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Level3 2015-01-19
Serangoon Gardens populated by all the bars, SYNC is now available there too, with a finer tapas! SYNC has another outlet in Westgate Mall with a different concept, serving Korean Fusion Bistro. Over at the Tapas Bar, SYNC features a gamut of Korean-inspired tapas and cocktails from $9.90.The tapas menu is an innovation of both Consultant Chef Edwin Lau and Head Chef Calista Ong. Both has extensive experience and interest in various cuisine and came from renowned hotels, restaurants and culinary institute across the world.My favourite is the Crackling [$9.90] - crackling of umami cod chips.One of my favourite tapas of the night! It goes well with soju or beers. Perfect for just chilling and chatting with friends. If only they could cut down on the oil used.Misugaru Lava Cake [$8.90] - A unique creation to bring out the Korean essences. Go to Sync Korean Bistro to try the other 3 flavours!For the full review, read it at http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2015/01/sync-korean-tapas-bar-serangoon-gardens.html#more continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-17
I am back again to Sync branch at Serangoon gardens. This time round, Sync Korean Tapas bar has launched the first Korean-inspired Holiday menu starting from 12th December to 2nd January 2015.There is a selection of six mouth-watering tapas and mains that start from S$9.90 onwards. Here are the enjoyable lists that I tried the other day :-Christmas Citrus Salad S$9.90 is the colourful salad made with pomegranate, orange and mesclum, topped with citrus dressing. The fruits combination into the salad enhances the fruity and refreshing after taste before mains.Sweet Potato Croquettes S$10.90 which is the traditional Korean sweet potatoes fried with cheese and chorizo, topped with apple salsa. Combination of crispy layer with soft texture bites in the inner was nicely done and attractive presentation.Clay Duck Ssam S$10.90 is the blending traditional Korean food with Christmas flavour. The clay duck meat is served with Korean daikon and a perilla leaf. Meat texture was soft and tender and balance off with the fragrance of the perilla leaf.Turkey Risotto S$26.90 is something interesting. Turkey roulade with Korean barley risotto topped with sautéed mushrooms and cranberries. It’s my first time trying barley risotto and surprisingly it is quite filling than the normal ones. It’s like having bubble pearls and chewy. For barley lovers, you might want to try this special combination.Kalbi jim S$26.90 is the short ribs braised for 48 hours with Korean sauce,s erved with mashed potatoes, pickled daikon and marinated with kalbi jim, a Korean flavoring. We enjoyed this as the thickness of the beef was just nice to feel the texture and juiciness of the meat.Chestnut Crunchy Bar S$10.90 comes with the chestnut mousse in a chocolate tart shell, topped with crunchy pearls and orange gel. Loving the generous coating chocolate and gives the dessert a dazzling looks under the bright lighting. Neither too sweet nor overwhelming and this is just awesome to end a perfect meal. continue reading
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Here's an ice-breaker: Have you ever wondered what Christmas would taste like? I've always known how Christmas looks (think beautiful gems of lights twinkling across malls and streets of Singapore) and sounds (melodic hymns and carols permeating the air). It would be interesting to see how a chef encapsulates the wonders of Christmas in a dish. I was back at SYNC once more to try their ingenious Christmas selection of tapas and mains. In South Korea, Christmas is a real big deal — they even tried building a huge Christmas tree made of steel near the border with the North to spread the joy of the Gospel! (Festive menu will be served from 12 Dec 2014 to 2 Jan 2015)* denotes my recommendations.1. Sweet Potato Croquettes* — S$10.90Have you heard of the unique Korean sweet potato diet? These fanciful little crusty bits are made with traditional Korean sweet potatoes and a European twist of cheese and chorizo. Topped with apple salsa, these delightful tapas are sure to perk up your festive season! It's that sort of addictive food you would subconsciously pop into your mouth one after the another, leaving you craving more.2. Christmas Citrus Salad — S$9.90A colourful salad with pomegranate, orange and mesclun, topped with Citrus dressingDo you like spicy salad? I was overwhelmed with surprise when I realized the salad dressing had a spicy kick to it. The orange slices and mesclun leaves were a little too chunky and I would have preferred a greater variety of ingredients such as