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tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto is the leading chain of art boutique caffès boasting a comprehensive selection of gourmet food and creative beverages. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-13
Joined and became their member as our bill exceeded $88.00, I just simply passed the staff my handphone number. After a while I received a message and I was required to activate my membership card via online. Although I haven’t get the physical card, but I enjoyed 50% discount next visit because November was my birthday month, sounded worth and generous treat. Thanks to Arthur, he recommended us to dine here. He is Vegan, and here provided quite a number of choices for him.Ordering new item in the Menu, it was a fun and fruity juice. Orange, Mango and Honey made up this revitalizing soda, the taste was sour while brought some sweetness. $6.90 was its price, expensive but refreshing.Side dish came first before the Main, there was five chicken wings in total. Well-marinated yet not too salty, wings were crispy on skin. Originally it was not spicy, I dipped it into the spicy sauce. Flesh was juicy tender and flavoursome. Very appetizing looking, it was stuffed up with hot chilli paddy and garlic paste. The Prawns and Scallops given were nice and utterly fresh. Cost at $19.50, Spaghetti was value of money. A bit disappointed that we were seated outside as there was no empty table inside. Anyway, I will make my turn again to enjoy that 50% by this end of month. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-24
TCC is one of most customer-oriented dining places in Singapore. To date, I've not seen another restaurant that offers the same standard of service - polite, attends to you appropriately and quickly, relatively quick serving of food. While the prices are higher, they do not scrimp on their discounts (think 1-for-1 during GSS and 15% off for members). This one at Novena is my favourite branch and it has become my fixed place for high tea. TCC changes its high tea set every month and it is very refreshing and exciting to see what the new dishes are. A lot of thought and effort is put into crafting the high tea set, be it the selection of the food, the design of the food or the plating of the food. Every set comes with about 2-3 sweet items and 2-3 savoury items, accompanied by a raisin scone and chocolate scone, and is crafted based on a theme (for example, this month's is Halloween). It also comes with coffee or tea, which you can upgrade (with a small fee) to the other drinks in their extensive drink menu (or their monthly drink special!). All these for a modest price of $13.90-$16.90++, depending on the items on the plate. The entire dining experience is definitely worth it.Here are pictures of some of the high tea sets I've had in the past year: continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
Went to TCC for lunch with a colleague to enjoy their GSS member one-for-one deal. I ordered their Fish with Lemongrass Sauce ($23.50++) while my colleague had the Seafood Aglio Olio ($21++).I was quite disappointed with the quality of the fish. It was quite tough (perhaps overcooked to mask the lack of freshness) and had a strong fishy taste. The fish was also lacking the lemongrass fragrance I was expecting. It would actually be more apt to name this dish as Fish with Cream Sauce. The sides, consisting of baby potatoes and asparagus, were pretty average as well. The pasta fared much better in terms of taste and quality though the freshness of the ingredients could be further improved. Will probably give their mains a miss the next time round and stick to the desserts! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-01
I'm not a coffee drinker, so I never really thought of trying out TCC. However, since it's my friend's birthday month and she's got a 50% discount as a TCC member (woohoo!) to use, so we planned our birthday treat for her here. We ordered some appetizers to share - the Buffed Up Buffalo Wings (not pictured), shrooms bite and the tuna tataki salad.The buffalo wings were tasty and were pretty smoking hot! Being the first dish, we pounced on the wings, hence I forgot to take a photo of them LOL. Shrooms bite was so popular among us that we ordered a second plate after our first try! The stuffed mushroom ragout within the buttery pastry was good. It's kinda rich though, so you can stop at two...The tuna tataki was just quickly-seared so it was still oh-so-prettily pink in the middle. I didn't try it though since I don't eat raw food. I had a taste of the mesclun salad which was not bad. The dressing was quite tangy.The Mentaiko Spaghetti w/ Salmon Tataki was really good! The mentaiko sauce was very nice and had just a hint of spiciness in it. The salmon tataki was a bit more cooked than expected (which works out fine for me actually). The sunny side up egg was also just nice with the yolk slightly runny in the middle. Simply delicious! I had a taste from my friend's order of the Golden Enchilada Enchantment, which is a fried tortilla stuffed with wild mushrooms, spicy spinach and tofu. I think it only tasted ok, nothing too special. The taste of the spinach was a bit overwhelming.My hubby went all out and ordered the Ribeye steak ($32). Unfortunately, for that hefty price, the steak was not good at all. His steak (an also another friend's) were over-cooked one notch above what they requested. So my hubby wanted medium but got a very well done steak instead. My friend got a medium well-done instead of a medium rare. Both of them felt the taste of the steak was not there. The breaded potato cheddar cakes were ok-tasting, but nothing fantastic. Presentation-wise, the dish looked cool. Overall though, not recommended to order this dish.The dark devotion dessert was quite nice. The chocolate lava did ooze out from within the dark chocolate cake, which was not too sweet. If there was more lava chocolate, it would have been even nicer. The summer berries compote was quite sour - good only if you like to have a contrasting tangy taste to your chocolate.Overall, I was pretty impressed with the food offered at TCC. Pretty decent food for a coffee cafe. However, it's quite expensive - bill came up to about $20 per pax after a 50% discount. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-29
The Seafood Aglio Olio served in TCC has always been my number one in the list and so when I got seated, I straightaway ordered it without even having to look at the menu. Comes with a portion of spaghetti fry in chopped garlic, chili padi and olive oil, together with the assorted seafood like prawns and scallop. I like the dry spicy taste of the pasta and also the freshness of the seafood used. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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