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Sunday Folks, brought to you by the same owners of Creamier in TPY Lor 1 , the beautifully designed place serves up great concept handmade desserts like special flavored ice cream, aromatic delicious waffles and coffee and tea. continue reading
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Level4 2016-12-12
The cafe was by the people behind creamier. Instead of ice cream, the cafe specialized in soft serve. Only cash and NETS payment was accepted here. Help yourself to the water from tap from the counter. This christmas the cafe offered 2 limited desserts and 3 dessert sets.Winter Yuzu Ice Cream Trifle (S$12)Limited to 10 servings per dayThe dessert used Japanese Yuzu which is a lemon sized fruit with a distinctive, delicate citrus perfume, in season during winter and traditionally used in Japan during the winter solstice. Layered with soft sponge cake and citrus cookie crumbles, the rich indulgent taste of the Madagascan Vanilla ice cream contrasts with the citrus zing of Yuzu gel and light acidity of fresh strawberries. Crowned with a stalk of fresh edible Shiso hanaho flowers. Freshly prepared upon order.Looked simply pretty, it tasted with a zing.Pistachio Chocolate Ice Cream Gateaux (S$12)Limited to 10 servings per dayA double layer of dark chocolate and roasted pistachio ice cream with a red berries sorbert surprise. Encased within an intense bittersweet dark chocolate shell and bedecked with a dallop of Varlhorna Azelia ganache, gold flakes, burnt caramel rice puff brittle and crushed roasted pistachio nuts.A mixture of flavours in the mouth with the rich creamy ice creams, and the intense sorbert.Lemongrass Cucumber Infusion ($6.50)Rehydrate with this refreshing infusion packed with chia seeds, fresh cucumber peels and lemongrass.Tasted like the usual lemongrass drink but with the crunchy chia seeds.Best come early. Although it was just noon, the place was packed. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-15
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comSunday Folks is by the same owner of Creamier in Toa Payoh Lorong 1. It is a beautifully designed place situated in Chip Bee Garden, serving special flavoured ice cream, aromatic delicious waffles, coffee and tea.Interior is L-Shaped, simply designed with wooden furnishings, hanging track lights and cemented flooring, a resemblance of semi-industrial concept.And as you flipped to the back of its menu, it mentioned that Not all those who wanders are lost.This portion of Sunday Folks is rather interesting as we took our own drinking water. Water was taken from the golden tap with a sparrow as its knob.Ta-da, here's the unlimited serving of our drinking water. These Belgian Waffles were freshly baked upon order and requires at least 15 minutes of waiting time. Paired with fruits like strawberries, blueberries and drizzled with maple syrup as well as chocolate hazelnut sauce. Out of the 6 flavours available (Summer Strawberries / Roasted Pistachio / Earl Grey Lavender / Madagascan Vanilla / Sea Salt Gula Melaka & Dark Chocolte), I had the Sea Salt Gula Melaka. The soft serve ice cream is creamy and smooth without having an overpowering taste of Gula Melaka. However if you have it together with the waffle, the sweetness of the waffle will somehow supersedes the light flavours from the ice cream. However I must highlight that the Begian Waffles were good. continue reading
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Level1 2015-04-16
Full review at: https://aprilsnextmeal.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/waffling-around-in-sg/ This was a place that got on my radar even when I was still in Melbourne, thanks to their Instagrammable waffles. So upon my return, this was high on my go-to places!And did it disappoint?... Well, aesthetically, it certainly didn’t! (Although I must say that the ice cream swirls look alot nicer for the double slice waffles, as shown on the Instagram shot)....Taste-wise, the waffle was good – sweet, crisp but still having some doughiness. There was also an oreo-like biscuit under the ice cream which was quite sweet.But I thought the star of the dish was the Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream – true to its name, I could taste the earl grey with subtle bitter notes and very delicate floral notes (which is good because if the lavender taste was any stronger, it might taste like soap! ala our N2 Extreme Gelato experience).I added the Nama Green Tea toppings as an afterthought and I was glad I did. Basically they are cubes of matcha powder that melt in your mouth. The bitterness of the matcha certainly balanced out the sweetness of the dish!And yes, I may have liked this place enough to come back a 2nd time… continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-15
