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Stirling is a local Bar & Grill restaurant located opposite Beauty World, along the popular food stretch at Cheong Chin Nam Road. Stirling has garnered top reviews for its steaks and sliders. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-04
A recent rave about Thai Milk Tea infused waffles had lured me to Stirling. Unfortunately, I was way too early for their kaffles as Kaffles is only available on Saturdays, 6pm - 1pm. By the way, it was not a total disappointment as they do also offer Churros on a weekday night.Stirling is located along the stretch of shop-houses at Cheong Chin Nam Road, opposite Beauty World Centre.Interior was modernly designed with wine racks hanging from the ceiling. Tone of the in the indoor dining area was cozy and comfortable with purple plush chairs to the tables.With Churros at Holland Village closed down, it was hard to see such snacks again in my vicinity. Churros serving comes in 4 or 7 at $6 and $8 respectively. Every serving of Churros is accompanied by chocolate drizzle. I was rather surprised by how it was served when I was presented with a folded box made of grease paper containing the 7 sticks of Churros but I guess this has been the common practice for Churros Factory.Churros was great with thick and with creamy chocolate sauce coated tasted coupled with hints of cinnamon powder, also sugar dusted yet not overpowering the taste as an overall. These deep fried dough stick were delightfully crunchy and chewy.In their "# All About Charcoal" Section in their menu, we ordered their Ultimate Grilled Chicken as well as their Sirloin Steak Burger from Stirling's recommendation. It's kind of rare to chance upon restaurant serving charcoal prepared food and the thought of it made us happy.Burger and fries made a meal. Simple and sweet. With Charcoal grilled Sirloin Steak prepared to medium well done, coupled with romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes with Jack Daniels infused shitake mushrooms, the sight of it was simply mouth-watering and I could not resist to place my fork on it. What I like about the burger was that Steak was used here instead of meat patty, with such, you can really feel the difference here.Paprika fries was a letdown on the plate with its dry texture and hard bites. What had gone wrong?Ultimate Grilled Chicken made up of chicken thigh, the same paprika fries as the former dish and mixed greens with vinaigrette.Charcoal grilled chicken thigh meat was beautifully done smothered with a good coat of tomato sauce and herbs. Meat was tender and you can even smell the trace of charcoal flavored taste throughout the munch. Not only that, I do like the diced capsicums which went well along with the thick savoury sauce over here.Tiramisu did not score well and was not within the expectation. It was served in a Martini glass with soaked ladyfinger / sponge finger surrounded by the mixture of Mascarpone cheese and egg whites. No doubt that it was soaked in Espresso, it was only half soaked, the aromatic beverage did not permeates into the sponge and did not have a coffee infused flavour. Skipping of alcohol in the dessert is fine for me but the surrounding cheese were simply harder than pudding and totally wipe off my kind soft and melts in your mouth Tiramisu.Hits and misses, the charcoal grilling food served was really unique to their own and it's well worth the experience even though quite an amount of time was required for the wait. For those who are making payment by credit card, do note that Stirling accepts NETS and Cash only. continue reading
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Full Review and Pics: www.dairycream.blogspot.com$2 for a burger? Yes, it is quite unbelievable that one can still findquality gourmet burgers at such an affordable price (other than McDonald's).This petite slider that punches above the rest comes from Stirling, one of therestaurants along the stretch of food outlets opposite Beauty World Centre inUpp. Bukit Timah Road. The juicy and tender beef patty has a depth of smokiness that whencombined with the cheese, roma tomatoes, garlic aioli, makes for a seriouslygood bite. This is so good that it makes logical and monetary sense to go fullcourse for the Sirloin Steak Burger ($19+). With a moist and plump Sirloin patty,snuggled in between two halves of a lightly toasted bun, this is even moreirresistible because of the Jack Daniel infused Shitake mushroom