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The Japanese restaurant specializes in ramen dishes. Located at Ngee Ann City, this restaurant should be on the "to-go" list for diners who fancy Japanese cuisine, especially ramen and soba. continue reading
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For the full review, read herpenandfork.blogspot.sgThere was no queue when we entered at around 1.30pm.Of all its Ramen offerings on the menu, the most popular and commonly recommended ones are the Tonkatsu Ramen ($16.80) and Black Pig Shabu Ramen ($14.30). We ordered one of each, and mine was the BP Shabu Ramen. They offer the BP Shabu Ramen in 3 versions - basic, double meat ($15.80) and deluxe (comes with corn and soft boiled egg at $16.30). I am not a fan of the staple and some say must-have soft-boiled egg((specifically egg yolk), so the basic was enough for me. The ramen took quite some time (15 minutes) to come, and we thought it was pretty slow given that there was not that much of a crowd. Black Pork Shabu Ramen and Tonkatsu Ramen The Tonkatsu on the Tonkatsu Ramen looked really crispy on the outside and each bite was punctuated with a nice crunch of the golden batter. It wasn't too fatty too, and the pork meat inside was succulent. It really is a Tonkatsu worth trying. The ramen itself wasn't overwhelming. I felt the tonkotsu (pig bone) soup base could be thicker, which would make it even more flavorful. The noodles were done springy, but again nothing outstanding. Do remember to try the restaurant's homemade Tonkatsu sauce when eating a piece of the Tonkatsu. It does add a different dimension to the taste of the Tonkatsu. The ramen does not come with a soft-boiled egg though, but you can order it separately. For people who cannot take spiciness, you may opt to remove the chilli flakes.Tonkatsu RamenAs for my own BP Shabu Ramen, the pork slices were wonderfully thin and tender. The shabu slices are not marinated, so that you can taste the freshness and full flavour of the black pig pork. Hence, this may not be for those who like heavier flavours. The ramen soup tasted like the soup base of the Tonkatsu Ramen, so probably they used the same for both Ramen. Again though, nothing overwhelming, though decent.BP Shabu RamenPrices are a little on the high side, given that you can easily get ramen matching the same standards or even better, priced around $10-$14 which will include ingredients such as seaweed and soft-boiled egg. However, the portion was big enough and we came out stuffed to the brim from all the soup and noodles. If you are in town, it can be worth a try if you are craving for decent ramen, but otherwise, it does not make much of an impression apart from the Tonkatsu. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-27
The most expensive Shabu i had so far but is so gd that is worth every single cent! Located at Takashimaya level 4. We were captivated by the yummy pictures of shabu and here we go lol. we managed to get a seat despite the restaurant is about 70% packed.on their menu, they offered sushi and bento sets. and they also offer sukiyaki and nanbe set. For our case, we decided on their most expensive shabu set lol. for this set, we were given their premium beef and it comes with vege, desert too. at the end of the shabu, they will use the stock from the shabu to cook porridge which is really good. enough said, let the pictures do the talkingthe sauce for shabu and is really good. i love the sesame sauce!the fresh vege that comes with it.the beef! you can see the fats that is evenly spread. the beef is super tender and thinly sliced. it taste heavenly! i love itafter shabu, they use the soup to cook porridge and is really good! ending the day with desert! overallFood : ****Price : ****customer service : ****Will i come again? Yesfor more food pictures and detailed food review, please go to http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/10/of-shabu-good-times-at-tampopo-grand.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-12
Pink slices of beef that goes into a pot of hot soup comes out so nicely. Eaten together with the sweet shabushabu soup and the cabbage, this dish is really good for the cold weather or just about anytime of the day. love the thin slices of beef that goes well with the sweet shabushabu sauce and the genrous amount of vegetabke, tofu and mushrooms found inside the hot pot. continue reading
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Level3 2013-04-15
As Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisines, we decided to head to Tampopo, a Japanese restaurant in Takashimaya to try out the ramen there. Of course, being the foodie I am, I had to opt for the most exciting and "filled" ramen so I got the "Deluxe Hakodate Ramen". It came with corn, butter, bamboo shoots, seaweed, egg and of course, porkThe broth was creamy and a tad too salty, but the chewy noodles and pork made up for it. The best part would have to be the egg which was half-cooked with a melt-in-your-mouth egg yolk! All in all, it was a very satisfying bowl of Ramen and I will definitely be heading back to try out the other ramen dishes! For about $16 including GST and service charge, it is around the average price for a bowl of Ramen. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-20
There are good reviews of Tampopo Japanese restaurant so my colleagues and I decided to give it a try. We headed to the branch located at Takashimaya. The nearest mrt station is Orchard MRT and it is a walking distance to the restaurant. It is located at Basement 2Japanese foods are always my all time favourite and salmon sashimi is my first choice is my menu listWe ordered the unagi bento set.Not much comment of it as it is standard presentation and the taste is good. However, it is a bit dry without any sauce to go with the unagi and rice. The portion is not value for the price in my point of view.Black Pig Shabu ramen which is the chef recommendation in the menu.(S$ 14.30). The ramen texture is Q, tangy and smooth. The fragrance taste of the soup isn't strong and i don't really enjoy it. The interlaced fats in the slice of black pork was essential for the tenderness of the meat.Chicken katsu set. Presentation is good and taste is just fine. The chicken is tender and crispy on the outer layer.Baked scallop with cheese S$ 12.80.The scallop size is big really tempting. It goes well with the cheese and egg. You can feel the freshness of the scallop when you taste it.Potato salad. The portion is quite big and we whipped it off in no time. The salad taste very appertizing and it goes well with the sauce. You can taste the egg,carrot and cucumber with the potato.Overall the foods are acceptable but kinda pricey.The staffs are there at your service and the waiting time is within 20 minutes. However, if you are looking for cosy ambience for dining, Tampopo can be included in your list of the choice. continue reading
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