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Spathe is a casual eatery along Mohamed Sultan Road that offers Western delights such as seafood paella, grilled meats and burgers. The interior decor of the restaurant is classy and the ambience is great for a dining and gathering. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Chorizo, Chicken and Seafood Paella Grilled Chicken Skewers, Mixed Mushrooms Sole and Green Lip Mussels, Braised Cabbage, Black Bean Sauce
Review (6)
Level1 2014-10-22
I got the Spathe Cheese Burger $14 which comes with Cajun Fries. I don't have to describe much about the burger, you can see how fat juicy and awesome the patty (medium rare) is To top off the experience, there is a splatter of eggs benedict's yolk sauce on the side to dip your burger in - 10/10.For full review and photos: http://goingmerrily.blogspot.com/2014/10/spathe-public-house-review.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-10
For complete review and pictures, please visit: http://theyummyyak.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/spathe-public-house-2/Spathe Public House first made its blip in my food radar with its "Mammoth Signatures" concept. Who doesn't love ordering plates of food twice the size of your head? Can't deny that the idea is to share la, but it's always open to you to knock your friends out.Spathe Garlic Fries, $8++ - The garlic fries were served first, and right off the bat we knew this place was going to be a keeper. Freshly fried strips of potato infused with the smokey aroma of roasted garlic, and lightly dusted with paprika powder... mmm. These were ridiculously moreish, and I actually prefer them to the (usually poorly cooked) truffle fries that have suddenly become a thing in hipster restaurants these days.Sous Vide Spanish Octopus Salad, $42++ for mammoth portion (feeds 4 to 6) - The salad here at Spathe was nothing short of amazing. The octopus was perfectly grilled and pleasantly chewy. Citrusy notes from orange slices went well together with the tangy mustard vinaigrette dressing used, and both lifted the overall flavour of the salad without being overpowering. $42++ gives you a mammoth portion, which fed the 4 hungry girls in my party very well. Individual servings available at $22++.Mohammed Sultan Meter Dog, $18++ for an individual portion - If the individual portion's anything to go by, I can say for sure that I'll be back for the metre long version. The veal and chicken wurst encased in the buttered bun was incredibly juicy, fulfilling the basic requirement for any self-respecting dog. Drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise and specked with what appeared to be paprika powder as well (which is what I call any orange colored powder, by default), the lightly curried wurst was just a little spicy. I would have liked for the sweetness of the caramelized onions to be tamped down a little, though.Spathe Australian Angus Burger, $22++ - Spathe also does a great burger. The handmade beef patty tasted fresh, tender and juicy. Together with a fried egg, red pepper chutney and a brioche bun, it was an exquisite combination. Cajun spiced fries served on the side were decent, but definitely paled in comparison with the addictive garlic fries we'd polished off at the start of the meal.Spathe Public House serves delicious food at reasonable - well, as reasonable as hipster food prices get - prices, which makes it a winner in my book. Great venue for some catching up too. Service was excellent the evening we visited as well as the following day when we contacted them about a wrong item we had been billed for. I'm already planning to return for brunch. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-16
Spathe (pronounced as ‘Spey-th’) Public House has already garnered a reasonable bit of attention on the general public. With the social media as a channel, advertisement reaches a new height. Taking up a space in the River Valley neighborhood, the eatery strives to preserve what is its original aesthetic values. The homely ambience digger-diners would be attracted to its historic brick-and-timber interior design, even when it isn’t so much a convenient location to dine in.The restaurant is managed by Joel Low and helmed by Chef Claudio Sandri, previously from Brasserie Wolf, one can hold their expectations safely high, like I did. The Swiss native started doing what he was made to do at the young age of 16, and has since chalked up a remarkable background, having worked at Nobu and Putney Bridge Restaurant (both a 1 Michelin Star rated restaurant). So be assured, you are at good hands. What more, at a more than reasonable price.Being a Brunch addict, I was right there at Spathe for their Weekend Brunch (9am – 5pm on a Saturday, and 9am – 3pm on a Sunday).Garlic Fries ($6+): Though it can be a little overly salty for some health-conscious diners, this completely hit all the right spots for me. Sufficiently salted and adequately flavored with garlic, this warmly served piece of share-plate won me over twice, thrice and over again. It got so addictive we got another bowl of it. Not exactly perfect for