The thin-ovative Skinny Pizza menu offers 21 scrumptious varieties. The restaurant's favourites include: Ginger Butter Chicken, Wild Truffled Mushroom, Bolognese with Mozzarella, Squid Ink, and an awesome Smoked Turkey Swiss. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:00
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Ahi Taki Pizza Mozzarella Bolognese Squid Ink Wild Truffled Mushroom Pizza
Review (15)
Level2 2015-03-01
Skinny pizza is famous for it's thin and crispy crust. However, by my definition, this is not a pizza. If it is, it is an extremely poorly executed pizza. You are supposed to eat pizza by hand, or at least, you should be able to eat by hand. At Skinny Pizza, you have to use fork and knife because the pizza falls apart when you try to pick it up.That said, I do find their pizzas pretty tasty and the combination of ingredients unique. I like those pizzas with Asian twist which I think can't be found in many pizzerias. For CNY, they released a 5 spiced pizza! It was yummy. I think that their sides such as truffle fries are pretty overpriced. Service is okay. I think it's ridiculous how they charge 50 cents for water. 10% discount if you're a True Fitness member! continue reading
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Level3 2014-06-28
Something different from Pizza Hut. I always like my pizza skinny! The crispy thin crust with the savory topping was simply the best.Their Mozzarella Pizza was a must try! The soft and melting mozzarella counter the slightly sour tomato meat sauce. With the help peppery rocket leaves, they created a beautiful melody in my mouth. LOVE IT.Meatball Napolitana was not as good as what I thought it will be. The meatball was dry and the sauce failed to work together.  continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-04
We went to skinny pizza for our lunch. My hubby ordered for me the meatball pizza and he ordered for himself cod pizza. The meatball pizza was quite nice, quite meaty, which I love and as usual the pizza is yummy, thin and crispy! Love it.but the cod pizza that he ordered was.. err.. salty.. not so much taste.. i dun really like it. Then after finishing our pizzas, it seems not enough for me, so I ordered extra truffle fries, but it took ages to be served.. so anyway I took away it but it was surprisingly nice!Love the thin fries with the truffle smell... it's nice!So overall recommended, but don't order the cod pizza one, sorry i forgot the actual name. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-01
My friend and I met up at Plaza Singapura & settled our dinner at Skinny Pizza. 1-meter long Beef Sausage - slightly salty.Truffle Fries - a little disappointing cos it's a little bland.Parsley Mashed Potato - Ain't a fan of parsley but this doesn't have the weird parsley taste. However, I find this a little too buttery & creamyWhile looking through the menu, I saw something interesting & decided to give it a try & it's called Pizza Pop in Vietnamese Coconut Poached Chicken! But how does it works? Watch the video below!You're supposed to break the pizza & all the toppings will drop into the "hole". It's kind of interesting but I still prefer the standard pizza. The crust is even thinner than the usual pizza, but it turns soggy once it soak up the sauce from the topping. The crust is also kind of powdery too. Topping is nice as the chicken is very tender; sauce is slightly sour & spicy; and it's without cheese. Yes, because I don't eat cheese if given a choice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ (:i really loved the crispy crusty pizza (: (: yummy!! oh btw, if you're hungry, be prepared that you have to wait 20min for the pizza!all the pizzas came with a paper-thin base that was airy and beautifully crisp. you could hardly hold it with your fingers cos the crust just broke to pieces really easily. the first pizza we ordered was the meatball napolitana ($23), which consisted of jumbo juicy beef meatballs atop a bed of sweated onion, herbs, spices and parmesan cheese, with a yummy neapolitan-style tomato sauce. the beef balls were pretty juicy and although i felt that it could have been covered with more sauce, i guess its cos the paper-thin crust probably couldnt take the sogginess! haha (: the lack of sauce was perfectly justified by the crispness of the crust.the smoked turkey swiss ($25) was a really interesting combination of smoked turkey ham, emmental cheese and blueberry compote (: i loved how the blueberry added a different perspective to the dish, a sour-sweetness that brought out the flavours of the turkey ham beautifully (: together with the rocket leaves, this made the dish a refreshing one!the macadamia roasted pumpkin ($18) was my favourite pizza of the day and it was a vegetarian pizza! omgosh surprise surprise! haha. the pumpkins were slightly crispy with some mushiness, and the roast gave it a smoky-ish taste that was so yummy (: and i LOVEDDDDDDD the macadamia nuts! omgosh so yummy (: it was sprinkled with a generous amount of parmesan cheese too. so delicious! there was supposed to be french goat's cheese but we didn't want it haha.on to desserts! they had a whole menu dedicated to desserts, and mind you, the pictures were gorgeous xD all the chocolate goodies sounded really appealing!! although we were quite full already (thankfully the thin crust of the pizza left us some space for dessert), we couldn't resist ordering dessert. the chai chocolate cake ($9.50/slice) was a really interesting chocolate cake infused with an earthy aroma of marsala tea. i loved how the leafy taste gave a twist to this otherwise typical chocolate cake (:the warm chocolate toffee cake ($9.50/slice) was a hit - the fact that it was wolfed down greedily within 3 minutes is testament to that! the outside was covered with a generous smooth layer of warm chocolate toffee fudge, and the cake inside was heart-meltingly warm and delicious with layers of toffee fudge in between too (: OH SO YUMMY!although the pizzas and desserts here are really pricey (especially when you think of how THIN the crust is?!), i wouldn't mind coming here again because i felt that the quality of the food was great! continue reading
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