sauce andzesty coleslaw-like salad that softens the bottom bun. Taking pride in its grilling techniques, the Signature plate is noneother than the slow charcoal grilled steaks that is served with avocado butter ($35+).Both the sirloin and rib-eye have a nice glorious char outside and luscious redinterior but sirloin turned out to be the more flavourful and tender cut with asoft pleasant chew even though it has less fat than the ribeye.The Pan Seared Duck Breast($25+) did not forge a deep impression because the meat were dry andflavourless. If the duck could be sliced thinner, the dish has potential toshine because the creamy truffle mushrooms and pencil asparagus was delicious. At Stirling, from meats to cheese, practically anything can be grilledand the standards are consistent. Take for example the Grilled Halloumi Salad ($9+), a mouth-watering mix of baby spinachand slightly crisp Greek cheese, which gets a fresh bright punch from thedressing and tomatoes. Even fruits like watermelon ($12+) were not saved from the hotgrill and ended up as a delightful appetizer served with Parma ham and rocketsalad.Among the non-grilled dishes, I prefer the Caesar salad to the baconwrapped asparagus ($11+) as the hydrating slabs of crisp iceberg lettuce areslathered in the right amount of dressing, with crispy bits of croutons andbacon adding to the decadence.Surprisingly, there was no grilled desserts, unless you count greentea waffles or crepe as grill items. If dessert is a must, the Mud Pie ($8+) is a dependable choice as it ishard to go wrong with ready-made ice cream and Oreo cookies. However, I woulddevote the space reserved originally for desserts, all for another plate of Crispy King Salmon ($23+).With a gently-salted and delicately crisp skin falling away toperfectly cooked interior, this dish is testament of the chef's proficiency. Ilike the idea of using sesame seeds, seaweed flakes in the creamy mash and thesavoury roe toppings as they truly enhanced the taste of the moist pink flesh.If someone were to ask me where in Singapore has the best pan-seared salmon, Iwould say Stirling.Full Review and Pics: www.dairycream.blogspot.com continue reading
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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/01/stirling.htmlAlong Upper Bukit Timah Road, right opposite the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, is a row of shophouses, selling food and aim to make every diner leave with a happy belly.Outdoor area is to accommodate the pub-goers for a drink and chat, while interior is more suitable for a cozy meal, as well as a romantic dinner with your partner.Not an alcoholic drinker, we had the mocktails, Shirley Temple ($5.00) and Fruit Punch ($5.00). Both are thirst-quenching drinks and sweetness is being balanced out for a soothing drink among the meals.Grilled Watermelon ($12.00). Recommended appetizer which uses fresh watermelon and roasted till sweet, with topped with parma ham and based with rocket salad. The striking combination of fruit and ham does give me a sense of doubt for the taste it might produce, but I took back my thought. Juicy and sweet watermelon, topped with parma ham that comes a little on the salty side goes perfectly fine!One of Stirling's signatures, Crispy King Salmon ($23.00) topped up fork crushed potato, creamy dill and leek sauce. Crispy salmon skin is the highlight of the dish, which we don't usually get it in other places, and salmon is cooked to perfect, not making the salmon too dry up for enjoyment.Another signature of Stirling, Gentleman's Cut ($38.00 for 300g). Between the choice of sirloin or ribeye, steak comes with avocado butter and in-house seasoning. For a balanced meal, it also comes with a portion of sauteed mix vegetable and truffle fries is not to be left out for a complete meal. I requested for a rare-done which I enjoyed it! 75% redness through the centre, the meat is soft and juicy. If you are steak-eater, and similarly like your steak to be rare done, Stirling should be in your list.Truffle Fries ($7.00). Truffle Fries is a common item in most cafes, but what makes Stirling's version striking is that each fries are equally tossed with truffle oil, salt and pepper, thus every inch of the fries gets "tagged" with truffle taste.Cheesy Risotto Balls ($5.00). As the name describe, the bite into the ball will release the cheese into your mouth. Not the flowing cheese like custard bun, but Stirling is pretty generous with the cheese, and the crispy outer add on to the overall experience.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/01/stirling.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-05
