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Sushi Tei presents an assortment of scrumptious and creatively designed Japanese gastronomy - appealing to the delight of aficionados of Japanese cuisine. The menu features Japanese offerings and innovative dishes illustrating the emerging influence of Asia on modern Japanese cuisine. A revolving selection of appetizer, dinner, sushi specials guarantee a new experience with each visit to the restaurant outlets continue reading
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Level3 2016-08-21
Visited JEM and searching for lunch treat. Saw Sushi Tei and started to make a order. The place is quite cool. We started to order Salmon don, Kaisen ramen with spicy miso soup, fuwa age tofu. After a short wait, it is served in front of us. The soup taste so fresh and piping hot. For those who like spicy , it is a must try. One BIG prawn cut in half. Salmon fish is raw and tender too. Mix with wasabi will have a wonderful taste and melted in your mouth. We also took few plate of sushi but Fuwa Age tofu is so special and served with sauce. Because it is freshly cook, I can taste its spongy and warn texture from first bite. Environment is good for bigger families member as there are also round seat for more than 5 pax. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-28
With many outlets of Sushi Tei in Singapore and worldwide, they are known for their quality food. Not only in JEM, their outlets are usually lined up with queues at the outside when comes to meal timings.Once you are settled down, when offered, ask for a cup of hot tea if you are unsure what to drink as they are complimentary from Sushi Tei.Squid Ink Spaghetti comes in 2 sizes, medium and large. Spaghetti was cooked to al denta perfection with pieces of squid added as well as fried shallot and spring onions as garnishing. It tasted a little dry for me and I would prefer to have a better quantity of squid ink added.My all time favourite among the sashimi - Swordfish. 5 pieces of thickly sliced fish meat was placed on top of the shredded raddish, adorn by the leafy green and half a slice of lemon.A big bowl of sweet curry sauce that took up half of the rice bowl is simply filling to your stomach when hunger pangs. It was boiled with onions, carrots and potatoes as it main ingredients, not forgetting the delicious crispy fried thin batter pork katsu that goes along with those pearl grains. Just right for a carb fix should you need one.Under the Yakimono section, we had ordered Ika (Squid) with Teriyaki Sauce. It was grilled well with not too much of rubbery texture. However, I find that they were alittle too stingy with the use of the Teriyaki Sauce and blended ginger.Game for the bright orange roes that filled the top layer of the steamed little pot of Chawanmushi? So much of Japanese Culture, this delicacy is actually served in their authentic kitchen wares.Having tried a number of their outlets, I would say the standards varies a little. For particular dishes, I will still prefer to dine in their other outlets. For those who did not use their wet tissues, you can return them to the cashier to deduct the charges out. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-27
Went to Sushi Tei for dinner with my friend at JEM. Finally a Sushi Tei outlet in the west! The nearest is like West Coast Plaza and even then, it's not as accessible as compared to JEM.Sushi Tei has always appeared as a atas-Japanese dining restaurant and have never tried their food until recently when i saw some food photos posted by my friend, who is an avid fan of Japanese cuisine. Decided to try it out for myself and I am really pleased.The chawanmushi tastes better than the regular chawanmushi. It's smooth, silky and just tastes so good. Highly recommended. The Ika Sugata Teriyaki is actually squid drenched in teriyaki sauce. Also another recommendable dish if you love squid. It tastes good and it being squid, is a little chewy. The Zaru Soba is just regular wheat soba so nothing special though it has been well-prepared. Same for the Chicken Katsu - regular juicy fried chicken. One of my favourite dish is the Hotate Mentai Mayo. The scallop is juicy and i love the mentai that is paired with it. Thumbs up! The Uni Sushi is my least favourite.... It is quite slimy and, has a fishy smell.Overall, the meal cost $66.30, quite expensive considering it was for 2 people but i guess that's to be expected when you dine at Sushi Tei. Most of the food was good and well-prepared too. Nothing less from this restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-10
With JEM's latest haphazard events, our family decide to brave the storm and bring some business to JEM's Sushi Tei; hoping that the mall would be less crowded. Still, we spotted a queue outside and had to wait for several minutes before getting seated.You can call up Sushi Tei to make a reservation and avoid peak hours from 6-8pm.Sushi Tei's storefront is always easy to spot, with the title head made pure white and glaring, and yellowish ambience in the restaurant.Free Flow Green Tea - SGD$2.50In almost every Japanese restaurant, it is of their courtesy to serve Green Tea free flow. The service in Sushi Tei was excellent, they were quick to attend to our needs and explained to us whatever questions that we have, such as the different Japanese Words that we couldn't understand of the menu items.StarterSalmon Sashimi - SGD$6.00For Starter, every salmon lover must try the freshest Sashimi that Sushi Tei serves. For about 5 pieces on a plate, this Salmon Sashimi comes with a slice of lemon for you to dabble on the Sashimi to give a slightly citrus and acidic taste. While I love to have my Sashimi plain, it was a good try to alter the taste a little, and to dip into the Japanese soya sauce to add extra flavour and get rid