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ThaiExpress' concept is inspired by the needs of customers who want to dine amidst a relaxed yet contemporary ambience with no strict rules on decorum, still enjoy fantastically authentic Thai cuisine and at very reasonable prices. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-20
I don't really take spicy and sourish foods so I ordered the olive fried rice (Khao Ob Nam Leab) instead of having tom yum with rice like what my dining companion ordered. The olive fried rice is fried with chicken meat as well as black olives. It is interesting that I do not like eating black olives, but when it is fried together with the rice, somehow the taste is much more appealing and tasty. The grains of rice are all separate and not clumpy and it is very tasty even though it is just rice. The pieces of chicken meat in the rice are also tender and well seasoned, though I would prefer if they add more chicken as I find the portion of chicken to be quite little. For those who love spice, there is also a saucer of chili which you can add to your rice to make it spicier. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-18
Yam Woon Sen Talay (Glass Noodles with Seafood Salad) is one of my favorite dish in Thai Express, which I will try to order whenever I can and is feeling hungry. It is spicy and sour, but not over power one another. A very refreshing and makes you want more of it. And my appetite will become big after eating this. The ingredients - fresh seafood like prawns and sotong makes the dish even tastier. Portion can be big though, definitely not enough for one person. continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-20
Ordered the stir fried spicy beef with basil leaves with rice and the prawn toast. I love the prawn toast but i wish they would give more than 4 pieces. It costs $7.90 for that and it is really crispy and when it is dipped with the sweet thai chili sauce, it makes a great combination. Definitely a must order when at thai express. The stir fried beef with basil leaves was really spicy and the meat was kind of tough too. I would not order that next time as i find that it is too spicy for me. Overall service was lacking and sometimes it takes quite long to get the attention of the service staff too. continue reading
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On this lazy Saturday evening, my parents and I decided to hit Thai Express again. It has been our favourite dinner hangout for awhile now, especially with the consistent good service they provide.The sauce for the Prawn Toast is a perfect blend of Thai sweetness, and there were some parsley flakes hidden in the toast. It was exceedingly crispy that it feels like having Potato chips crackling in your mouth! Four pieces were just nice for three of us. Price: $7.90With so many reviews for Thai Express' different outlets, can we presume that the taste is equal throughout Singapore? This Thai Honey Chicken RIce comes in a set with watermelon and fish sticks! The honey chicken has subtle juiciness, with the presence of honey marinated on it. What top it off was the exact same sweet sauce given for the Prawn Toast, and strangely it does not make the chicken ultra sweet! Thankfully there are some greens for us to eat. The fish sticks tasted average, while the watermelon coated with brown sugar makes it such a sinful meal. I skipped the watermelon due to the extreme dosage of sugar. Total Price: $8.90My mother bought this Fried Mee Sua, it was DELICIOUS, I'd definitely get a whole plate to myself the next time I go. With a proper amount of seafood ingredients like prawns, I thought it was quite appetizing. The noodle was succulent and not like your usual 'dead' strings that hang loose from your lips, it wasn't overly oily and the chili flakes is a perfect blend. Price: $9.90Perhaps you might want to think twice before trying the Beef Salad. My dad initially thought it'd be you know, healthy greens with beef, but it turns out to be lots of green with little greens! He ordered an extra bowl of rice to complete the meal, and if you love beef cooked medium-rare this is not for you because it's some tough meat!To be honest, Thai Express is quite close to the uniquely taste of Thai. It's not as good as the genuine spices that one can get from Thailand because a pepper of local flavour has been added unto it. continue reading
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Level4 2010-12-31
The crispy prawn toast, bread dipped in egg and prawn, that is accompanied by their special chilli sauce is one of our favourite dishes. Tofu Square, another favourite dish of ours, is deep fried bean curd topped sweet sauce with chilli flakes and chopped peanut. However, recently I noticed that the chef has reduced the amount of peanuts and sauce used as topping. As a result, the dish tastes quite bland.Tom Yam Seafood Soup. Don’t be deceived by the colour of this soup. It might look different from the usual Tom Yam Soup that you might have tasted elsewhere, but, it certainly does not lack the zing. It’s a spicy soup, with mushroom, chicken, prawn and squid. If it’s your first try, go easy on the first spoonful, or have the icy cold water beside you.Prawn Omelette. Another one of my favourites, is white rice served with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sliced onions , lemon and of course, cooked prawns accompanied by their special sauce, which I think is a mixture of finely chopped chilli padi and onions in lime juice. Banana Fritters. If you are watching your diet, then avoid this dish. This is a desert that has 3 scoops of coconut ice-cream served in a bowl, and fried banana, otherwise commonly known as, you guessed it, ‘goreng pisang’, that come in a plate. It has a different combination of hot and cold. Even though the coconut does not taste rich and fresh, it’s worth giving this dish a try. Overall rating of the food served here is good. However, be prepared to fork out about 50 bucks, for the above mentioned dishes (including tax) continue reading
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