Full Stirling Bar & Grill review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/12/stirling-bar-grill-tasting-session.htmlStirling Bar & Grill opened its doors in May 2013, and within less than a year, has garnered rave reviews for its excellent grilled dishes, especially their Australian grain fed beef steaks. Owner Elwyn Chan, who also operates his own fund management company on the upper levels of this shophouse, tells us he's lucky to have Chef Collin Tan, a bona fide grill master, heading up the kitchen at Stirling Bar & Grill. Chef Collin, the former chief griller at Clarke Quay’s ‘The Steakhouse’, takes grilling seriously, investing much time and effort daily to setup his grill, and controls the fire at just the right temperature to produce plate after plate of perfectly grilled meats.I visited Stirling Bar & Grill after work with collegues A and B. Located towards one end of Cheong Chin Nam Road, you'll have to walk by several other tantalizing food options before you locate Stirling Bar & Grill. I like that there's both indoor and outdoor al-fresco dining, the outdoor seating is perfect for relaxing on a cool night, and Elwyn even engages local musicians to perform live throughout the year. Indoor seating is comfortable, but rather limited, and while the dim indoor lighting is perfect for a romantic date, it's tough on photography. I like the mixture of furniture and art pieces stewn around the dining area, it lends a certain modern cultural vibrancy to the room.During our visit, all of the front of house staff at Stirling Bar & Grill were unfortunately, away on leave. That left Elwyn serving and managing the entire place by himself during dinner, which he performed admirably. But I'll probably have to come by again to get an accurate assessment of how the service at Stirling Bar & Grill is really like. I also learnt that they only use industrial grade charcoal here, which produces a more intense heat as compared to the regular charcoal you get at supermarkets.The menu at Stirling Bar & Grill is unashamedly Western style, heavily influenced by the American Chicago steakhouses. The grilled items are the star here, whether meat or vegetable. Chef Collin's skill on the grill is evident in the taste; his meats and poultry have a smoky grilled aroma, without burns or charring, while still retaining a good amount of moisture and juices. Portions are decently sized for 1 person, and we all agreed prices here are very reasonable and affordable for the quality of food. Budget about SGD $34 per person for a meal at Stirling Bar & Grill.I understand the Stirling Slider (SGD $2) is being sold at near cost price, and not surprisingly, is the most popular item on the menu. I would totally come in and order 2 for $4 as a snack, or perhaps 5 for $10 as a full meal! Quality of the Stirling Slider is definitely high as well, with just one bite, you'll know you're getting more than your money's worth. The bun is crisp and buttery, the tomato juicy. The beef patty is thick, well formed enough to hold together tightly, incredible tasty, and so tender and juicy inside. Highly recommended!My colleague A had high expectations for the Délicieux Duck Breast (SGD $25), and it didn't disappoint! Tender, smoky pieces of savoury pan seared duck breast, served in a thick, creamy truffle mushroom sauce, with a nice earthy aroma. The pencil asparagus was well grilled with a slight crunch, and the oven roasted baby potatoes were gorgeous, slightly crisp outside, hot and soft inside. I did think the sauce was too thick though.My colleague B loved the Crispy King Salmon (SGD $23), featuring a thick portion of king salmon fish, pan seared till the skin was extremely crisp! The creamy dill and leek sauce was delicious, albeit thick, pairing well with the soft, tender salmon, and smooth fork crushed mashed potatoes.Only available during dinner, due to the lengthy time of setting up the charcoal grill, the Signature Beef Ribeye Steak (SGD $29) features a grain fed Australian beef ribeye steak, prepared American Chicago style. Slowly charcoal grilled till just under medium rare, then quickly seared with intense heat to finish, the meat is perfectly pink in the middle, bearing sexy grill markings, without any burnt taste.Topped with a fragrant herb avocado butter and brown beef au jus / gravy, the steak is tender, yet juicy, and incredibly flavourful. The sauteed mixed vegetables were a surprise as well, soft and tender, fragrant and tasty from being cooked in garlic, but not overpowering. The truffle fries on the side had a crisp exterior, but a soft interior, with good potato taste that isn't overpowered by the light seasoning. Very value for money, highly recommended! continue reading
