Soup Broth Asia has 3 specialty hotpot dishes: Three-Cup Chicken Hotpot, Sumo Nabe Hotpot and Kimchi Beef Hotpot. They make use of their own gourmet stock, the result after more than 8 hours of boiling. No MSG is added in their soup. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Kimchi Beef Hotpot Paper-Wrapped Herbal Chicken Sumo Nabe Hotpot Three-Cup Chicken Hotpot
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Level3 2014-02-10
This branch is different with other branch as it offer noodles and burgers. I like to visit this place as it offer more food choices. They stated the calories in each soup type for weight management conscious. Previously, they have different ordering counter and you might confuse on the first visit.Currently they reconstructed their ordering system which everyone can place their order in the cashier and just seat to wait for the order. It made the way easier and convenient.The mushroom soup was generous in ingredients as you can have many kind of mushroom in bites. The tuna salad and ham sandwich came with the super value set order. The salad was generous in ingredients too.Roasted pumpkin soup has the lowest calories content. I love this soup the most as I love pumpkin all the way. With almond flake added in, the flavor is better with chunky bites in between. The Tom yum noodle is the recommendation dish in the menu. The soup was ok and this set came only with prawn which I think the price is not worthy as this is the most expensive in the menu.Khao soi is a famous and authentic noodle of Chiangmai Thailand. I was craving for thai food after coming back from Thailand so I order this which came with a big chicken drumstick. The taste is quite different from the one I ate in Chiangmai but it enough to satisfy my craving.The korean ramen was passable.Recommendation: pumpkin soup, chef monthly special continue reading
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Leading of Asian soup fantasy, Soup Broth Asia was actually brought by The Soup Spoon. Dishing out various homely soup, it was gradually improving in their Menu. The fact that there was nice environment and pleasant spot to take our dinner, service was diligent too.Sharing among two person, combination was thoughtful and just nice. Two servings of rice and soup, one meat, one veggie along with FOC dessert, it was quite an attractive set. The bowl of soup was not only an ordinary one, oriental herbal meant for strengthening our health. I was so delightful to have it with just an affordable price at the heartland golden place, will definitely worth a return. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-20
Was here to consume my groupon voucher. It comes with Sumo Nabe Hotpot + Three-Cup Chicken Hotpot and also a Kimchi Beef Hotpot. i did not order drinks but added a yam rice to go along. I'll start with Sumo Nabe pot, probably the words to describe it are thick, rich and wholesome. This hotpot is served claypot style and packed with ingredients like carrots, chicken, cabbage and lotus roots. Soup base will look white and its the perfect dish for cold weather. The Three-Cup Chicken Hotpot is probably cooked with soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine. Flavoring is also enhanced with basil and dried chilli. You also get some carrots and snow peas. Its my 1st time trying the Kimchi Beef Hotpot, comes with beef slices, toufu, eggs and a bit of rice cake inside as well. The yam rice was a little disappointing though, being too dry and tastes like it has been cooked for very long. I like all my 3 main dishes and thumbs-up to the nice chilli belacan as well. Mind that seats and tables are pretty small here, i would recommend this place for couple gathering more than for groups. My groupon set cost $25.80 but the food is worth in total $46.40. By the way its self order any payment at the counter , then wait to be served. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Was deciding where to have dinner when we walked past soup broth asia and they had a couple set at $20.90 with 2 soups, 1 meat, 1 veg, 2 bowls of rice and one complimentary lemongrass dessert.The soup portion was huge!!!! Giant glass bowl, probably 1.5 times of the hawker kind. But the soups were a tad too thick and sweet. I had snow pear with pork ribs and my sister had 10 treasures. 10 treasures is probably the healthier choice because it has no meat inside and it has mushrooms, lotus roots and alot more!! I saw some people having the cabbage one which didn’t look too bad. And yes you can choose any soup from the menu!! So it was really worth it. We had ginger sliced fish for our meat dish instead of chicken. Overall, it was quite affordable, I wouldn’t say the food is fantastic but also because there weren’t too many people at about 6pm. Anyway I doubt the flavour of the soup is thick because of MSG because we saw that it’s a MSG free kitchen. The soup tasted sweet probably because of the ingredients, like corn, carrots, pears, orange skin. So it’s like fruits in your soup! The lemongrass dessert was really refreshing after the thick soup. continue reading
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Thanks to my friend, she treated me to a delicious dinner at Soup Broth Asia with the Groupon voucher she purchased. The set as stated on the voucher consist of the milky broth as well as a pot of 3 cup chicken. The milky soup has pieces of boneless chicken, cabbage, carrots, egg, mushroom etc. Soup is very sweet and we just can't get enough of it. Below is the 3 cup chicken. they added basil leaves to this dish to make it special. The gravy is really good and goes well with the chicken. It was a pity that the chicken were quite bony and were rather small pieces which makes eating a bit difficult. But overall it was a delicious dinner. continue reading
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