of the slight fishy smell for sensitive noses.Agedashi Tofu - SGD$5.00If you've read my review on Hill Top Japanese Restaurant, Agedashi Tofu in Sushi Tei is truly one of the best. The skin is covered thinly, with the tofu soft and tender. The fish flakes makes the tofu sweet, thus enhancing the flavour of the Agedashi Tofu instead of having it plain.Basket of Fried Vegetables - $6.90It is a trademark of Sushi Tei to deep-fry almost everything, especially vegetables in a thick batter. This basket of fried vegetables contain lady finger, carrots, sweet potato and brinjal. It was rather oily, but with the help of the nutrients from the vegetables, perhaps it may be a healthier option as compared to other deep fried snacks.Main dishesCold Soba with Chicken Cutlet - SGD$13.00Sushi Tei serves one of the best cold soba around. With frozen ice elevating the noodles, don't be fooled. This soba is actually a smaller portion because of the ice hidden below the green noodles. It has hardly any taste unless you dip it in soya sauce, and is served alongside with the fried chicken cutlet (Tonkatsu).Chicken Cutlet comes with the cold sobaThe chicken cutlet is fragrant, crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle. The knife work of the chef is excellent, as you can tell that the strips of each chicken slice is equidistance from each other.Black Pork Ramen - SGD$15.00The ramen wasn't the best, but they just made it. Although the noodles are not springy, and most probably not hand-made or home-made, it wasn't the highlight of the meal. In fact, the soup base was a little too salty, and there were too many spring onions in it that overpowered the taste of the thick pork. I felt really full after eating a few spoonful of it.Tempura Udon - SGD$13.00The Tempura Udon is my favourite. As of yet, no Japanese restaurant can beat Sushi Tei's udon, which has a little bounciness at the surface of each strand of udon, and the soup is slightly sweetened and a little salty. The seaweed is extremely fresh. Tempura Udon comes with two pieces of prawn.Tempura prawn (comes with Udon)The Tempura Prawn is battered with flaky crumbs and makes the prawn taste really good. Crispy on the outside, the prawn is really fresh and has a vibrant whitish-yellow colour. For people who hates the smell of prawns, they can always find Tempura prawn, which has no foul odour at all.You'll be surprised that such a clear, plain-looking bowl of udon is actually packed with such powerful flavours. It is truly restaurant-quality and deserve each penny of yours!Recommended: Tempura Udon - SGD$13.00, Salmon Sashimi - SGD$6.000 continue reading
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The Sushi Tei branch at JEM is very huge, with efficient and prompt service for taking orders and refilling of green tea. They constantly mill about so no worries about not getting their attention. Queues start snaking at around 6.30pm (waiting time is about 30 mins before you get a table) on a Friday evening.Sashimi Salad - $9An invigorating starter to the meal, the Sashimi Salad's vivid colors already set the atmosphere for some cheerful food photography already! The fresh and smooth salmon and tuna sashimi makes for good incentive to indulge in the juicy tomatoes and crunchy vegetables when paired together. Drizzled together with Sushi Tei's own in-house salad dressing, this is one of the better salads around. Well, you don't say - anything with good salmon goes! ;) Recommended to order. Soft-Shell Crab Maki - $6.50I am so biased when it comes to Japanese food and I shall try not to... but this is so awesome! Every maki has a burst of flavours on the tongue and I like how there's a lot of layering in the bite definition - the burst of the mini prawn roe juice, the seaweed tucked in the middle and the fragrance of the crunchy soft-shell crab. Do note to eat this upon serving or the soft-shell crab might be a little soggy.Sukiyaki w/ Beef - $15The soup of the sukiyaki from Sushi Tei is a little too salty for me. It also comes with a lot of ingredients - huge carrot slices, onions, enoki mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, tofu and a lot more. The beef slices are served on the side and there's also an egg mixture for a dip. Tried the raw egg mixture for the first time and... it would actually be quite yummy if you'd just forget what it actually is. Tonkatsu Ramen with Chicken Cutlet - $13I actually liked their ramen quite a lot! It's the standard sort of ramen with no extra frills of beansprouts and the whatnots, just a bowl of pure goodness ramen which managed to balance the delicate flavours carefully. You can order without the chicken cutlet, but the chicken cutlet is very delicious too - the exterior is fried to a crisp and yet the interior remains juicy. Recommended to order.Ika Sugata - $9I think this is okay... a little rubbery to bite though. Kani Mentai Mayo Roll - $8I like this! Again - see me being very biased as I don't see how any sushi chef can ruin this. I think I can eat this forever. Recommended to order.Chocolate Wafer - $3.20 Desserts time! The wafer is more soft than crunchy sort, but it packs quite a few surprises in this - quality vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce. Good for sharing as it is already separated into six portions.These bite-sized milk chocolate melts come in an icy bowl; which is a must because this melts instantly the moment it reaches the tongue. It's like chocolate bars, but only much better. Once the milk chocolate walls give way with warmth, a wave of cold caramel ice-cream within the melt plunges forth. Would love to try this again! For more food reviews and photos, please visit http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/p/a-singapore-food-blog-featuring-my.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)