Tarte by Chef Cheryl Koh is yet another venture by the Les Amis Group, specializing in French tarts. continue reading
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Mon - Sun
10:30 - 19:30
Signature Dishes
Cacao Barry tart
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Level4 2016-08-31
The outlet was one of the many eateries under the Les Amis Group. It was a hole in the wall outlet, located at Shaw House, surrounded by other sister restaurants. Decorated in white, the place was more of a takeaway outlet. Those looking for a dine-in option, can bring the tarts next door to sister-concept Caveau Bar to quench their thirst with an aromatic cup of hot coffee while seated along the glass façade.Roussillon White Peach ($9)Seasonal French peach with vanilla creamThe white colored peach tart was only available till end of august. It would be replaced by dark peach after that. The tart was simply melt in the mouth with a not too sweet taste, followed by a hint of coconut in the cream. The fruit was bursting with juice.Cavaillon Melon ($11)Melon panna cotta with French MelonSimilar to the peach tart, but topped with balls of the juicy sweet melon.Mirabelle Plums ($9)Baked plum tart with almond frangipaneThe crust was a tab harder than the other 2 tarts. The sliced fruit on top of the tart had a kind of soft, caramelised top.Overall the service was smooth and fast, as there was no crowd in front of me. The tarts were yummy and delicious, without been too sweet. continue reading
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The newest addition to the Les Amis group is a retail concept featuring fresh and tantalising tarts by Chef Cheryl Koh - a much anticipated treat for dessert lovers, like myself.  Tarte by Cheryl Koh has an elegant and minimalist appeal, very much like the humble Chef Cheryl herself. The staff were very friendly and greeted everyone who popped in. The tarts come in many different flavours - from fruity flavours to earl grey tea to chocolate, etc, so one is spoilt for choices when it comes to the selection process.The Cherry Tart (SGD$9.00) was rich with promise, thrusting their plump, ripe, outer and inter beauty boldly on light cream. The crust was firm and had a good buttery crunch as well, but the fresh, plump, juicy cherries were the main foci here. Every bite was sweet, with just the slightest hints of tartness; the juice filling the mouth deliciously, sealing it for quiet enjoyment. There is nothing like a good crust base and fresh, sweet fruits to steal one's heart like this darling here, and I can easily imagine myself savouring the large (16cm) Cherry Tart all by myself....The Earl Grey Tart (SGD$8.00) was highly recommended by the staff themselves. Anyway, the tart had a good buttery crust and light crunch, emsconcing a thick and luscious pool of earl grey curd - moistened to a texture more like paste. The first contact of the earl grey curd upon the palate was magic - it was like time stood still - everything else didn't make sense except for the very salient earl grey fragrance and taste. To say I was trapped in its beautiful flavour and texture, was a gross misunderstatement.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/08/afternoon-tea-at-tarte-by-cheryl-koh.html continue reading
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