The thin-ovative Skinny Pizza menu offers 21 scrumptious varieties. The restaurant's favourites include: Ginger Butter Chicken, Wild Truffled Mushroom, Bolognese with Mozzarella, Squid Ink, and an awesome Smoked Turkey Swiss. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Ahi Taki Pizza Mozzarella Bolognese Squid Ink Wild Truffled Mushroom Pizza
Review (33)
Level4 2014-01-09
Although it is a public holiday, there is not much people at this outlet. As M has not eaten at Skinny Pizza before, we decide to have our meal here. The place is decorated in rather modern way and quite open too. The menu is a thick green and black coloured file. Unique but a bit bulky.We have Meatball Napolitana pizza ($24++) as it is one of the recommended and kid friendly pizza. Jumbo meatballs cloaked in a delicious Neapolitan-style tomato sauce on rather thin and crispy pizza crust. It is also topped with rocket, basil, shaved Parmesan, onions, herbs and spices. The amount of shaved Parmesan is too little that I could barely taste it. And the onion slices are too big and taste too raw. The beef meatball tastes not bad but the sauce makes it too filling after sometimes. We also order 3 sides which costs $18++.1/4 Metre Long Sausage (Usual : $7++)There is beef, spicy chicken and pork but we selected pork. There is no porky taste and goes quite well with the mustard sauce.Harissa Prawns (Usual : $8++)The prawn is quite juicy and sauce on top tastes a bit spicy and fruity with mango on top.Seared Brie Cheese (Usual : $8++)The seared cheese is topped with chopped pistachio nuts and grapefruit which balances the cheese taste and gives it a nutty and fruity taste.Plain water is served which is refilled by the staff from time to time. Overall quite a tasty and filling meal and costs $46.43. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
My family and I had dinner here on a weekday evening. Even though it was a Wednesday, the restaurant was filled up by 7pm. This place has a very casual ambience which is great for big group gatherings. We ordered the following to share among the 4 of us – the amount was just right and filled us all up Wild Truffled Mushroom$26This is their most popular pizza hence we decided to order this. The toppings included shitake and button mushrooms, wild rocket leaves, onions, some truffle shavings and truffle oil, and parmesan cheese. Perhaps I’m not a fan of truffle hence this pizza was pretty ordinary to me. Not something I’d order again.Mushroom Risotto $20My sister really loved this dish but not for me... While their mushroom risotto was nice and flavourful, they had added other ingredients such as peas, carrot, herbs and hazelnuts which did not spoil the taste but had overpowered the mushroom fragrance. As such this was the dealbreaker for me - a mushroom risotto that looked and tasted more like a mixed ingredients risotto Old-Fashioned American Sliders $24We chose the mushroom and bacon option for our sliders (min-burgers), which were served with normal French fries as well as sweet potato fries. The beef patty was extremely dry and tasteless and the mushroom & bacon were kinda dry and tasteless as well. French fries were so-so while the sweet potato fries were really sweet, I think they were even coated in sugar or something? Thai Crispy Beef Salad $15This was a chef’s recommendation but when it arrived at our table we were all disappointed as it was not what we had expected. Basically what was presented on the plate was a bunch of green salad leaves on one side, and some fried beef strips on the other side. Extremely mediocre, not something I’ll order again as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
Have a simple lunch gathering with my girl friend here at this Skinny Pizza outlet. Restaurant is quite spacious and cooling. The service here is fast and patience too. I have ordered their Portobello Mushroom Soup ($7) and also their Spaghetti Aglio Olio ($22) here. Mushroom soup was really thick in texture and full of the mushroom pieces in it, very tasty and filling. The spaghetti is chewy and full of the seafood fragrant in it. Especially like the mussels as very fresh and chewy. Like dressing sauce with slight spiciness in this dish make it tasty and not overly salty. Yummy! continue reading
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My doted foodie, I always come to Skinny Pizza. For my supper this round, we ordered snack to share. Sinful because still taking food at this hour, it was around 9pm. Quite happy with the service, the staffs were friendly and cheerful. Environment was cozy and comfort too, we sat down and enjoyed.Had their signature classic sausage for sharing, it was meaty and smoky fragrance. Paired with the mustard mayo sauce, it was a perfectly beat. A little spicy, it was nicely grilled definitely. $12.00, price was not too expensive. Portion was okay, we satisfied. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-26
Mushroom Pizza ~ $23My fren is a vegetarian, so we ordered a non-meat pizza. Rare for me for not taking meat, ya I know.Anyway, we ordered the Wild Truffled Mushroom, which was topped with roasted mushroom, truffle, garlic & parmesan cheese. The pizza was considered pricy since there was NO MEAT at all! Then again, they threw in lotza mushroom and truffle. In fact, too much. *Shrugged*The pizza can barely support the weight of the topping. It was paper thin that I almost thought I was just eating mushroom and truffle. I still preferred thin crust pizza with at least the crust still there??The serving of the mushroom and truffle was really generous. It's probably good if the pizza is shared with more ppl. Since there was only the 2 of us, trying to finish half the pizza each, it became too overwhelming and a tad salty, especially when there was no crust to neutralise the taste. In the end, I had to waste food. =(3 Side Dishes Combo ~ $15We also ordered the combo side dish, which we can choose 3 out from the 9 items. You can also order the side dish on its own, priced at $6-$7 each. We decided on 2 of the Skinny Favourite (i.e Brie Cheese and Sweet Potato) and a prawn item to satisfy the carnivorous side of me. HeheTo read more and visit photo, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2011/08/skinny-pizza.html continue reading
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