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Level4 2014-02-04
It has been a long time since I ate at Tenderfresh, and I still remember the distinctive taste of their crispy fried chicken and french fries. Passing by the Halal Tenderfresh Express kiosk at Causeway point, I was tempted enough by the wonderful sight of the lovely fried and barbequed chicken in their display counter to get my dinner for today from them. I'd have actually preferred to dine in but this was a takeaway kiosk and there was no seats or tables for eating in, so takeaway it is. They have quite a range of dishes on their menu such as the Honey Chicken Rice ($3.80), Chicken Chop or Cutlet ($6.90) and even Meatball or Seafood Spaghetti ($6.50). Also available are sides such as Fried or BBQ Chicken Wings ($1.40 each), Cheese Fries ($3.80), and Potato Salad ($3.80). Not exactly cheap, especially for the mains, but there are value meals you can get to get more bang for your buck, for example, the Honey Chicken Rice + Cheese Fries set costs only $5.00 instead of $7.60 if you were to get them separately.I was tempted by the value set but I eventually decided to try the Pommery Mustard Chicken Rice as it looked tempting in their menu! The staff were helpful and I noted that they processed the orders pretty quickly so I didn't have to wait too long while they prepared my order.Pommery Mustard Chicken Rice ($5.00)The chicken was mixed with the pommery mustard sauce on the spot upon ordering which was good, since it meant that the chicken chunks were still crispy and not soggy at the point of consumption. But somehow they ended up looking rather different from the picture in their menu. Not that I mind though. There was a really lovely aroma wafting out of the styrofoam box even as I was walking home. The chicken chunks were quite evenly seasoned and I love the Pommery Mustard sauce which was sweet with a very faint tinge of spices mixed in. On the other hand, the rice looked promising but was kind of a letdown as it tasted quite bland, almost like plain rice, although the grains were firm and nice to chew on. The Pommery Mustard Chicken Rice also came with a side of coleslaw, which was not bad in taste and was quite crunchy. The portion of the chicken rice was average, so it might feel a tad pricey for $5.00 for takeaway. But I enjoyed the taste of the Pommery Mustard Chicken (just not the rice) and I think their prices are more or less similar to prices at Western food stalls. I'd definitely love to try the other food on their menu like the meatball spaghetti and potato salad! continue reading
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