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Most of the dishes originate from family recipes and are distinctive and traditional. Soup Restaurant aims to offer delectable cuisines that are prepared in home-cooked style. continue reading
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Hometown Fried Fish Belly Samsui Ginger Chicken Steamed San Yu Tofu Prawn
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Founded in 1991, Soup Restaurant is a heritage Chinese restaurant that offers a mix of Singaporean Zi Char, Cantonese cuisine, and Hainanese cuisine. With their extensive menu, homely service, and reasonable prices, Soup Restaurant makes for a decent Chinese restaurant you can comfortably being guests to, while being assured that the experience will be good.Ambience at Soup Restaurant is modern Oriental, like stepping into a luxurious Chinese home. Solid, dark rosewood furniture is spaced neatly in the brightly lit, clean, and inviting dining area, while Chinese style lantern shaped lights hang overhead. Elegant Oriental vases and artwork in beautiful colours lend a touch of sophistication, making the place very inviting. However, this is true only for their bigger outlets, the smaller neighbourhood outlets are more cramped with poorer ambience.Service at Soup Restaurant is homely and friendly. The elderly servers remind me of doting grandmothers, making sure you're comfortable and well-fed. On a particular occasion, there was this auntie that just kept going around with a pot of tea, topping up glasses, and she was really enthusiastic about it! Orders take awhile to fulfill though, about 15 - 20 minutes, even during non-peak periods. I also note that staff are quick to clear empty / dirty tables and plates.Food at Soup Restaurant is a mix of various Chinese cuisine, ranging from heritage Singaporean Zi Char dishes to classic Chinese favourites. Generally, I find food at the bigger outlets to be well-executed and delicious, but the consistency at the neighrbourhood outlets is hit-and-miss. You're much better off eating at the bigger outlets. Portions are designed for communal dining, and at least 2 - 3 people is recommended. Prices are affordable and reasonable, budget about SGD $22 per person for a meal here.The signature dish on the menu, you'll see every table has an order of Samsui Ginger Chicken (SGD $17.90). The clean tasting, fresh, sweet poached chicken is tender and moist, with a fatty skin that is easily removed. Pair it with a liberal garnish of crushed ginger, wrap it in a crunchy lettuce along with cucumber slices, and enjoy! Highly recommended!The double boiled Shark's Cartilage Collagen Soup (SGD $12.90) is a classic Cantonese soup / broth, hearty and comforting. The rich, savoury sweet soup / broth is made from chicken stock, sea cucumber, and shark's bone, resulting in a creamy, collagen rich, warming dish. There is a generous slice of tender sea cucumber, soft fish maw, and crunchy Chinese cabbage / bok choy within. Said to aid in developing radiant skin and healthy joints!The Earthen Bowl Steamed Red Rice With Hand-Chopped Minced Pork (SGD $8.90) arrives with warm, healthy red rice, packed with nutrients, and garnished with kai-lan / Chinese kale / Chinese broccoli. The star is the savoury salty, hand chopped minced pork and water chestnut patty, which is tender, moist, and utterly delicious. Drizzle a little of the thick, dark soy sauce over, then mix well before eating. Good!Full Soup Restaurant review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/04/zi-char-soup-restaurant.html continue reading
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Located right across from Breadtalk is this Soup Restaurant. Even though they only open at 1130am, they were friendly enough to let us drop off a Mother's day cake at 11am.We walked around Suntec city whilst waiting for them to officially open at 1130am. We picked Soup Restaurant to celebrate an early Mother's Day brunch for my mother and my sister in law, we were a party of 5 adults and 2 toddlers. The service staff were very friendly and accommodating to the 2 toddlers.1. Kang Kong with Fermented Beans $8.50++This is my father's favourite dish, however this particular dish was too salty and when we had feedbacked to the manager. The manager told us that we shouldn't have ate so much, so that they could return the dish. Well, at least we know never to order this at Soup Restaurant again, if not for the great service we recevied from the wait staff, I would be so mad, hearing the manager telling my mother this. Whatever! Never ever again!~2. Samsui Ginger Chicken (Small) $16.90++This is their famed dish and it is basically cold chicken, similar to the one you get at the coffee shop in Bishan dip it in the oily ginger sauce to get a more fragrant chicken. However, if you notice, mostof the chicken slices had a very thin amount of meat, mostly skin. This is apparently half a chicken. I did enjoy this dish but I did not feel the uniqueness of it.3. Sweet Sour Pork $12.90++By far my favourite dish on the top. Not only were they generous with the pineapple slices, each cube of pork was crispy! They were fried to perfection and they weren't drenched in the sweet and sour sauce. A common problem I get with this dish, is that I normally feel thirsty after eating the pork, but not with this particular dish. *highly recommended* Skip the chicken and just get this instead!4. Steam San Yu Fish Slices $11.90++The fish didn't taste fishy, and tasted fresh and okay. 5. Tomato Egg (Small) $6.50++They could be tomato essence in this dish, I couldn't really taste the tomato in the egg at all. But the egg was still fluffy and light, just the way I like it.6. Teochew Olive Rice (Small) $6.90++This is my first time trying their olive rice and it is delicious! I enjoyed every mouthful of it! It is unlike any other rice dishes I had. The taste is subtle and yet the fragrance is addictive!A reasonable bill for 5 pax continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-25
At soup restaurant definitely must try their soup. This double boil herbal chicken soup is good Another of their famous dish. Sam Sui chicken. The ginger sauce is the most delicious. Goes very well with chicken This is quite normal but the fish is freshThe broccoli is my favorite This is very well done. The pork is crispy and coated with very delicious tomato sauce continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-19
Today a craving for chicken. So in Suntec where you can find them? Soup Restaurant's famous Signature dish, Samsui Chicken.Tender Chicken which was not too oily if eaten on its own. But with the ginger oil so prominently placed in between the chicken, who can resist! Fear not for the health conscious, raw cabbage was also served to cut down the oiliness. Samsui Chicken can be eaten with rice but I personally liked them on its own. continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-25
My roommates and i went to have dinner at the soup restaurant. We reached there at about 5.30pm but we din't expect that it was full. We wait about 15 minutes for a table for 3. The food at the soup restaurant tasted quite nice. The price is ok too for the quality and portion of food. We will revisit here again. continue reading
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