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Tart Blanc is an artisan pastry cafe, inspired by a blank canvas with limitless possibilities. Here we try to constantly create new and innovative pastries with unique flavor profile, sharing with other enthusiast our passion for all things sweet. continue reading
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Review (6)
Level4 2015-01-25
Located right across starbucks is Tart Blanc, a hole in the wall shop but with a great variety of tarts!They have 4 tables and a seating capacity of 10-15. So it's more of a takeaway place.Their lunch promo is definitely very appetizing!As I had visited here in September, I knew their tarts were good. I'm glad to see that the costs of the tarts haven't risen. They sell a greater variety of tarts now.My previous favourite was the matcha milkshake so this time I tried the blood orange matcha. It had a soft orange cake sponge on top and a matcha cereal tart crust on the bottom. The orange was sour and the gelatin like top coating and the green tea cereal were sweet. An interesting blend of tastes! But I think the green tea milkshake being all sweet is still the winner in my heart. This blood orange matcha tart had a best seller tag on it though. Definitely coming back to try more tarts! continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-19
Went to Alive Museum and was looking for a place for a cosy and relaxing afternoon tea break. Found this humble nest for desserts, Tart Blanc! The friend decided to go for the bread option, its presentation is definitely a plus point! Bread was delicious, and it was served with iceberg lettuce as well as some potato bites! A rather refreshing way of serving Earl Grey Tea. Find this method of serving very appealing and interesting, it gives their customers a better and more fond impression of the place! This is the Raspberry Tart, with its crisp base and sweet toppings, it makes a perfect match. Abit too sweet though. This is the Chocolate Tart, similarly, it has a crispy base, with chocolate filling above it. Am not really a chocolatey person, so don't really like this. While, my friend loved this! This is a creamier version of cheesecake. With the blueberry and raspberry topping, it makes a wonderful match. This is my favourite of the night! All in all, spent a total of $41 for 2 drinks, 3 tarts as well as 1 pita bread. For the quality of the product, $41 is definitely worth it. But abit overpriced is you are intending of have afternoon tea here. If you are intending to look for a place that can spend a wonderful afternoon reading a book or serving the net, it will be a great place! continue reading
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Level3 2014-09-27
Loved the place and the ambience. The food was great. We tried the mushroom soup and it's superb! We also tried the salad and it is definitely fresh and taste great with the duck meat. You can customize your choices here and go for the deals. Not sure why this place is not crowded on a Sunday afternoon but if you are nearby and hate crowded places and wanted a relaxed time to wind down with great food and service, you can drop by. The tarts here also looks great for dessert. We tried the Blueberry larvender Chocolate Tart for $7.50 and it is above average. Will be back next time around this area for sure.  continue reading
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Tart Blanc's specialty lies in their exquisite little tarts, as the name suggests. The shop does sell other creations such as cookies and also offers sandwich meal sets that comes with salads/soup (at promotional prices of 9.90/$13.90 for lunch) and a drink.Been meaning to visit it and it so happened that I happened to chance by it with the girls after dinner at the now-closed Parco Millenia. Since it was after 8.30pm, we managed to get 3 tarts at $5 each as part of the closing offer.Firstly, the tarts have a crust that are on the sturdier side. Well, two plastic forks were broken (of which a piece of it flew off) in the process of trying to take a piece of the crust. Perhaps a crust with just a sturdy exterior and a slightly softer interior would be better, as the crust was rock-sturdy inside and out.Flavour-wise, the banana caramel came off nicely and indulgent with its creamy texture. The banana flavor wasn't overpowered by the chocolate.The espresso caramel tart has a slight hint of alcohol to it, and we confirmed its infusion with the shop owner. Coffee flavour, infused with caramel is what makes the filling.This saffron poached pear tart is light and fruity, with a supple smooth top filling. This will be my pick out of the 3, if it has to be a comparison between fillings.The tarts are priced on the higher side, about $5-7+, but I suppose the price is justified for the ingredients used. However, the tart shells need more refinement as they were too hard. A crumbly, softer tart shell would be much more ideal. Definitely not something you can have everyday, but it's worth a visit if you are a great fan of tarts. Good as a shared dessert after a meal.For the full review, go to http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2014/03/review-tart-blanc.html continue reading
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Opened a month or so back at Millenia Walk, tart blanc is a local patisserie that serves up creative dessert tarts.The Rum and Eve Tart ($7.50) is an alcoholic tart that involves rum and raisins with pineapples. The taste of rum was pretty evident and made a nice bittersweet yet tart flavour with the pineapple. The tart base had a layer of pineapple paste to further enhance the flavour, though the tart batter was somewhat dry and hard.We had high expectations of the Espresso Caramel Tart ($7.50), but it felt pretty much like a Tiramisu on top of a tart base. We loved the deep aromatic flavour of Espresso in the mousse on the top, but there was a lack of caramel flavour overall. It might be a personal preference but the cake layering just did not seem to blend with the tart base as well.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/tart-blanc-millennia-walk/ continue reading
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