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Level4 2016-01-23
For more details, please read http://www.foodesteem.com/2016/01/sum-kee-food.htmlI got to know about Sum Kee Food while scrolling through my Instagram, and a salted egg dish caught my attention. When my friend knew about it, the first reaction was a "Must Go!".Sum Kee Food has outdoor and indoor seating. What amused me was the wide and spacious frontyard from the entrance. Seems very much like a traditional Chinese entry to a mansion.Sum Kee Food is just like a typical tze char or a Chinese restaurant. What's so special about Sum Kee Food though, is their online ordering menu.We quickly settled on the items to order as the hunger has set in early that night.Ultraman Chicken 咸蛋鸡 ($12.00). This is the dish we immediately circled, because this was what we were here for! Basically chicken chunks cooked with salted egg yolk. Simple dish as it sounds, but I like how balanced the saltiness is, and also how the chicken chunk has kind of devoured the taste of salted egg yolk into it.Coffee Pork Rib 咖啡排骨王 ($10.00). Sum Kee Food’s version leaves me a deeper impression due to its intense coffee taste on the tender boneless pork ribs.Chicken Floss Tofu 鸡肉松豆腐 ($10.00). Nothing too special except for the addition of chicken floss, but would be a comfort dish to go with rice and.Mince Meat Omelette 肉碎煎蛋 ($8.00). I was actually quite disappointed with the size of the omelette when it came. Seems to be cooked with a single egg, which could be because we ordered the smaller portion. But presentation aside, the price for it could still be cheaper.Bai Ling Ku Vegetable 白灵菇炒菜 ($15.00). Categorised under the fungus family, it is no doubt one of my favourite mushroom. Soft slices of the mushroom and thick savoury sauce would suffice with a bowl of rice.Four Season Bean 菜脯四季豆 ($10.00). This dish of long beans is not spicy as it look like, or rather not a single spiciness can be tasted. The beans seem to have not been chopped to smaller lengths, but is still as crunchy.Prawn Sauce Chicken 虾酱鸡 ($10.00). The chilli that comes with the juicy wings is a little sour, and it doesn't complement the Prawn Sauce Chicken at all. But just mouthing the wings without the wings, is good enough to keep on grabbing one after another and enjoy the spurting of the juicy wings as you bite in.For more details, please read http://www.foodesteem.com/2016/01/sum-kee-food.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-05
I heard of a Cze Char place situated inside the Yeo's Building but I never had the chance to go there until one day when my pal suggested we should do our gathering there.Yeo's Building is accessible and takes about 10 minutes walk from Telok Blangah Station on the Circle Line. The facade of Yeo's Building retained its traditional Chinese infrastructure and may give people the "ulu" conception, in fact as you entered the its compound it was not that bad afterall. At least you get to see an open space with modern buildings / condo development from a far sight.Indoors dining was air conditioned, a simple dining area with a modern yet traditional decorations, yes a contrast somehow and diners get to enjoy the TV programs aired. Whereas, though I'm pretty drawn to their alfresco dining with a beer garden like outdoor dining, I was held back by the thought of mosquito bites.Menu was extensive with more than 130 items on list. If you are taking long time to order, try getting help from their assistant or look around with recommendations for the day, e.g. their signboards.A playful name given to the dish indeed. Perhaps it derives from the Chinese name of the Ultraman "咸蛋超人" which also means salted egg. The dish was basically made up of popcorn chicken coated with salted egg yolk. Chicken was tender and every piece of it was lip smacking. This recommended dish just never go wrong.The Homemade egg Tofu dish maybe just another common dish stated on a Cze Char Menu deep fried golden brown with a crisp coating but was soften by the yummy braised sauce with minced meat and mushroom slices. It's silky on the inside, a very good combination if you are having white rice that costs $0.80 per bowl.Size of the prawn was great showered with crispy aromatic cereals. However after removing its shell, though the prawns were plum, it tasted rather plain, the level of fragrance was not there. It lack the kind of oomph and I just stop at one prawn.Served over the mini wok with all the luxurious items which consists of mushrooms, broccoli, scallops, cuttlefish, fish maw, carrot, snow peas, fish slices etc. Ingredients were all awesome as they seem. There's only one size of Curry Fish Head on its menu. The claypot was heated over the burning candle keeping its warm and at its best consumption stage. Decent and came with a light pleasant lemak curry flavour