nuts in this salad bowl. The pomegranate was a tasteful and visually pleasing addition. The flavour profile of this dish gears strongly towards spiciness and sweetness, while I prefer something more neutral (think Caesar salad).3. Kimchi Cheese Fries — S$9.90I previously reviewed the Gamja Tuikim (Kimchi Cheese Fries) at SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro. Although not part of the original menu at the Tapas Bar, this dish has been introduced here due to its overwhelming popularity over at the Fusion Bistro. The differences in portion, price and taste are obvious though. Too sour for my liking, I would recommend that avid lovers of this particular dish stick to the Westgate outlet.4. Clay Duck Ssam — S$10.90SYNC Korean Tapas Bar scores high on visual presentation — doesn't this look very zen? It's pretty easy to gobble each piece in one mouthful. I could make out the multitude of distinct tastes exploding in my mouth, such as the initial taste of the fresh and slightly minty Perilla leaf, followed by the savoury duck meat and a hint of sweetness and crunch from the Korean Daikon. Which tastes better — Sogogi Jowl or Clay Duck Ssam? If you are going for a more robust meaty taste, I would say go for the Sogogi Jowl. 5. Turkey Risotto* — S$26.90What is Christmas without turkey on the table? A unique twist to the traditional Italian risotto lies in the use of Korean pearl barley, which is topped with succulent turkey roulade, sautéed mushrooms and cranberries. It took me a while to get used to the unconventional combination before falling in love with it! The thick slices of turkey were indeed the star of the show, being exceptionally flavourful, tender and juicy.Turkey Risotto with its glistening appearance and tantalising aroma6. Kalbi Jim* — S$26.90The Kalbi Jim (Korean-style braised short ribs) is another dish to be added to your must-try list. These beef short ribs are braised for 48 hours with special Korean sauce and served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. Sprinklings of pickled daikon add a welcome crunch. Comparable to the standards at top hotel restaurants, the meat melts delicately in your mouth like snow in late winter. A larger portion of this would have been most welcome!7. Chestnut Crunchy Bar — S$10.90Moist Chestnut Crunchy BarHmm... is this a slice of cake in disguise? While the plating looks pretty awkward, the beauty is hidden within. The chestnut mousse is wrapped in a chocolate tart shell and topped with chocolate pearls and orange gel, making the texture both soft and crunchy at the same time. It has a slight citrus taste with an iconic slice of citron sprouting at the tip of the bar. De rigueur gingerbread men Soju Mojito* — S$9.90The Soju Mojito is served in shot glasses.These are the two separate festive menus available at the respective outlets. The ones reviewed above are available at SYNC Korean Tapas Bar (Serangoon Gardens outlet).Full review found here: http://www.littletinysun.com/2014/12/sync-korean-tapas-bar-christmas-menu.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Nestled in Maju Avenue in Serangoon Garden estate, SYNC Korean Tapas Bar offers a cosy environment where groups can have a relaxed time chatting, and imbibe the Korean culture. The bar opened from 3pm till 12am daily. Plans to provide lunch and weekend brunch menu will follow. The owners of SYNC, Brian and Lisa wanted to bring the Korean Tapas to everyone, making it affordable, without imposing a service charge. Their first outlet, a Korean bistro at Westgate, currently sits on the apex of Burpple’s hot 100 in October list. The Korean-inspired tapas menu is the brainchild of both Consultant Chef Edwin Lau, 32 and Head Chef Calista Ong, 26. Both have extensive chef experience especially Edwin Lau. Calista Ong graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. Here are dishes that I have tried. Toppoki : S$9.90Traditional rice cakes covered with sweet and spicy sauce. In addition, sausages added with melted cheese. Very soft and sauce is awesome. This is a mouth-watering dish. Sogogi Jowl : S$10.90Char-grilled beef jowl in hoba & garlic confit. The beef is tender and tasty. In addition, the garlic completes the full taste. How do you eat this? Simply pull out the stick and wrap the beef / garlic with sesame leaf and put it whole into your mouth. Highly recommended. Ssam : $40.90This dish is very similar to the Chinese cruise, belly pork with bun. But instead of belly pork, pork ribs replace it. The bone can be easily removed. Wrap the meat together with bun and vegetable. Simply Delicious. Dak-Kang Jung : S$9.90Deep-fried sweet and spicy chicken bites, ricotta chili tempura. I find this dish slightly salty. Very