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Located in the historic estate of Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Sin Lee Foods boasts beautiful and raw aesthetics accompanied by unique creations by the team behind it. The brains behind Sin Lee Foods' were trained in top New York and French kitchens. They offers light snacks, egg selections and salads. Do not miss out on their signature Sin Lee Fried Chicken & Waffles. continue reading
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Founded in July 2014 by chefs Mr. Sean Lim and Ms Jerraldine Chen, Sin Lee Foods is a nostalgic cafe throwback to simpler days. While appearing hipster, the cafe owners kept the original signboard, and the overall look and feel, due to their landlord's request, who places a great deal of sentimental value on the place. This 50-seater cafe located in the sleepy Bukit Ho Swee neighbourhood offers modern fusion breakfast / brunch dishes, albeit at slightly higher than average prices.Ambience at Sin Lee Foods is casual, with an industrial rustic vibe, a classic hipster cafe. Think rough, exposed red brick and grey concrete walls, with functional, industrial wooden furniture in a variety of styles. There is barely any decor here, and the indoor seating area exposes diners to cooking from the kitchen. However, they win points for the tranquil, sheltered outdoor seating, which offers views of the sleepy, quiet neighbourhood and surrounding greenery.Service at Sin Lee Foods is partial self-service, and there is minimal interaction with the mostly young staff. Ordering and payment is done self-service over the counter, but staff do serve orders to your table. Engagement is limited to asking about dishes, with staff able to answer queries, and willing to accede to requests for changing ingredients in dishes. Orders are fulfilled within 10 minutes, and I also note that staff are fairly quick in clearing empty / dirty tables. Not particularly memorable.Food at Sin Lee Foods is modern fusion breakfast / brunch fare, with strong influences from American and Japanese cuisine. In particular, they have an emphasis on waffles, due to the owner's background, and they also refuse to serve eggs benedict. Taste is generally decent, and potions sizes are large, suitable for sharing. They're also priced more expensively than other cafes, budget about SGD $30 per person for a meal here. Overall, Sin Lee Foods is a good choice only if you're in the area, and willing to spend. But I feel it's not worth making the effort to travel here.The Coconut Slushie (SGD $9) is a refreshing chilled beverage, a smooth, thick, delicious blend of crushed ice, coconut milk, and coconut water. Topped with nata de coco / coconut jelly and toasted coconut flakes, which lend a fragrant, appetizing aroma! Nice, loved this drink!The Aburi Broccoli Salad (SGD $13) is among the best salads I've had, and definitely the best broccoli dish I've eaten! Fresh, crunchy broccoli florets are quickly torched aburi style, making them take on a savoury smoky flavour. A bed of sharp sour white balsamic vinegar and creamy mayonnaise, along with garnishes of sweet red sugar and crispy papadum chips complete this delicious salad dish. Addictive, delicious, and well worth visiting just for this. Highly recommended!While The One And Only (SGD $21.90) is essentially a chicken and waffles dish, they're among the earliest in Singapore to popularise this modern fusion dish. The version here remains a pretty solid contender, with a large, crisp, iron waffle, though it's slightly dry. This is greatly helped by the large, juicy har jiong / prawn paste marinated boneless chicken leg. With a crispy skin, a thick layer of fat (which locks in the natural juices), and savoury, tender chicken meat, it's so tasty! A small but savoury sweet sesame gomae / sesame sauce coleslaw lends a fragrant, nutty flavour. The melted herb and maple syrup butter was outstanding, with a hint of sweetness, it paired really well with the chicken. Good!Full Sin Lee Foods review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/05/sin-lee-foods.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-28
Located slightly further from Tiong Bahru MRT and on the opposite side where the hipster region of cafes are, is SIN LEE foods. They inherited the shop name from the previous tenant who served local fare.Once you walk in you notice that this cafe tries to distinguish itself by selling slightly unusual food. No eggs benny here!They are famed for their chicken and waffles which is what I tried the last time I visited. I was impressed more by the salted egg fries which had me wanting to come back ever since then!I had also previously tried their pie crust slushie which was a digestive version of an oreo milk shake. It was a memorable experience and I was hoping to see that in the menu again, but nope. It's gone, and replaced with a coconut slushie and a banana horlicks slushie.1. Coconut Slushie $9Made with coconut jelly and toasted coconut flakes. The coconut slushie stands pretty tall. I enjoyed the coconut jelly which was quite hard and chewy with a QQ feel. But I wish they were red rubies! The drink was very icy for me, I felt it had more ice than anything else. Definitely nowhere as good as their pie crust slushie. This was pretty disappointing.2. Banana Horlicks Slushie $9Made with fresh banana, horlicks and ice cream. In an attempt to try and save my reputation of Sin Lee, I ordered another slushie in hopes that this would be somewhat closer to that magical pie crust slushie. But nope, this was diluted, all you could taste were bananas. I couldn't even taste horlicks. For $9, Sin lee, please reconsider what you are selling. Thanks.3. Salted egg sweet potato fries $12Twice fried sweet potato fries, house made slated duck's egg sauce with curry leaves. This tasted very different from the last one I had. The sauce itself was more diluted, and you had to struggle to try and "taste" the salted egg in your mind. The sweet potato were indeed twice fried and soggy. 4. Spam Fries $10Thick cut fries with red aioli sauce. The spam fries were very dry but the aioli sauce was it's saving grace. I loved the sauce.5. Beef and Grains $25Seared marbled striploin (180gm) served pink, wet orzo rice. Fried runny egg with sweet sour ginger, furikake and scallions. The beef was very juicy and pink indeed. I loved the runny egg along with the rice. The rice was very different from the typical rice that you and I would normally consume. Atas rice is what I could call it.All in all, I would say, this was a very depressing visit to Sin Lee. The beef and grains is probably the only dish I liked and that was alot of money. The ambience was okay. The area is so small that you can see the chef cooking!  continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-18
