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With each of its 60-odd sushi and sashimi offerings, Sushi Express's Kaburi Chefs strive for the freshest and tastiest, preparing them fresh right in front of their customers. A huge plus when every plate of sushi and sashimi is at a wallet-friendly price of $1.50++. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-13
We always see long queues at sushi express at most outlets during peak & non peak hours. We were thus curious to find out how's the food like & why this restaurant attracts people from all walks of life.Well, ginger, wasabi & green tea are complimentary. There are no Menu available & everything is display on the belt. The most attractive part is that each plate cost only $1.50! That simply explains for the long queue since most restaurants charge at least $2.50 or more per plate! We had been to the branch at Tampines 1 previously & this round we ate at Westgate outlet as we were nearby shopping. We felt that the variety at Westgate is very limited compared to Tampines 1. We were disappointed having to wait for quite sometime before we found a plate that we wanted to eat. And throughout our 30min meal no more new food is added (except for more inari, salad & desserts like cheesecake, mini cream puffs, jelly pudding) We ate a total of 10 plates but out of these 10 plates, a few were repetition. My hubby were still waiting for new variety to be placed on the belt but gave up eventually & head down to the Johan bakery (basement suprmarket) to buy mentaiki baguette as dinner part 2!I guess we will not visit sushi express again. Overall food is still ok, well you can't expect much when you are paying only $1.50 per plate right? Guess what, the previous time at Tampines 1 the restaurnt ran out of hot water & customers were told not to take water from the push button in front of us for the green tea. However, they only have one small electric kettle to boil water, thereafter go round the tables to refill customers drink, thus many of the customers including us need to wait for a very long time before we can have our water refill. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-06
Had 6 plates of sushi and sashimi and the total bill added up to $10.60 which was cheap and affordable. Every plate is going at $1.50 only! I tried their maguro tuna sushi, salmon sashimi (3 small pieces but still worth the $1.50), lobster salad (taste was average and a little weird but still acceptable), and crab meat with mayo. Everything tasted average and since diners can sit and dine there, it is worth the dining experience if you are not fussy sushi eaters. There is also free green tea. Seats are very cramp though. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-29
When Sushi Express just opened, I went there for dinner since there is a very attractive promotion of $1 per sushi plate. I went on the first day of its operations and the queue is really long as expected. As I had anticipated that, I went early at 5:50pm and the two of us managed to get seated in around 20 minutes. To tell the truth, I was sorely disappointed. Everything is self-service and the sushis are all there on the conveyor belt. As there are too many people, the plates of sushi that we are looking out for are always taken away by other patrons before it reaches us. In the end, we had to just get up and walk over to where the chef was so that we can take the unagi sushi once the chef placed it on the belt. That aside, the food is mediocre. I guess being the first day of operations, perhaps the quality of the food is affected. The raw sushi are not fresh and it has a little fishy taste to it. The raw sushi is not cold but at room temperature which spoils it for me since sashimi is supposed to be cold. In addition, the cuts are thin and there is simply not satisfying. Of course, I can’t complain too much since it costs only $1, but I would spend $10 more and enjoy fresh and normal cuts of raw sushi. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-24
Skip the ridiculous long queue outside Sushi Express of West Gate by dining at the non peak hours! In case you are unaware, Sushi Express has drawn the hordes since its opening and always seen having "everlasting" queues especially during the weekends.Ginger, Wasabi and tea are complimentary. The service was polite and those who were first time there like me was given a brief that there are no Menu available and everything is display on the belt. The attractive part is that each plate cost only $1.50.While we thought we can eat till we drop but there was actually a time limit for diners. Look at the slip given, we were given only 50 minutes to gobble down the food.While we were ushered to the sushi bar counters, Sushi Express had actually arranged teabags in the tray with cups, sauces, toothpicks and chopsticks. Please feel free to help yourselves.Packets of Wasabi are placed on a container and left moving on the conveyor. I thought the concept is better as we are able to gauge the amount of Wasabi needed.Turn over was pretty fast and given the limited timing in dining, I find that the conveyor belt was replenished promptly, moreover food were fresh too. Of course for the sashimi portion at $1.50 per plate, they were naturally smaller. No complains yah!Boiled prawns, I thought it was quite unusual to show their appearance on the sushi conveyor. Eel (unagi) were sweet with sesame sprinkled on them. Out of the 4 below, what I like most was its sliced abalone salad. Each plate comes with four slices paired with mayonnaise. Miso Soup with salmon is definitely worth the money. Look at the notable chunks of salmon and toufu included . However, to order this, one has to put up a request as they were not placed on the conveyor. Do remember, its tongue burning!Though given the restriction in timing, overall, I quite please with the bar counter concept whereby each plate was only charged at $1.50 and no menu was given. They were also quite prompt in clearing the saucers from our tables while we had the dishes gradually stacked up. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
Visited Westgate recently with my buddy and our main and only goal on that day was Sushi Express! Thankfully for us, it was still early around 5pm so the queue wasn't ridiculously long as always. There was still a queue of around 10 people but it was quite efficient as we only had to wait for 10 minutes. The large menu display outside showcase more than 60 variety of Nigiri sushi selection along with side dishes and desserts, all at a really pocket-friendly price of $1.50! Ginger and wasabi are free which is normal but tea in fresh tea bags are complimentary as well! That's impressive. We also found out that they were having new opening promotion at $1 for each plate on that day! That's crazily amazing! The restaurant layout is pretty modern and chic with red as the striking element that attracts customers in the basement of Westgate. Space is optimized to its fullest so it's only an arm-to-arm distance but for its price, its understandable. Upon sitting, we were handed this slip of paper which states our time limit, now I get why its called Sushi Express! We managed to keep to our time limit pretty well because the queue gradually became really long! I'm not sure whether we were just unlucky on that day but most of the items are the same, I didn't see many of the things I wanted to try as shown on the menu display. Perhaps its because we were seated at the end of the conveyor belt and most of the better items were taken before us. Some of the plates we got for ourselves are shown below, didn't snap a lot of the food because we were keeping in mind the time limit and wanted to enjoy every minute we had there. But I did get to try some really great items like sliced abalone, the sashimi were quite fresh and sweet too. I also love the flavour of their sushi rice because despite its price, the quality is there. The desserts tasted average, but I guess its reasonable because after all it's still a sushi place.For 2 person, we enjoyed ourselves and managed to build a really nice tower from 18 plates.Overall, the service was great and every plate was worth more than its price. We should have had more since that's a lucky $1 day. But I would definitely return again for other $1.50 days as well, provided I visit early before the queue gets rough. continue reading
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