similar in texture to the Chinese cruise, sweet and sour pork. It may appeal to others but this dish is not one of my favourites. Crackling : S$9.90Crackling of umani cod chips. This is definitely my favourite dish among all the dishes tasted. Unlike the usual crackers, it is soft and tasty. You will not be disappointed with this dish. Remember to order this dish when you are at the bar. Another highly recommended. Dak Gar-Bi : $39.90 (2-3 Shares)Spicy chicken paella with onions, mushroom, cabbage, sausage, kimchi. Quite a large portion. It has many ingredients. You need to mix it well. There seems to be many flavours such as the sour taste from the lemon, spicy taste come from the chicken and kimchi. According to waitress, this is popular main dish. Misugaru : S$8.90Misugaru lavacake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries & lime compote. A popular dessert. When you cut the cake, “lava” started to flow out. The concept is unique and refreshing. The cake combine with the “lava” sauce, produces a moist warm cake. Not forgetting the vanilla ice cream to cool you down from the “hot lava”. Hotteok : S$8.90Pan-fried chewy sweet Korean pancake with banana foster. Deliciously done pancake which was torched by the chef. You can smell the aroma when dish was served. Same goes for the banana. Soju Mojito : S$9.90A minty lime drink. Very refreshing. Some may not like the minty taste. As the ice melts, it tastes much better. Soju Peach Shot : S$7.90This is my favourite drink. Drink it together with a piece of peach does make a difference to your taste bud. Very satisfying… more please. Bar Details SYNC Korean Tapas Bar 12 Maju Ave, Serangoon Garden EstateOpening hours : 3pm to 11pm (Sun to Thurs), 3pm to 12am (Fri, Sat, PH and eve of PH)Phone Number :6282 9612Facebook : facebook.com/syncbistroPromotionDaily 3pm to 6pm ( starting from 3 Nov to end Dec )Free coffee/tea with any order of dessertS$5.90 beer$9.90 beer + Tapas of the day3pm onwards, only on Weekends (Starting 8th Nov)Family Set Meal at $63.90 with 4 Tapas and1 Paella / Budae Jigae (U.P. $72.80)My OpinionIt is only when you try it yourself, you will know the taste of good food. In my opinion, this is modern Korean foods with a twist. Food design and probably fusion of various Korean, European cuisine and even some influences of Chinese cuisine make this bar a must try restaurant in Singapore. The decoration and environment were well coordinated with its food theme. continue reading
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Full review: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/11/sync-korean-tapas-bar-serangoon-gardens.htmlThe bustling Serangoon Gardens welcomed the first Korean Tapas bistro in Singapore that is run by the same folks behind Sync Korean Bistro at Westgate. There is a strong effort to create a Korean ambience; TV screens showing Korean MTVs or dramas and Korean songs in the background, but the food could be further tweaked to showcased a more distinctive Korean personality.For example, the crispy minced pork and mushroom dumpling ($9.90++) with a rather flat "salsa" of raw green peppers and onions, as well as the deep fried spicy chicken with ricotta & chilli ($9.90++), were more reflective of modern chinese influences. Flavours have the potential to be further extracted and merged better with the ingredients as I could not detect much ricotta from the chicken earlier, nor the chilli yuzu dressing from the Samgyupsal ($10.90), a pork belly salad that was tad greasy due to the excessive seepage from the less than char-grilled meat that coated the greens. Of the more substantial plates, the Chicken Paella ($38.90++) that arrived hot in a large pan was much better. The grains were beautifully cooked; moist but not too clumpy and flavours were as rich and piquant as the colour imparted from tomato and kimchi. Hotteok($8.90++)All's not lost with the adventurous desserts here. I truly enjoyed the Misugaru lava cake ($8.90++), a nice Korean interpretation of the western lava cake by using Misugaru, a traditional Korean multi-grain powder most likely very new to most Singaporeans. Warm, earthy with a subtle malt fragrance, this was more outstanding and unique than its other matcha lava flavour. Crunchy and chewy, the Hotteok($8.90++), humble korean street pancakes are elevated inordinately with just the right amount of smooth piping hot red bean and peanuts. Savour them when they are fresh and hot with the ice cream. Get a few friends, order the comforting paella, excellent beef jowls, a few tapas/desserts to share and chat along with some soju shots. It's more about the fun and company than the food. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)