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Over at the stretch of restaurants that ply along Cheong Chin Nam road in Bukit Timah, lies a well decorated restrobar, which specialises in steaks.This place would be a nice dating location as it felt private and there weren't too many indoor seats which could make the location to noisy to get to know your friend or dating partner, perhaps? Let me bring you through the surroundings!Indoor Decor: I have picked my favourite corner to chillax!A well-decorated outdoor area:Mojito ($14) and my friend, Dodo bird's drink: Lime Soda ($3) *Laughs at her for ordering a kid's drink*The mojito tasted slightly thin, I would have preferred it to be thicker. First up: the appetiser - prawn cocktail ($13)A light start to the palate, we had the blanched fresh prawns sitting in a cocktail glass with some vegetable garnish and a slice of lemon.I would suggest you eat it with the lemon zest for an extra punch, and remember to dip it into the cocktail sauce that came together with the glass. Cheers to seafood! For the mains, we had the Delicieux Duck Breast ($25). With a light truffle mushroom cream drizzled on top of the tender, pan seared duck meat, things took a delightful turn on the tastebuds! Check out the tender within!I also liked the oven baked baby potatoes, as it was made to perfection, with a slight crisp side on the edges. We also ordered the specialty dish of Stirling: its steaks.I had the Ribeye Charcoal Grilled Steaks. There are 2 types of cuts - the Gentleman's cut (300g, $38) and the Lady's cut (200g, $29). I, of course, took the lady's cut, done medium rare. While the waiting time for this dish took a while, as its ingredients were freshly prepared. The signature main was served with the signature steak, with a knob of avocado butter, truffle fries and sauteed mixed vegetables. The portion was just nice and while the dish presentation did not amaze me, the taste of the steak did manage to exceed my expectations! The doneness of the steak and tenderness of the meat can be a test of the chef's skills, and Stirling's chef passed it with flying colours. Of course he would, because their chef, Chef Collin, had trained under one of the best chefs in a Michelin One Star restaurant, under the Les Amis Group, before he joined Stirling!For Stirling's steak, I'm very glad that the meat was done to perfection, just the way I wanted it. These were so addictive! The salted truffle fries were super nice, and they did not go truffle-overboard. It was done nicely, and it was crispy and fresh out of the frying pan, with a lovely hint of truffle. With that, it was finally dessert time!I have just two words to summarise the desserts: Simply delicious!To be honest, I'm more of a berry person than a chocolate person. This Mixed Berry Crepe ($9), was a really nice finish to a heavy meal, as the mixed berries puree had helped refresh my palate for the night. The puree is made with strawberries, raspberries and blue berries! Talk about having a berry overload.The crepes were also well done, and it was a delight to have together with the puree and vanilla ice cream.For the dessert champion, we had the Muddy Mud Pie ($8)! When this dessert was served, Dodo bird and my reaction were like, "OMGosh?!" This dessert will kick you into Oreo chocolate sensory overdrive as it is packed with thick layers of vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and oreo cookies, and finally topped with strawberries!I kid you not, within the layers of this Mud Pie madness, there's 2-3 whole Oreo cookies layered in it! It was so sinful but really chocolately delicious! Dodo bird could not stop munching on this. *Have to stop eating this! Never mind, maybe a little later.*We had enjoyed the entire experience and found the dishes to be worthy of its price tag. Here, would like to give thanks to Elwyn for the invitation to Stirling, and Chef Collin, for the lovely meal.This is an invited media tasting session. continue reading
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