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<BR>Ssikkek BBQ offers affordable Korean BBQ buffet priced slightly above $20. This restaurant also provides a huge repertoire of marinated meats and side dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-25
Tonight we are having BBQ buffet dinner at this korean BBQ restaurant which is located in Chinatown. It is near both Chinatown and Outram Park MRT stations, so as everyone can reach easily. The place is quite big, but it is quite packed too on a weekday night. But I have made booking in advance for our group of 7 persons. We are showed to a table of 8 with a griller, scissor and metal tongs for each table of 4. This is great as some of us do not take beef, so we have separate griller for the non beef eater, while sitting at the same table.The selection for the buffet is limited but great. There is beautifully marbled, thinly sliced beef, Galbisal (marinated short ribs), Chadol (Thin Beef Brisket), Anchangsal (Beef Skirt), Tong Samgyeopsal (pork belly), pork collar, pork bacon,marinated pork, pork chop, sausages,and marinated chicken for meat eaters. For seafood, there is sliced fish, prawns, sotong rings, and mussels. For vegetables, one must have fresh green sangchu to wrap the meat with. There is also golden mushrooms, sliced potato, and sliced white carrot. Besides BBQ items, there is also a deep fried item counter, which served fries, chicken nuggets, and roll springs. There is also a selection of condiments and pickles such as bean paste sauce for the bbq meat, salad cream, soy-vinegar dipping sauce for kimchi pancake, kimchi, sweet corn salad, mixed greens, slices of raw garlic and green chillies (great with the bbq meat).There is also a selection of korean banchan (sides) dishes such as Dakdoritang (spicy chicken stew), Jap Chae (fried glass noodles), Kimchijeon (kimchi pancake), seaweed soup, kimchi soup.There is also a drink counter to help yourself to, with selection such as korean tea, lime juice, iced tea, coke and other soft drinks.Lastly there is cut fruits such as water melon, and orange to finish the meal with.Although the place is packed, the staff often clear the used plates at our table, and changes the griller regularly when she feels that the griller is too char to be used. Great service from the staff.While eating, there is various TV screens showing MTV of korean pop stars. It is a noisy place where one can barely hear what is on the TV. Overall the food is great, especially the meats which are tender and juicy. The service is great too. Everyone is so full and happy. For a group of 7 persons on a Monday night, the bill comes up to $197.74. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-16
The place is clean and food selection is good. They have some finger food which is really good. For someone like me who do not like hotdogs, this one is awesome..the meat taste so soft like luncheon meat and is less salty. Lots of greens like leafy vegetables to accompany the meat too. I loved to see plenty of onions, garlic etc to spice up the BBQ. Worth coming back again. The prawn is surprising sweet. We loved time BBQ away here. continue reading
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Ever since the last time I dined at Blue Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant when I felt a little disappointed that there weren’t any beef short ribs, I decided to continue my hunt for another authentic Korean bbq place that could be the one.I love all sorts of Korean food and their bbq is one of my favourites. Because I’m more of a carnivorous eater plus I love the variety of side dishes that come with the meal. It’s not just the meats that I go for but I truly enjoy the fun of cooking while eating.I was walking around Chinatown one day when I was drawn by the smell of the bbq. That led me to discover the Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant which I have been patronising frequently whenever I have a craving for bbq.A polite Korean lady or young man will greet you at the door and you’d be ushered to a table speedily the moment you enter. There are several huge LCD tv screens around the restaurant, all displaying Korean music videos so you can sing to the songs of Girls Generation or to Gangnam Style as you wait for your meat to cook on the grill.At about S$28 per person after taxes with free-flow drinks included, this is a great value-for-money buffet choice in town. The restaurant is spacious and can get really busy. An ideal place for family meals or gatherings with friends. It is advisable to make reservation ahead as walk-in guests are only entitled to dine-in for 2 hours whereas guests who called to reserve tables can leave at closing time which doesn’t make sense since everyone pays the same price. The variety of ingredients isn’t huge but is of good quality. They serve various cuts of meat from pork collar, belly & bacon to chicken, bulgogi beef & short ribs, seafood (squids and grey prawns), vegetables, fruits, side dishes and even cooked food. Three of my favourite meats would be (in order of preference) the bacon, pork belly and beef short ribs. I like my meat to be a little charred and slightly crispy on the outside. Then wrap the meat with lettuce and top with some grilled garlic slices, bean paste and crunchy kimchi. All in one mouthful. Simply heavenly.For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/07/09/ssikkek-korean-grill-bbq-buffet-oriental-plaza/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-29
Ssikkek korean BBQ offers cheap and affordable korean BBQ buffet. It is consider a good deal for those who go for quantity of food intake. My friends and I decided to have our dinner after work here (Date of Visit: 13/8/2013). It is walking distance from Chinatown & Outram Park MRT station. I stopped at Chinatown MRT station and walked about 5-10 minutes time to reach the restaurant. It was already full house and people were queuing outside. Luckily, we had made reservation and my friends have already arrive and enjoying the feast. TVs are installed at almost every corner of the restaurant and it is playing K-POP music throughout the night. The selection of meats was limited.To name a few that were available such as meats Pork Collar, Beef Bulgogi, Chicken BBQ, Bacon, Pork Belly, Sausages and Golden Mushrooms. There are cooked foods available so that customers can enjoy bbq-ing while having the ready cooked foods served. Customers can also customize own sauce to go with the BBQ meats which was displayed at the counter. Since it is buffet style, we will have to self-service and enjoy the foods. This place is definitely recommended if you are going in a big group. However, the tables' gap in between is very minimal and we can easily overheard another table conversation. The seats are quite squeezy too due to the space constraint. Also be prepared to have the stench stick to your clothes and hair after dinner. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
The recent opening of their relocated novena branch has met with a small change in price, the only price increase was for adult's lunch which increased by $2, but it is still very affordable. Take a look at their updated price list: Lunch: $14++ (Adult) , $9++ (Child) Dinner: $22++ (Adult) , $18++ (Child) For Friday Dinner + : $22++ (Adult) , $18++ (Child)Operating Hours:Weekday lunch: 11:30AM - 2:30PM (2:00PM LAST ORDER)Weekday dinner: 5:00PM - 11:00PM (10:30PM LAST ORDER)Weekend : 11:30AM - 11:00PM (NO INTERVALS IN BETWEEN)As usual, we took a lot of meat as it is the most worth it! I love the juicy meat which has its very own unique taste. You can also take as much as you want as its a buffet style. I love the BBQ the meat by myself as I can control its consistency and I can eat it fresh out of the "stove"! I also enjoy the attentive service that the staff here provides. Once they see an aluminum foil which is close to being charred and toxic, then swiftly change it. I also like how they are able to maneuver the meat and slide it down quickly onto the new aluminum foil. There's also a very sweet rice drink which is very very addictive! I still crave for the taste everyday since my last visit. Do bring a change of clothes if you're going somewhere else as this place really stinks up your clothes, unless you want to smell like a walking BBQ stove! Do also queue earlier than your estimated time of eating as the queue tends to get really long during the lunch hours due to its very cheap and competitive prices for adults! continue reading
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