Sprigs is a modern European Bistro that focuses on French and Italian cuisine. The concept of Sprigs was birthed out of an excitement to details and handpicked elements that completes the dining experience. Our food is simple to understand, and with a touch of refinement. An emphasis of organic lines, forms, materials and textures is purposefully incorporated into the space to inspire. We are setting out on a journey to delight our guests through our passionate service, delicate flavours, creative space and an attention to details. continue reading
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Baked Cod with Saffron Broth Chilled Pea Soup with Crab Salad Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Apple & Sage
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Level1 2015-03-03
Situated along the stretch of Purvis Street (where the more popular Saveur resides), this restaurant's... slightly too quiet on a weekday. We were slightly hesitant on walking in as we caught some of the staff's hopeful faces peering into ours, somehow willing us to go in... and we did. We liked the elegant decor, and how the menu is being designed- simple and straightforward. Plus, the dinner set is quite wallet-friendly, at only $48.90 for a 3 course set that has quite a lot of the main dishes in.We were handed the menu promptly and given glasses of ice water. The server then told us about the specials of the day. One of them caught my attention, though abit pricey at $16- Loster Bisque.A bread basket came first, warm with fragrant butter, perfect for my growling tummy.Followed by the Loster Bisque($16) with two cute wooden spoons, which seemed to enhanced the flavour of the soup. We weren't expecting any lobster meat in there, but there were- 2 shreds of meat. We chewed for a little too long before swallowing... (Precious!) The soup is big enough for two!The Tray Baked Cod Fish ($36) is a sure-hit for me. I always had a soft spot for fish with mash potatoes, or with spinanch. Somehow the tenderness of the White Miso Marinated Cod goes really well the texture of the Potato Puree. The potatoes itself have to be able to stand out by itself of course. The Sauteed Shimeiji added a sweet note to the whole dish, reminding me of Takoyaki. I would say that this dish is quite girly, great for those who likes sweet.Australian Grain Fed Ribeye Steak & Frites ($35)...Well, Grain Fed Ribeye usually does no wrong. We loved the main character of the dish- the steak. The texture and doneness is great, and of a good portion (220gm). But, the Black Pepper laid on top sauce overkilled it in the end, and I ended up finishing my Fish instead. The Grilled Roma Tomato & Salad were alright. But the Frites kind of disappointed us, because they were kind of bland. Perhaps it was because we had a McDonalds lunch, and we couldn't help but compare the difference between the taste, and the similarity of its size.For more reviews and photos here, visit http://mediumrareandothers.blogspot.com continue reading
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I dropped by Sprigs with my girlfriend on a Thursday evening for our Anniversary dinner date. I booked the place with Chope a few days back, so there wasn't a waiting time for us when we arrived promptly at the restaurant.The nice decor in the restaurant reminds me of a contemporary art gallery; 4 mega-sized abstract painting, impressive ceiling fixture that reminds me of an accordion, and the nice wooden tables which I really love. I swear my girlfriend almost wanted to drag the table home for herself because she's really in love with wooden furniture.The food is really good; we really love the contemporary continental menu as we're both avid travellers to the European countries and we really love the food there. After we sat down, we were treated with a bread basket, with a nice serving of truffle-infused butter by the side. The fragrant taste of the bread was complimented with the subtle taste of truffle, completed with a nice crunch from the rock salt that's sprinkled on top of the serving of butter.We ordered the Crab salad with chilled-pea soup as starters. It's a nice and refreshing soup dish with a generous serving of crab salad. The light tasting pea soup really brings out the sweetness of the crab meat and when eaten together, gives a nice flavour burst that makes you yearn for more.Next, we had the Honey Spiced Margret duck breast. I've never eaten such a tender and flavourful duck breast before; it's really amazing as the juices seeps out of the pink tender meat with each bite. I swear my saliva was overflowing with each bite. The tenderness of the meat reminds me of a medium rare steak sans the bloodiness. If anyone should drop by for dinner, I recommended this dish!To summarise, this restaurant is a really nice addition to the row of expensive and overpriced restaurants along Purvis. Do drop by if you're looking for a mid-tier restaurant with awesomee food, and romantic ambience. continue reading
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Level2 2014-02-10
We were first served bread with butter. The butter was seasoned with salt and truffle oil, making the appetiser pleasing to the senses. Next I had the baked cod with saffron broth. The cod was fresh and soft. The saffron broth was particularly flavourful, especially when eaten with the capers and kalamata olives found in the sauce. Also had their apricot juice- a generous serving, the drink was refreshing. Will not hesitate to visit this restaurant again. Heard that their crab salad with chilled pea soup is their signature starter, looking forward to trying it. continue reading
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Level1 2014-02-08
Food is good. Though a little pricey, the quality makes up for it. They provided bread and butter as a complimentary starter which was nice. There's a little bit of truffle oil in the butter which makes the bread taste really unique. For starters, we tried the crab salad with chilled pea soup. It was not too heavy which is good, and was an interesting combination. For mains, we had the pork tenderloin, steak, snapper and mushroom tagliatelle. The tagliatelle is normal, but the pork tenderloin is amazing and is a must try. The snapper is fresh and really good as well. The steak was grilled to perfection. Overall, the ingredients in each dish compliment one another. The service is good and the staff are friendly and attentive. To top it off, the chocolate cake dessert we ordered is well made, and goes well with the sorbet. Do try this place! continue reading
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Level1 2014-02-08
Had a lovely lunch and went back for dinner with friends. The food and ambience were great. We enjoyed the poultry and baked cod dishes. A very convenient place to meet up with friends. Parking was surprisingly easy in the evening. The service overall was excellent and the service staff were attentive, friendly and helpful. We looked forward to other gatherings with friends at this cozy restaurant. continue reading
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