SPRMRKT functions partially as a self-service bistro serving American fare, and partially as a corner shop. They pride themselves on their stringent usage of only market-fresh, seasonal produce from local farms and around the world to give their meals a sense of place. They have 2 menus at SPRMRKT - an all-day breakfast menu as well as an ala carte menu. continue reading
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Level4 2016-11-29
The cafe was located within walking distance from the MRT station. Till the end of this month, it is having Chope Diners' Choice Tasting Menu at $25, consists of Truffle Fries with Parmesan & Kelp, Eggs Benedict/Eggs Florentine (V)/Eggs Royale/Pasta of the Day, Bread & Butter Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce, and Coffee or Tea.Truffle Fries with Parmesan & Kelp ($13)For a half serving, the amount was quite a lot which I could not finish it.I selected the Pasta of the Day which was Seafood Laksa Pasta ($23)prawn, squid, crispy fried tofu & poached egg in rich laksa sauceFor a cold and wet night, it was the right thing to warm me up. The laksa sauce was rich and creamy, without being too spicy. The poached egg made the sauce even more richer.The cafe ran out of Bread & Butter Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce, and it was replaced with a slice of pound cake. The cake was buttery and lemony.I had the meal with English Breakfast Tea which was served in a French Press. The tea was hot and flavourful.Overall the food was great and very filling. The place was packed. Best make a reservation before coming down. continue reading
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Founded in April 2012, SPRMRKT (pronounced 'Supermarket') was born from the idea that food, retail, and art could be melded into a single, enjoyable experience. The brainchild of Designer / Director Sue-Shan Quek, and Chef Joseph Yeo, with pastry chef Furrene Hoh, SPRMRKT was set up as a concept store, offering casual gourmet dining with the twist of an art gallery amid a curated shop.Ambience at SPRMRKT is rustic casual, resembling European style countryside cottage homes. Clean, brightly lit, with simple lines and functional wooden furnishings. A section of the wall is given over to shelves, which forms the retail section, displaying all manner of utensils, beverages, and some artwork. I love the decorative reading light lamps, and the clear glass display with appetizing and attractive cakes!Service at SPRMRKT is partial self-service. Ordering and payment is done over the counter, though staff do serve orders to your table. The menu, which changes daily, is clear and comprehensive, with descriptions of dish ingredients. There isn't much opportunity to interact with staff or ask them questions, except when at the counter. I also note they're very efficient at clearing empty / dirty tables after people leave.Food at SPRMRKT is fusion casual gourmet, inspired by Western flavours, primarily Australian, American, and British cuisine, with a focus on all-day breakfast. Generally, I find dishes here to be tasty, well executed, and huge in portion size. Ingredients are fresh, and kept simple with rustic plating. Prices are reasonable for the large portions, and comparable to other bistros, budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here.The interesting Coffee Tonic (SGD $7) features a blend of tonic water with 2 shots of espresso. This refreshing, chilled beverage has a silky smooth texture with a light fizzy carbonation, mostly mellow in taste with the flavour of the roasted coffee beans, finishing with a slight lingering bitterness. Not too bad, rather drinkable, though not particularly memorable.The Minestrone Soup (SGD $10) here is very good! Not often you see home made versions, so I appreciate the effort. Rich and tasty, the soup / broth of sweet tomato and chicken stock features tender vegetables, including carrots, zucchini, cabbage, and celery, with savoury smoky bacon as a garnish. Huge bowl, served with a slice of crisp, buttered sourdough bread on the side. Very good appetizer, best shared! Only available on every Wednesday!Instead of the regular round burger buns, the Grilled Wagyu Burger With Fries (SGD $25) here is served with sweet, fluffy brioche bread instead! This lends the overall dish a wonderful fragrant flavour. The savoury, juicy, meaty 180g wagyu beef patty is done to your liking (I got it medium rare), topped with fresh crunchy lettuce, earthy sauteed wild button mushrooms, gooey emmental cheese, and a sunny side up egg. The dish is completed with piping hot, paprika spiced shoestring fries. Quite filling!Full SPRMRKT review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/06/sprmrkt.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-13