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/10/sin-lee-foods.htmlIf you are looking for brunch, Sin Lee Foods sadly does not serve any of such, but if you did your research, one would usually not go for the eggs benedict and such in Sin Lee Foods.Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries ($12.00) is a mixture of sweet potato with homemade salted duck egg sauce and curry leaves. I would have preferred a more generous serving of the salted egg, and one which the salted egg sauce would not harden that easily.Not really a popular dish among my group, but I still suggested to have the Spam Fries ($8.00). Basically, you can imagine it as a canned luncheon meat, cut into fries-like shape, fried and added with red aioli to taste. A very normal side to have, but at least the "fries" is not airy when you bite. Every bite you took is a filling one.The Breakfast Tortilla ($19.00) consists of pork bratwurst, spicy chorizo, creamy scrambled hen's eggs, bacon rashers, mushroom ragout, yellow corn tortillas, smashed avocado fresh greens and parmesan.Beef & Grains ($24.00) that has 180 grams of seared marbled striploin, orzo rice, fried and runny range hen's eggs, sweet sour ginger, furikake and scallions. It can be quite sweet, thus not really recommended for those who can't really take sweet stuffs.Soft Shell Bun ($19.00) that has breaded soft shell crab, kimchi aioli, house slaw, buttered and toasted bun, and also with double-fried russet potato fries. This dish took the longest time to arrive, and although it is better than the above two dishes, it still fares lower than what it coming up next.Sin Lee's Fried Chicken & Waffles ($21.90). Sin Lee Foods used boneless chicken leg, topped on a fat waffle, with house slaw and maple butter. Some people would have preferred to have the waffles replaced with rice, just like eating fried chicken chop, but I take it as a unique creation.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/10/sin-lee-foods.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-23
Located under a rather old block of HDB flat, the cafe used to be a coffeeshop with hawker serving prawn mee. The cafe still kept the original signage. The cafe is about 10-15 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station.One can dine indoor with aircon or outdoor al fresco with the natural air around. If one plans to dine in during the weekends, best make a reservation before coming down. The place could be quite packed. Don't be surprised if been told that have to wait an hour for the food to arrive. The indoor dine in area looks unfurnished with cement bench by the rough red brick wall.Menu is a simple black and white 3-pages on clip board. The papers look a bit worn off from overused.Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries ($12)Twice Fried Sweet Potato Fries, House Made Salted Duck's Egg Sauce, Crispy Curry LeavesThis one of the most instagrammed dish from the cafe. It normally served with the sauce on top of the fries. But as little JJ likes his fries plain, I decide to request for sauce to be served separated. An hour wait for this dish, as the staff has missed out on the special request and has to remake another serving. Little JJ does not take to the fries. The fries tastes a bit heavy on oil side and not crispy enough.Smoked Salmon Hash ($19)Pan Roasted Bacon & Potato Hash, Cold Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Soft Centred Free Range Hen's Egg, HouseMade Pesto, Baby Spinach & Freshly Grated ParmesanIt tastes not bad at first with the well poached egg in this deconstructed dish. But it gets a bit salty when one has more of it.Honey Toast Tower (Great For Sharing) ($18)Vanilla Infused Toast, Nata De Coco, Fruity Peddles, Market Fruits, Marshmallow Creme, Honey, Coconut & Chocolate GelatoIt looks great when served. But the 2 scoops of gelato on top of the tower toppled over onto the table before I could even take a picture of it.The similar thing happens when it is served the second time, but not as bad. A chunk of gelato falls onto the plate after I have taken the first picture.The colorful cornflakes looks great but tastes quite sweet on its own. The cubes of toast are a bit dry and hard in texture. Need to soak in the melted gelato to soften the cubes. Overall this dessert could get a bit too sweet.Coconut Slushie ($9)Coconut Jelly, Toasted Coconut FlakesThe drink is rich and creamy, although I wish it could be colder as the weather is quite warm when I have it. Some may feel that it is too milky. The coconut jelly is actually red colored nata de coco.Overall the dishes are a bit disappointing. I feel that the waiting time for the dishes is a bit too long, especially when the crowd is not the overwhemling type with long queue outside. But we are told about the estimated waiting for food while ordering. So it is our choice to continue the order. continue reading
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More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/sin-lee-foods-nostalgia-meets-modern-food-fareFollow us on Instagram and Facebook @lepakwithyaopsConverted from an old coffee shop, Sin Lee Foods is very much a cafe that serves Western food fare in the mature Bukit Ho Swee estate. Locating this cafe may be a little challenging for "foreigners" like me. On top of that, situated on higher ground doesn't ease the matter. Perhaps, the nearby Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) is a convenient POI.We ordered three items: The One and Only ($21.9), Smoked Salmon ($18) and Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Yolk ($12)."The One and Only" is basically a thick slab of fried chicken thigh on a waffle (waffle recipe from The Batter People). Despite the whetting my appetite just by the sight of it, however, its taste just didn't match up with it.The Smoked Salmon dish was rather pleasing. Base layer of nicely baked and cubed potatoes, layered with a poached egg that was held on by Smoked Salmon and sprinkled with bacon bits.Lastly, I would consider this another signature dish of Sin Lee Foods, their Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Yolk. Tantalising looking and creative as it was, but it wasn't out of this world tasty.Didn't try out their coffee, however, the blend used is from Papa Palheta's Throwback blend.Generally, I love the layout and rugged/run down theme of the cafe. Food tasted fine as well. However, the price would deter me from coming here anytime soon. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)