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Baked Chicken & Cheese Waffle Baked Salmon with Cauliflower Cream Sauce Charcoal Prawn Salad Prawn Laksa Pasta Seafood Aglio Olio Wagyu Beef Charcoal Burger
Review (12)
Level4 2013-10-14
A whole day out calls for a much needed coffee break in between. We shared a Sumatra Mandheling and a Tarte Tatin Latte. This is my first time trying a drink from the Gourmet coffee section and I must say that I do not know how to appreciate it. It had quite a sourish taste. For the second drink, I decided to try a different flavoured latte this time and ordered the Tarte Tatin latte, which is a rendition of the good ol' apple tart. I still very much prefer caramel, almond or hazelnut flavoured lattes. Ambience wise, this cafe has it and their service is good as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-26
We were quite surprised when we reach coz its usually quiet today and only one server at TCC and his attitude is not very good. Look at the glass for water, there's an obvious stain on the cup and when I ask him to change for me, his face turn a little black. Service is also slow as there is only one server.. and we are so annoyed as many items on the menu is out of stock.Ordered the July's feature drink - Sensorial Sizzle but was quite disappointed as the drink tasted a little different from what I have drink from other branches and again the jelly that is supposed to be in the drink is out of stock.Tuna Tataki Salad, nothing to rave, just another salad with raw tuna..Spicy-hot Wings, luckily this is nice, crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside..Crisp-club Sandwich, hubby ordered this and commented that this is not nice, the bread is over toasted and a little hard..Pan-seared Chicken Breast w/ Shogayaki Sauce, my friends commented that this is nice, the chicken is tender and the sauce is nice..We ordered some desserts to share, Pinana Landing and Devil-misu. The cake for the pinana landing is a little too dry and the Devil-misu is not nice at all.. it does not taste and look like tiramisu, to me, I think it looks more like a mousse drink, not nice at all, thick and not much of coffee taste.Given the kind of service and food quality, I doubt I will ever return to TCC at MBS again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-25
One of the many impromptu dinners landed the Evil Sisters at TCC, Marina Bay Sands branch & we're utilizing one of our sister's 50% Birthday e-voucher today! Surprisingly, the restaurant is only about 20% occupied on a Monday evening. However, there is only 1 serving staff and we have to help ourselves to filling up our ice-water.Spicy-Hot Wings: This is good. Crispy & slightly spicy on the outside, tender & juicy inside!Pan-fried Salmon w/ Citrus White Wine Sauce: Tastes normal but the sauce is slightly buttery. Salmon is also slightly over-cooked. Pinana Landing: The cake is a little dry. We also ordered a few items but it was out of stock. It is quite disappointing as we were there to celebrate a happy occasion. For full review and more photos, please visit http://milkfrost.blogspot.sg/2013/07/tcc-marina-bay-sands.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
The evil sistas meet again for our endless impromptu dinner at TCC. This was my second visit to the MBS outlet. This outlet has quiet down a lot, it wasn't busy like the previous time I was there and many items on the menu had became unavailable. Is this place on the verge of closing down?As usual, we ordered some small bites to share. The Spicy Hot Wings $12.80++, these were good, skin was slightly spicy (I can taste curry powder) and very crispy. Meat was juicy and tender...nice.For main course, I ordered the Pan-seared Chicken Breast w/ Shogayaki Sauce $22.00++. The chicken breast was well marinated and cooked just right, meat was tender, not tough. The shogayaki sauce was really yummy.My friend and her hubby had the Crisp club sandwich $16.00++ and Red-hot Chicken Spaghetti $19.00++. The spaghetti tasted alright but not spicy enough, gotta add tabasco sauce. The sandwich was over-toasted...not nice Another friend's Pan-fried Salmon w/ Citrus White Wine Sauce $24.80++. Salmon was slightly overcooked, sauce was a tad buttery...but overall still quite nice.We ordered some desserts to share...Pinana Landing $10.00++The pineapple cake was very dry and tough! The banana slices was sweet though...a failed dish.Apple-art Parfait $10.50++This was not too bad, the green apple mousse contains alcohol.The service here was bad...they were understaffed and I had to top up my own ice water after being ignored for too long. One more restaurant on my BAN list!For full review please see - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/07/dinner-at-tcc-mbs.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-21
I had the Misoyaki Beef Sandwich from TCC when I wanted to try something different other than the usual Aglio Olio I will always order. Served with a hearty beef patty seasonsed with spices and miso mayo gratin on a Turkish bread throne. I love the turkish bread! It was so crispy and fragrant, and is very feeling as well. The miso mayo sauce on top of the beef party is too sour for me, the amount of sauce should be reduce. The beef patty tasted ok, very "jelat" and one will tends to feel very full after having it. The dish is also served with potato chips and salad. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)