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Sky on 57 showcases a modern interpretation of Franco Asian Cuisine in a tranquil setting enveloped by a breathtaking, panoramic view of the bay. Perched at 57 floors above ground level, the 12,000 square foot restaurant offers diners an unparalleled vista. continue reading
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1. Children accompanied by an adult must be 8 years and above. 2. Minimum spending Hotel and non-hotel guests Lunch: $50, Dinner: $100 Non-hotel guests only Bar: $30
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11:30 - 15:00
15:15 - 17:00
17:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao Wagyu Beef Carpaccio Charcoal Grilled OMI Wagyu Tenderloin
Review (13)
Level4 2016-02-25
With the Restaurant Week, we have seized the opportunity to visit Sky on 57 on a 3 Course Meal by Celebrity Chef at $40++. Ever since we visited STREATS and met Chef Justin Quek in person, we decided that we should gave Sky on 57 a visit.We took the lift directly to Sky on 57 and experienced the amount of pressure in our ears during the 30 seconds of vertically challenge ride.We were welcome by the friendly receptionists as we entered into the restaurants and waited at the holding area in front of the stylish bar counter.Weather was not at our side during the day of visit thus there was no panoramic skyline even though we were at height. All we could see were perhaps the cloudy and blurred out view due to the haze.Shortly, we were ushered to our table with a beautiful pot of purple flowers on our table.Surroundings were comfortable and modernly designed. Since we had the earlier reservation slots, the restaurant was not packed yet.Soon after our orders, complimentary breads were served up to our table. They were refillable and were served with butter slices. A range of breads were available at your choice and they were, baguette, bread topped with cheese, herbs etc.Having tasted what they have, I like the cheese flavoured the most. It was pillow soft and fragrant.StarterA wonderful combination of sauteed prawns, lobster & tomato fondue together to "kurobuta" (highly priced pork in Japan) that never fail to impress. With savoury gravy accompanied by sweet peas and cabbages, rest assure that you have to whet your appetite for more!Main CourseThe chicken thigh was impressive! Meat was fork tender and moderately done up with the use of Shao Xing Wine Sauce. Combination was cleverly executed, striking a great balance of fusion on the plate. Sakura Chicken was served on top of diced sauteed mushrooms and a yummy small island of potato mousseline.DessertJustin Quek (JQ)'s Signature dessert was aesthetically eye pleasing served on an elegant dark grey stone plate. Apple tart came in a long form with flaky pastry that gave a strong hit of butteryfragrance rather than the conventional ones we had in 2 Dimensional form. Special as it seems to be paried with a little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream at its side attached with some little cinnamon powder.At Additional Cost...Being foodies, we shared the same sentiments that a trip to Sky on 57 would have been a waste if we were to leave the place without a taste of their Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao.Coming in a tray of 5 where each XLB costs $5 each, we were kind of excited to have a taste.The XLB itself did cradle a substantial amount of soup in its skin around the fillings but bursting effects did not take place during the first bite. Luckily, soup was not piping hot and did not scald our tongue.We were not sure if it was made of 18 folds like the usual XLB we had in Din Tai Fong but I would say they were nicely done up with a pleat. Fillings were not too bad with strong taste of Foie Gras, however we were a little disappointed with the thick skin they have, perhaps this is one of their characteristics.Experience was indeed pleasant, minus away the bad water that took away the skylines. It would be great to dine in the midst of beautiful skylines for special occasion or with guest from abroad. Frankly speaking, I will like to make a trip there again.More food reviews at www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-04
Justin Quek is arguably one of Singapore's most celebrated chefs and his restaurant, Sky On 57, opened with much fanfare as Singapore celebrated the return of one of its prodigal sons. 5 years on, we were excited to be part of the after party on the occasion of my good friend's visit to Singapore.As the name suggests, Sky On 57 is perched on the 57th level (top floor) of the iconic Marina Bay Sands and plays neighbour to the infinity pool (accessible to hotel guests). The view is naturally awesome, boasting a birds eye view of the marina bay area but only if you are seated in the alfresco area where the bar is. Still, you do get a limited view of the surroundings if you manage to snag a window seat.Complimentary Bread - There were a few different flavours of bread but all came across as average. Well, at least it helps you tide over the hunger pangs until the real food is served.JQ's Signature (+$5) - Chef Justin Quek's signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) required a top up of $5++ for a total of five pieces. The skin was a wee bit too thick but I loved the richness of flavours in the soup and filling; a hint of truffle starts off before the taste of foie gras kicks in together with a mild porkiness from the meat, which had bits of chewy fat for that added texture. A beautifully concocted and excellent dish in my humble opinion. Caveat - you must like foie gras to really enjoy this dish.Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté - The velouté proved to be a great follow up to the xiao long bao; Creamy and rich without coming across as too heavy on the palate. Coupled with mild saltiness from the bacon bits, a crispiness from the croutons and crunchiness of the diced artichoke, it was a delight to consume. I hear the other soup option on the lunch menu, the Pumpkin Infused Superior Broth, was very good as well.Wagyu Beef (+$5) - I'm not sure this was worth the additional $5++ top up. Granted, the boneless wagyu beef was very tender with a tinge of red in the center and a light sweetness from being marinated in hoisin sauce. Finished off with a light sprinkle of salt and two miserable stalks of vegetable. Decent but definitely not wow and rather nauseating after the second piece.Singapore "Sakura" Chicken Rice - Singapore's national dish, the ubiquitous chicken rice. Sky On 57's rendition boasted succulent meat with mildly crunchy skin and very little fat (through the use of sakura chicken, which is a local product by the way). Coupled with a bowl of fragrant, not overly oily rice that hinted strongly of ginger, this was one of the best chicken rice I've had thus far.Comparisons with the famous Tian Tian Chicken Rice @ Maxwell are inevitable and although Tian Tian loses out quite a fair bit on the quality of meat, its rice actually tastes better but only if slathered with their "special sauce". In itself, Tian Tian's rice comes across as bland and rather flat. Then there is the comparison of price which is at least a 6x differential but I'm happy to fork out the extra dough for Sky On 57's offering, which also comes with a bowl of delicious corn soup, if that's any consolation.De Sicilia - The cannoli came across as rather hard and reminded me a little of the crackers you eat with yusheng during Chinese New Year. Smoothly sweet from the mascarpone filling with a nutty finish courtesy of the pistachio topping. No great shakes honestly.Churros - Fluffy but coated with way too much sugar, the churros came served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dish of viscous chocolate sauce. Very palatable but nothing out of the ordinary.The 3 course set lunch stands at $55++/head and the 4 course at $65++ (before any optional adders), which is honestly a tad expensive given the overall hit and miss quality of the food (local/Asian fare tend to excel but the western dishes/desserts seem to falter). However, having said that, Sky On 57 does offer a great, albeit very pricey introduction to local cuisine in an uplifting environment with good service. I'll be happy to drop by again, if only for the chicken rice and the foie gras xiao long bao.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2016/01/sky-57-atas-chicken-rice-with-view.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-02
The restaurant is opened by local well known chef Justin Quek. It is located at level 57 with a great view overlooking the garden by the bay. The view would much have the weather been not so hazy. Maybe if that is the case, we would be dining outside and enjoying the view. Today we are having the 3-course restaurant week lunch which costs $40++ per person.We start the meal with the bread basket, served with butter.There are 4 types of bread : cheese, Japanese, baguette and herb. The baguette has quite a hard crust. The cheese one is most yummy to have. The bread is refillable.Starter : Kurobuta WantonSauteed prawns, lobster & tomato fondueThe overpacked wantons look more like siew mai with filling threatening to come out. It tastes quite flavourful and juicy.Main Course : Sakura ChickenSauteed mushroom, potato mousseline, Shao Xing wine sauceThe dish is fragrant and reminds me of the Herbal Emperor Chicken 药材皇帝鸡 with its smell. Although served with cream sauce, the sauce is light with asian flavours in it. The chicken is very tender and tears easily from the bone.We also order the resturant's signature JQ's Signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao 鹅肝小笼包 ($25++).The xiao long bao has quite an amount of soup inside. It has the strong flavour of foie gras and truffle in it too. But I feel that the skin of the xiao long bao is a bit too thick. The staff has replied that such thick skin is needed in order to hold the soup.Dessert : JQ's SignatureFreshly baked fine apple tart, vanilla ice creamUnlike that the usual apple tart, the thinly sliced apple lies on a thin crispy pastry skin. I like the flakiness of the tart, which is balanced by the ice cream. I am a bit sad that the ice cream melts rather fast, which makes one feels the need to rush through the dish.Overall it has been an enjoyable lunch with JQ asking about the meal. The guy has a great memory of remembering us. continue reading