Came to try SPR MRKT at tanjong pagar with my chill buddy. It’s just a few minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar Station, but do be on a lookout for it! It can be easily missed, just like what we did, i think we past it 2 times? both times missing it. Its a lifestyle cafe. Beside selling cafe food, you will be able to find some wines, juices, tidbits, cutlery and such at there! Its mainly imported from other countries. The cafe is clean and neat with wooden furniture. Avoid coming during the lunch crowd, its really packed with all the office people from there.The environmental friendly menu board. I know of a few cafes where they dont provide physical menus but written on the board for the customers to look at and choose from it. Quite not bad i feel, can serve as decorative purposes too.& so we ordered Mocha around $7 i think, Smoked salmon and spinach omelette ($15) and Eggs benedict ($14). First time trying an omelette as all day breakfast. Surprising its not bad! The omelette is not the super dry like your zi char omelette kind but its a bit moist with a lil of runny eggs and every bite is filled with salmon (a lil too salty though) and spinach. They used slices of smoked salmon and not those bit and pieces where you probably cant taste anything. But i would say the salmon taste is quite overpowering. It lingers in your mouth after the meal to the extend even when i drink my water i’m wondering why my water taste of salmon.& my chill buddy ordered Eggs Benedict. She prefer the one at D Good Cafe though. The eggs here werent as runny as some other cafes. The overall taste may be quite light as the ham is those milder taste one too. But overall the staff were friendly and quite a nice place to study or clear some office work during non peak hours. The staff despite seeing us there studying during peak hours did not chase us out but instead ask us if we can take 1 table instead of 2 tables in a friendly way. Thumbs up for good customer service! continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
SPR.MRKT is located just minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. It has a quaint-looking entrance and a simple and clean ambience. Their only menu is beside the counter (it was a little awkward standing there while figuring out what we wanted to order) and you order your food at the counter so there is no service and gst charge. Besides daily specials and an all-day breakfast menu, they also sell things you can find in the kitchen but they come with a hefty price tag.Cafe Latte $5I love the latte art but the coffee was lacking in taste and aroma. It was not thick enough. Cafe Mocha $6This tasted better than the cafe latte. There was a distinct taste of chocolate with the right amount of milk and espresso. This was on the sweet side.Hot ChocolateThis tasted closest to milk chocolate (rather than white or dark chocolate). My friend commented that this was too milky for her liking and it tasted rather sweet too.Eggs Florentine $14This is the same as Eggs Royale except that there's no smoked salmon.Eggs royale $17I had this because I love smoked salmon to bits. This was a star combination. The hollandaise sauce tasted buttery and addictive and the spinach buried underneath went well with the salmon, muffin and egg. The poached eggs, although sufficiently runny, were a disappointment. Their texture resembled that of soft boiled eggs and it was the same with every dish we ordered that had poached eggs in it. Ham, Cheese, Mushroom Omelette I think it'll be too gelat for one person to entirely finish it as the entire dish is almost made up of eggs. The friends commented that their omelette was a tad salty. Truffle fries $12This was a little salty too but so delicious! The delectable aroma of the truffles wafted through the air when it arrived at our table and I was instantly seduced by it. The truffle flavour was evenly spread so there was delight in every mouthful. SPR.MRKT version of truffle fries is topped with fine grated cheese and kelp. Flourless Chocolate Cake I won't recommend you to have this but I am loving the cracks on top which had a crisp texture to it. I prefer Awfully Chocolate's rendition as this tasted ordinary to me.It is certainly a wonderful place to chill because there is not many patrons on a Monday evening so it is rather peaceful and quiet. Service was wonderful and I like how they make it an effort to ask for feedbacks. I'll recommend you to try their Truffle Fries and Eggs Royale but don't expect perfect poached eggs. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
I was specially here with my friends as they would like to try out this cafe after reading reviews about it. gotta say my first impression of this place is its so pretty! i love the exterior design of the place. It gives me a very cosy feeling and i already like it before stepping in and dine in inside.i had the Egg Benedict with ham on muffin which is actually quite mediocre. the egg is very runny however the muffin does not have much taste in it. the ham is pretty average too and the portion is a little small too. so we shared truffles fries together (did not manage to take photo of the truffle fries) after that and we totally love the truffle fries!! the truffle smell is very distinct and rich but it also not too overwhelming that will make people feel sick. i highly recommend the truffle fries if you are here! continue reading
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