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Level4 2015-06-22
SIFU is one of the new appearance after the revamp in Bugis Junction last year and ever since we had been finding a chance in trying out their dishes. "SIFU" if translated from Chinese literally means "Master" thus upon looking at their business name, it gives a big clue to patrons that they are the master of Hong Kong eats.While many of the restaurant's menu cover page will have food featured, SIFU has another approach by featuring the well dressed chef in white.Pork Bun is a common snack in Hong Kong and was noted as one of the Must Try in SIFU. A close resemblance to the chinese "Kong Bah Pau" (Braised Pork Bun) with a fluffy pillow soft white pau cradling the savoury Pork Ribs. These pulled pork were marinated with honey and rather addictive.Caramelized Roasted Ribs is one of the specialties on its menu. The meat was totally fork tender, enables us to tear them off apart easily from its bone. The dish is paired with a few pieces of "Keropok" (crackers) which makes a rather unique combination.From the dry noodles section, we have their signature roasted chicken thigh & shrimp dumplings.Noodles was springy and thin tossed in the aromatic black sauce complemented by succulent roasted chicken thigh *yums* and shrimp dumplings. Dim sum was served in the traditional bamboo steamer. Initially we thought we had ordered the wrong dish as they looked identical to the shrimp dumplings from the former dish but after having a bite, we immediately knew the difference. Dumplings skin was a little thick encasing the marinated pork and topped with spicy chilli oil, on top of that garnishings like scallions, shallots and spring onions were added in enhancing its taste.An interesting presentation on a wooden board with thoroughly braised Pork Belly on the extreme left followed by pickles in the centre then the noodles. All of them came in a perfect portions.Pork belly was well braised to its softness together with bright orange carrots and vegetables. They were coated with a thick layer of braised sauce giving the dish a piquant taste. 3 slices of preserved cucumbers were placed on top of a bed of lettuce. Strong in vinegar taste and very appetizing. While the last dish on the wooden board came in a mini bowl, broth was good enough and I could just have the bowl of noodles plain without any add on.Going into the desserts, milk pudding was not too bad a choice, its texture was wobbly, smooth and delicate with generous amount of biscuit crumbs topped the pudding. It's quite tricky to handle it as if we are not careful, the crumbs will be everywhere on the table.I felt that Coco-Sago dessert is another variation of serving Mango Sago dessert with Ice Cream. It was served with refreshing coconut ice cream, a small cake of chilled chestnut sago wtih mango cubes. Overall, I find that SIFU had brought up Cantonese Cuisine to modern level different from most of the Cha Chang TingFor more food reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-12
SIFU is a new dining concept that had been introduced at Bugis Junction which recently just had a revamp of tenants. Claimed to be the “Master Ribs”, Pork Ribs are the specialty here, and the restaurant serves largely Hong Kong fare, though with a bit of twist.For a side, I decided to have the chef recommended Prawn Toast Rectangles ($8.80++). This is rather addictive as a side, for the toast was fried till crispy and had a succulent prawn sitting atop. It even came with this chili which was mildly spicy yet inducing a sweet-sour flavour, which made it even more appealing.I wanted a light meal that day, so I went with the Pulled Pork Rib Chinese Style Slider ($4.80++). The dish seemed like a replica of Kong Bak Pau, with a soft, fluffy bun encasing cabbage leaves and meat pulled from SIFU’s signature Pork Ribs. Marinated with honey, the Pork Ribs were savoury yet sweet; something which I just cannot get enough of.One of my dining partners went for the SIFU Signature Baked Chicken with Shrimp Dumpling Soup Noodles ($10.80++). This dish came with a choice of either Vermicelli or Hor Fun, which he picked the former. Soup base seemed to be similar to our local fish soup, and the baked chicken was succulent despite doused in soup. Shrimp Dumplings were well packed, and the shrimp used were also fresh.The SIFU Signature Baked Chicken with Shrimp Dumplings Dry Noodles ($10.80++) were another story though; the same ingredients but tossed dry with Hong Kong Egg Noodles and soup served at the side, my dining partner commented that it was a replica of Wanton Noodles, but the egg noodles were extremely rubbery and seemed undercooked, and even carried a heavy alkaline taste with it.Another dining partner went with the rice option, opting for Omelette Rice with Pork Chop ($10.80++). Despite it being a Hong Kong restaurant, this dish felt really Japanese as it came with runny eggs cooked in broth; similar to the style of Oyako Don. Pork Chop was however seemed to carry shrimp paste marinade; something we found a tad interesting.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/sifu-bugis-junction/ continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-28
Bye bye MOS burger... Hi SIFU! This newly opened restaurant serves Cantonese dishes. The dish I ordered was rice noodles topped with fish cakes and the other one was topped with prawn rolls. There were two options to choose from; rice noodles and hor fun. The broth itself was bland but the fish cakes were pretty tasty. If you eat a lot, perhaps you should order more side dishes as the noodle portions were very small. The must-try side dish were the prawn toasts. They were crispy and tasty. continue reading
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