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We decided to drop by Sky on 57 by Celebrity chef Justin Quek located right at the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands for their High Tea Set and in lieu of my sister’s birthday celebration. Upon stepping into Sky on 57, we’re surrounded by an aura of luxurious and elegance. Decked in wood and brass tone, with a towering bar top strategically located along at the side of the restaurant and dining area filled with posh comfortable seating making you feel like kings and queens. Be sure to catch glimpses of the amazing view that encircles you too!Of course, one of the best selling point of Sky on 57 is none other than the mesmerizing panorama view of Singapore; from the beautiful greenery of Gardens by the Bay to the picturesque view of Marina Bay Reservoir to the tall sky-scrappers CBD office buildings, bringing Singapore to you in a 360 degrees view.After the enjoyment of such breathtaking view Sky on 57 brings to you, it’s time to indulge in their gourmet high tea set for 2 at S78++. The set comes in a 3 tier filled with savory and sweet delicacies, Chef’s Signature and free flow selection of Vittoria gourmet coffee and fine tea.For their tea selection, tea leaves are exquisitely showcased in a box display with samples and description introduction which aid us in our selection process. In addition to the tea selection, they have coffee selection varying from Long Black to Latte to Mocha, to Flat White to Cappuccino and more.Here’s come the teaser delicately created by Chef Justin to kick start the high tea – Demitasse of Mushroom Cappuccino and Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. The mushroom cappuccino was creamy, smooth and perfumed with strong flavors of wild mushroom and fine remnants of mushroom bits. And i must admit, this Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao is the best Xiao Long Bao i have ever eaten. Beside the use of such dearly priced ingredient, the flavors were light and with one bite, the skin of the xiao long bao gave way gently with the warm flavorful soup stock flowing into the mouth and the fillings melting lusciously in the mouth. What a joy it was.The highlight of the day – 3 tier high tea set filled with a medley of dainty and delicate savory and sweet treats. At the top tier consist of some fried oysters with seaweed and milo ice cream. The milo ice cream was a hit, while the fried oysters were a little dry lacking of the juiciness. As we move downwards to the middle tier, it was filled with savory shredded duck and swimmer crab on the crisp edge bruschetta, truffle egg sandwich and earl grey creme brulee. Everything on the middle tier was so delish with the earl grey creme brulee being more unique and outstanding. Faint traces of earl grey warms up your palette with the soft smooth custard that melts in the mouth. Finally onward to the last tier of the high tea set which consist of all the saccharine treats such as scones, chocolate cornflakes, strawberry cheesecake, truffle white chocolate, chocolate mousse cake and pistachio macaroons to end your high tea on a sweet note. Personally prefer both the cakes the most, they were so intricate and tasted so subtle. The truffle white chocolate on the other hand is one full of intriguing flavor that will amaze you and i shall keep you in suspense for that!A nice gesture from Sky on 57 to gave my sis a complimentary birthday cake treat as well. It was something simple yet sweet.It was indeed a satisfying high tea set we had at Sky on 57. It was an amazing afternoon we had surrounded by the lovely skyline of Singapore while indulging ourselves in all the scrumptious treats. I know many will agree with me that, though the price we paid for is on the steeper end, but accompanied by such an aesthetic pleasure and ambiance is what makes it all worth while.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/sky-on-57/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-14
Actual birthday’s turn, it was a memorable night for me. No surprise, he brought me here as he promised. Right at the rooftop of World Famous Marina Bay Sands, we took the lift up to level 57th, it had most beautiful night scene at Singapore to me. The finest in Modern Asian Cuisine was provided here, the food in Menu was nothing to complain about.My main course was pretty, I can feel the sincerity of the chef. Entirety was fine and spent in a lot of effort. The resulting fish was therefore silky, rich and tender. I tasted the interplay between the flavour of flesh and marinade, it was absolutely a high-end quality food. It priced at $52.00.Supreme Scallops and Shrimps broth, it looked plain but actually flavoursome. The sweetness was very natural, exactly matched the local appetite. Discovering the premium red wine, it had great complexity. Dark purple in colour, I like its classic brooding. The character of wine was interesting, it will make peoples high-spirited at the same time deepen heart-broken sadness. The power of this wine was, the bitter the taste the more attractive the sense. Atmosphere very cozy here, it was quiet and romantic place. I know I might not be a perfect girlfriend yet I am working on it, thank you for everything you did for me. continue reading
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