which stimulated the senses. Additional $2 was given for the additional Tau Pok. Fish meat was smooth and freshness quality is not a concern over here.Hei Cho, a typical chinese snack or side dish that goes addictive with the sweet sauce. Pieces of Hei Cho was pack full of ingredients without being too stingy. It was all crispy on the outside in its deep fried brown color. Recommended.Sum Kee Food is perhaps one of the best Cze Char place in Singapore suitable for family. Prices of dishes were reasonable without being too much on your wallet. Service of Sum Kee was quick and efficient by their friendly staff.Altogether, we spent about $150 (including GST) for 4 Pax which also include beverages.Do remember to get your tables reserved on the weekends especially to avoid disappointment.For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/04/sum-kee-food.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-30
I have driven past Telok Blangah Road countless times. Located opposite Keppel Club is Yeo's Building, which houses a Chinese restaurant.I came by with my family for lunch to try out their food.Ultraman chicken: $12 for small portion - With a 'superhero' name for a dish, it lives up to expectations. This is essentially 'popcorn chicken' where chicken is cut into bite sized pieces, deep fried and tossed with salted egg yoke sauce. The food is served piping hot and best eaten while its hot! Must-order!Johor Hokkien Mee: $4 for small portion - I was longing for the KL style Hokkien Mee, and this was more of the Hokkien Mee that you can find in most cze-char stalls in Singapore. The sauce is not to thick and the noodles had fish cake and prawns in them. Most importantly, it also had pork lard!Sum Loh Hor Fun: $6 for small portion - This was not bad. kway teow fried with bean sprouts and sliced fish pieces.The food here is good and I have found a new haunt to bring my family and friends for good makan. Parking is also free!Lots of stuff on their menu, so plenty to order over many occasions! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
Sum Kee Food is your classic family restaurant, the crowd was packed full house and easily made it look like there wasn't enough seats to go around. There is also a nice garden to stroll around and for kids to play outside. As it was a family celebration event, we ordered a feast! We ordered the Ngo Hiong, Crispy Strips Prawn, Coffee Pork Ribs, Ultra Man Chicken, Cod Fish, Tofu Minced Pork Mushrooms, Fried Beef and Broccoli Scallops. Ngo Hiong ($8 - small, $12 - medium, $16 - large) was tender and well cooked, sweet sauce made it even more addictive. The next dish was the Crispy Strips Prawn, it is a very unique dish with many crispy strips draped and wrapped around a fresh juicy prawn. Quite interesting. Coffee Pork Ribs ($10 - small, $15 - medium, $20 - large) smelled and tasted so good I almost wanted to order one more plate of it strictly to myself instead of sharing with the whole family. Thumbs up! Do try it if you are here as well. Ultra Man Chicken ($10 - small, $15 - medium, $20 - large) was also very good. The lovely marriage of salted eggs and tender fried chicken in one dish... highly recommended! Cod Fish was really fresh and light tasting as the meat broke almost on its own beautifully. Tofu Minced Pork Mushrooms was average.Fried Beef ($10 - small, $15 - medium, $20 - large) with spring onions was also good, the beef itself was tender and delicious, soaked in tasty sauce.Broccoli Scallops ($18 - small, $28 - medium, $36 - large) was ordered to offset all the meats we were eating. The scallops were so nice, bouncy and fresh! The staff are very helpful except one who was not handling the pressure from overwhelming crowds too well. It's my first time here, and I think the only easy way to get here is via car as it is quite out of the way. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-18
Lunch with good friends from church brought us to this tucked away Zichar restaurant of 9 tables. Good service and simple settings. We ordered:Roast Chicken - crispy skin and tender juicy flesh. Done nicely. Need to dab a bit of salt as I found it a tad bland. Sum Lor Horfun - fish slices were thick and fresh. Flavour is also good. Golden Nugget Tofu - homemade egg tofu fried golden brown on the outside. Coated with their own sauce. Good. Ultraman Chicken - it's essentially fried chicken, tossed in spicy salted egg sauce. Very crispy and tasty. Best dish of the meal. Omellette with Chay Poh - fluffy eggs with chay Poh that's not overly salted. Very Yumz. Garlic Watercress - the greens is well sauté and flavourful. Generally the food doesn't seem to use much MSG, it has that home cooked feel to it. I'll definitely come again to check out the other food with my family. continue reading
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