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McDonald's   Smile  2012-09-13
Went there with friends for dinner. I ordered Chicken Mc Grill, Sundae Chocolate and Sundae Strawberry. First bite, the grilled chicken was juicy and fresh, cost only $7.30. The meat was tender and succulent but a bit oily. ...

Starbucks Coffee  Smile  2012-09-13
Went there with friend for Hi-tea. I ordered White Mocha Frappucino and it cost $7.40. First try, the white mocha taste great. The mocha was smooth and the chocolate syrup adds a dimension. It aslo creamy and sweet but not too...

Frolick  OK  2012-09-12
Went there with friend and I ordered Mixed Flavor Cup C + 2 toppings ($7.20), shared with friend. I choose peach and original flavor and I get 2 free topping. At first I choose lychee and mango but mango left not much so they ...
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Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill
Teppanyaki Chicken M..
Sundae Chocolate
Sundae Chocolate
Sundae Strawberry
Sundae Strawberry
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