comes to the Italian ice cream here. It's Gelato desserts. This magnum-lookalike "Milk Chocolate Classico" might not be convince you to splurge $10 but wait till you sink your teeth into the chocolate shell. Instead of the typical artificial-tasting buttery ice confectionary, a dense caramel brownie-like layer concealed in the fresh and smooth vanilla gelato, made it extremely pleasurable yet gratifying. Count yourself lucky if you managed to detonate one of their "BOMB" (bizzare ice cream balls), especially the salted caramel version which was unavailable during my visit.Same goes for the Matcha & Black Sesame gelato ($2.50/$3 for premium). Yes, these might be my two favourite flavors but there is a reason why they are standouts of their own species. The Black sesame gelato grabbed our attention away from its matcha counterpart due to its warm earthy nuttiness, thanks to the incorporation of grinded BS seeds and BS paste. But be forewarned that the sugar content for both flavours were askew. Waffles ($5) were light and delicately crisp on the edges, crawling in with subtle honey sweetness. Cakes are not as stellar as the gelato so expect standards to fluctuate with the nature of pastries. Baked goods like the Strawberry Rose Red Velvet ($4.50) had a stale, uninspiring rose buttercream, clearly not performing at its utmost. Though neither coffee nor orange was discernible in the Ivory Orange Coffee Mousse ($4.50), the texture of the mousse was smooth and wholesome. While there is a range of other cakes such as Peanut Banana, Tiramisu and cheesecakes, I'm contented with their gelato creations, which I hope can be further experimented and one day expand to become the forte of the cafe, apart from waffles and coffee. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-08
We decided to drop by Shrove Tuesday after out dinner. It’s located at Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, below those HDB flats. It’s a small and cosy environment with probably around 25-30 seatings and its fully packed on a weekday night! Brightly decorated with a slight by the beach feel due to the bright orange colour, displays on grass patches and wooden tables and chairs. They sell a variety of desserts from ice cream to cakes, pastries and drinks.Seeing their tiramisu ($8.50) being different from the usual, we decided to give it a try. It’s like a combination of Affogato and tiramisu. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream within, and at the bottom there’s sponge cakes soaked with espresso/coffee and lastly top it off with frothy foam and sprinkles of cocoa powder. And its served with 2 pieces of biscotti at the side. I quite like this version of tiramisu except for the too much foam. Lesser foam and it will be much better overall. Besides the tiramisu, we ordered double scoop of ice cream – Apricot gelato and chocolate flavoured. Apricot is unique and refreshing. Overall a nice dessert place worth a try! continue reading
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Located in the neighbourhoods, this place keeps things simple where they had decided to keep themselves off the hipster vibes of cafes of the late. Instead, it is cheery with its bright orange walls, joyous with its happy-looking decorations and even to the extent of cutesy. The menu largely focuses on cakes and other bakes, as well as their specialty which are waffles, coffee and tea.While waiting for the friend to arrive, I got the Brownie ($3.50). Unconventionally decorated with sugar flowers and chocolate mousse, it contains three layers of chocolatey goodness. Under the layer of mousse contains a fudgey layer of thick, gooey chocolate. It enhanced the taste of the brownie, which was slightly less dominating in taste and was moist enough for a brownie not being too wet nor too dry.Apart from the Brownie, other small bites included Macarons ($3.00 each), which were all chewy and had nice feet with them. The fillings were generally flavourful and not cloying sweet, though the Chocolate & Pistachio was a more sweet-salty combination which was a wee bit heavy compared to the Green Apple & Cinnamon, which was a classic combination with the spice rather evident. These are great for a tea time treat, especially for sweet tooths eager to succumb to their Macaron cravings.Waffles ($5.00) is one of the specialties of Shrove Tuesday, and it was done in its own unique way. Airy, fluffy and light, it also has a crispy texture which was great. They used yeast in their recipe, which made it taste rather bread-like somehow, but also helped in the overall fluffiness of the waffle as claimed by the staff. My dining partner ordered a scoop of Cheesecake gelato ($2.50/scoop) to compliment the waffle, which we found to be rich in the taste of mascarpone cheese, but can get quite jelat if being eaten alone. Eat it by dabbing some over the waffle; it helps in achieving a less sickening flavour as well as a luxurious combination to the waffle.The Flat White ($4.50) here was surprisingly good. Shrove Tuesday serves up Agust Natura Equa organic coffee that origins from Italy, which was rather smokey and nutty. Coupling with the milkiness and creaminess, it was really comforting on a rainy afternoon.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/shrove-tuesday-blk-94-toa-payoh-lorong-4/ continue reading
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Saw some blogs recommending this place, went over to try since I was at Toa payoh area . Like their cafe design, look chic yet simple & cozy. Friendly environment. Ordered their waffles and ice cream (chocolate frudge), some cakes and tea (Honeycomb). The tea is really good, smell really fruity. Waffles not as good as salted caramel But well still like the crispy texture of the Waffles. Overall, I will still visit this place again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)