sharing. More for personal consumption. Because it is that good.Garlic Baguette ($6+): I thought it was brilliant using baguette for this dish. It almost makes crispy a given. Very tactically toasted, the Garlic Baguette was garlicky enough for me (though I wouldn’t mind more, /garlicforever) and appropriately flavored.Bacon Rosti ($15+): Such a beauty, I thought. It looks like no other rosti, and it tastes like none other too. It’s not my favorite dish of the morning; it came to my palate as a little confusing as a portion was chopped up and tasted. Notwithstanding that, it doesn’t fall below average.Spathe Platter ($24+): All things aside, the type of scrambled eggs prepared at Spathe was spot on for me. And you have no idea how hard it is to find one out there. Relatively creamy and runny, the smooth texture – those are usually hard enough to come by. And when it does, it usually doesn’t come with the last – being evenly and modestly salted. Set complete with grilled honey tomato, mushrooms, toasted bread, sausage and bacon (it would have been perfect if it was the soft and flimsy ones).Eggs Royale ($13+): Poached eggs were perfect. They are runny. And somehow I have confidence that such a renowned Chef would never serve an imperfect rendition of everyone’s favorite type of eggs.I have no doubt that I will be back there for another meal. Maybe to try their mains. That is if I am able to pull myself away from the Best Brunch I’ve had in this new year. Service was cool too, they had no problem with us staying there for a prolonged period. Reservations are welcomed as well.—> Note #1: GST is waived. 10% service charge applies. continue reading
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After reading an online review testifying that this restaurant offers mammoth servings, I made a reservation instantly to celebrate my colleagues' promotions. And what a HUGE disappointment it turned out to be! With "hindsight" that they served "mammoth servings", we decided to do away with group servings, and ordered individual servings instead. My goodness! How pathetic they looked when the food arrived! First off, it was the Mohamed Sultan Meter Dog dish that was highly raved about. My colleague ordered an individual serving and when it arrived, I can't tell the difference between that and those served at a hot dog stand (you can purchase a few more buns for the latter at the same price you pay for the former! ). It's just a normal hot dog bun, that came with salad! Imagine paying heftily for a group portion - it'll simply be normal food x 4 or 5! Waste of money! The Australian Angus Burger (only saving grace) was served next, and thankfully it was served in a decent portion. This was quickly followed by Chicken & The Sea (paella), which my colleague saw and ordered a "Hot Dog Bun" instantly as she knew she wouldn't be full from it. The Confit Duck Puff was ordinary (no comments from my colleague), while the Potato Gnnochi looked like a spaghetti mishap! I ordered the 12 Hour Slow-Cooked Pork Belly and if this was meant to be exquisite, it wasn't! Would pit our normal Pork Belly Bun from coffeeshop steamers against it, and our "Kou Rou Pau" would beat it flat in terms of flavour! No comments about the poached egg on top of the meat but I certainly want to flag out the mashed potato (you didn't see it, did you? Yes, that slick of paste is IT!". Appalling! If individual servings do not satisfy, what more in "mammoth servings"?? Not to mention if we had ordered "mammoth servings", we'd probably still leave "un-full"!!We finished our meal, and left dissatisfied. It was so disappointing that we wondered if we had ordered an additional main course each, would it fill us? Probably not! Total Cost: ~ $160-$170 for 6 pax (overpriced!) continue reading
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Level3 2013-04-03
Aren’t you sick of small food portions here in Singapore? Apparently many eateries have not spared a thought for the folks with big appetites!In view of this first world problem many of us are facing, Spathe Public House truly is a godsend. The newest addition to the Mohamed Sultan dining enclave (filled with a number of noteworthy F&B outlets such as The Patissier and Chikuwa Tei), Spathe (pronounced ‘s • pey • th’) is all about communal dining and mammoth portions to feed large groups of friends and families.With brick walls, plush red booth seats, and heaps of warm colours all around from the use of wood, Spathe radiates this sort of “New York neighbourhood” vibe, which is further enhanced by the display of graffiti art on the walls – the perfect setting for get-togethers!Spathe’s menu consists of several sections, including ‘Mammoth Signatures’, ‘Spathe Classics’, ‘Fresh Greens’, ‘Pocket Plates’, ‘Desserts’ and of course, ‘Thirst Quenchers’, which showcase a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are even brunch and set lunch menus!To find out what we think of the dishes, click here for the full review:http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/article/detail.htm?article_id=579 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)