Decided to check out Sunday Folks on a sunday rainy afternoon at 3:30pm. I managed to find a parking spot along the limited parallel parking spots on the road alongside sunday folks. Free parking on sundays! Yay!The minute you step within 10m of the shop's entrance, you see a snaking queue of people seated and standing outside. This iPad system is what greets you at the entrance, and it is your enemy!!!! Based on your party size, it will tell you roughly when, you will get a table. Enter your phone number.. walk back to your car and take a 60 minutes nap.45 minutes later and HURRAY!~ The iPad system will text you a link that queries your queue number.We finally got a table about 50 minutes after we had entered our particulars into the iPad.Sunday folks isn't very big, still bigger than Creamier but it can be quite loud as the tables are placed quite closely to each other.Walk up to the counter to make your order and you will have to make a choice between waffles and cakes or BOTH! Which is what I ended up ordering!Hipster cafe menu.. gotta love the super tiny font.1. Matcha Cake $7.90I loved every bite of this cake, it was so moist, soft and the cream wasn't too sweet. You could taste the green tea bitterness in this cake. For $7.90 it was a taste of heaven!2. Seasalt Gulamelaka waffle with lavender konnyaku jelly and caramel popcorn $15.20Here is what I was waiting 50 minutes for, an extremely "instagrammable" waffle. You have like seconds to maybe 1 minute to snap all the photos you want, before the soft serve melts and vapourizes!! I loved the taste of the sea salt gula melaka. You can definitely taste both sides of this soft serve!The caramel popcorn and lavender konnyaku jelly were beautifully decorated around the plate. The jelly had a strong lavender taste and I enjoyed the chewiness of them all. The caramel popcorn was a great choice, to offset the saltiness of the soft serve.And the bill.. shared amongst 2 adults and a 4 yr old, I think it was okay, I wouldn't say sunday folks is cheap. Not to mention, you're gonna need to patiently wait around 45 minutes for a table.Free parking on sundays! If you can parallel park!! Because if you suck at parallel parking,..... everyone outside sunday folk will be watching you!!! Sorry.. but it was a fact that someone sucked at parallel parking and everyone stared at the poor kid in the Z4. continue reading
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Presenting to you Sunday Folks, the same group of people who created creamier. The difference between these 2 cafes are that Sunday Folks serve only 6 different flavours of ice cream and assorted cakes compare to its counterpart. In addition, the ice cream here are more like softee, soft ice cream.The queue can be crazily long. When i came today, the queue stretch out to the outside. There is no queuing system and the tables are so limited, you just have to find a seat before you queue to order or just take away. Well, as Holland V MRT is just near its vicinity, now this place is very accessible. No wonder the crowd are drawn to here. Their signature flavours for the ice cream are sea salt gula melaka, dark chocolate, madagascar vanilla, roasted pistachio and summer strawberries. For me, i prefer the sea salt gula melaka and roasted pistachio.Cakes are available for order at the counter. If waffles aren’t quite your thing, there are other offerings too. We spotted roasted pistachio ice-cream (from $6.90) being whisked from the kitchen, and this was served in a chocolate cone and topped off with pistachio nuts and a pastry stick. Cakes were on hand too, like a Japanese matcha cake ($7.90), matcha roll ($6.90), and cheesecake ($6.90), which were highly tempting.Different type of topping. You can refer to the menu for the type of topping that you like. Different set of topping are charged differently. But, all types are good.Order number, your order will be served shortly (hopefully...)Pistachio ice cream waffles dripped with maple syrup. I have no complaint on the ice cream and the soft waffles that simply melt in your mouth, but the decoration of fruits with chocolate and maple syrup obviously shown that these are pre-made waiting for the waffles and ice cream to be served. Utterly disappointing in terms of service. Tel: 6479 9166Operating hour: 12:00 - 22:00Verdict: 3.5/5It is a cosy place to chill out with friends and family members. I know my verdict are abit low compare to others. Firstly, the service is slow and shaky, tables are not clean promptly nor wipe till one of the staff with table cloth that goes around wiping table.Ordering service is draggingggggggggg, hence resulted in the long queue. Things can be done faster if the counter staffs are more quick handed. Cutleries and cups are not properly clean, i can find stain everywhere.The only score point is the standard of the ice cream and waffles which i am satisfied. Other than that, i will think twice when to come here again. continue reading
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