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Review (14)
Level4 2013-12-17
Went back to thai pan for the ale carte dishes. we ordered french beans and salted egg butter squid and 2 plate of rice and each of us only pay $10 each! very worth it. the french bean is very well fried and tasty. not too oily too. and the salted egg butter squid is a must order!! the squid is very chewy and fresh. and with the salted egg sauce, it taste perfect!! A highly recommended dish Second time coming to thai pan and still feeling satisfied will come back more often in future. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ i've vaguely remembered people talking about thaipan before. it's like some favourite foodie place of the easties - too far away for me! haha.if not for the fact that i was in the vicinity with my friends, i would never have gone there! but the food is REALLY GOOD. totally worth going and it's in a super strange location! like inside a condo, so you actually have to sign in to go to the restaurant.anyway, let's get on to the food every single dish we had here was absolutely drool-worth. really. seriously. it was D*** AWESOME. haha okay, maybe it was the company too xD we were all going ga-ga over the food! the cereal chicken ($12) is unlike any other cereal-kind of dish i've ever tried. a generous amount of a good mix of crunchy cereal with crisply fried curry leaves and chilis splattered over equally crunchy bits of fried chicken. this dish was just GREAT the french bean with dried shrimp ($14) was SO FRAGRANT, we absolutely couldn't wait to dig in! it was the first dish that came, and the smell was enough to whet our appetite. the aroma of the dried shrimp complemented the slightly blander taste of the french bean and went perfectly with plain white rice.the thaipan jade tofu with pork floss ($9) looked like a simple dish, but was a delight to our taste buds as well. the textures of the fluffy pork floss atop tofu that had a crisp skin and soft interior, as well as a thick sauce, went well together and was delicious.and finally!!! the star of the evening. the butter squid ($12). ohhhhh. i dont even know where to begin. haha this is an absolutely orgasmic dish!!!! a generous amount of rich, creamy, buttery SUPER DUPER TASTY sauce lovingly encasing bouncy fresh squids. the sauce is really good. must must must try it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-23
Thaipan is still one of my favourite restaurants for thai food, along with Ah Loy Thai. I had the fried rice this time and it was rather average, but the highlight of the meal was definitely the famous butter squid, which is a must-try for all butter squid lovers - gravy was rich and thick, buttery with a tinge of spiciness, goes very well with rice. Service was also good, but may get crowded during the weekends. continue reading
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Being an ex-student of a school nearby, ThaiPan has always been my frequent hideout for excellent company and delicious eats. Tucked away inside the condominium of Mandarin Gardens, it can be a challenge to find (at first!) given the sprawling space of the entire place. Being a frequent customer there means that you find your way to this lovely restaurant no matter which entrance you enter from The most convenient one would be along the main road, along Neptune Court. For those who enter from the back near the ECP, the walking distance tends to be longer but it also depends on which area you park in.The interior was recently refurbished and although the decor is nothing extraordinary, it has a no-frills, warm ambience that really amplifies the atmosphere of having good food with great company. This place can also accommodate tables up to 10 persons, so it's great for a large gathering too!Although the cuisine here is supposedly Chinese with traces of Thai influences, most of us agree that their Zi Char dishes are the best, with their signature ThaiPan fried rice -their very own rendition of the conventional fried rice with a spicy twist as fresh chilli padis are added in! Prices are extremely reasonable, ranging from $4-$5.50 for a one dish meal.We ordered a Medium ThaiPan Fried Rice ($7), Honey Pork Chop ($9) and a Sambal Kang Kong ($9) to share.The Sambal Kang Kong arrived first - the food here is served quite quickly! The vegetables weren't as crisp as I would have liked, and were slightly soggy given that the sauce it was fried in was a tad watery. It would have been better if the sambal had more hae bi hiam (dried shrimp) and was slightly less watery. On the whole, it was a decent dish but for the excellent food standards ThaiPan has, this was slightly more disappointing.We recommend vegetables such as their Si Ji Dou or their Mixed Fried Vegetables. Both are very tasty and would go well with nearly every dish!The Honey Pork Chop is my favourite dish out of their entire menu - I'm not a fan of meat dishes but this stole my heart. With a dash of sesame seeds on the tender, sauce-glazed pork chops -this dish scores! The meat is fried, tender and juicy on the inside. The sauce is glaze-y and slightly sticky, a savoury sauce which has the perfect sweetness derived from honey (hence the name honey pork chop!). It's not overly sweet such that it ruins the balance of flavour as a savoury dish and I could honestly have it alone with just rice. Delicious and definitely worth eating.The ThaiPan fried rice is my favourite one dish meal to order if I'm dining alone (yes it's a place where one can be totally at ease having a quiet meal alone!) It's tasty but not overly salty -do not be fooled by the dark-brown-coloured rice! It has bits of crab meat, egg, spring onions and chilli padi inside. It's fragrant, with grainy rice and the perfect spiciness. It's impressive in every sense and no one should visit ThaiPan without trying their specialty fried rice!! Fantastic value for excellent food -strongly recommending this to everyone!ThaiPan offers an impressive variety of dishes (be it one dish meals or rice with dishes). We also recommend dishes such as their Butter Squid, which is squid fried in a buttery egg-like paste (sauce??), garnished with curry leaves. It's a real hit with ThaiPan lovers and it's one of the most sinful dishes you can lay your hands on..but it's so good. Although it's a "Thai" restaurant (of some sorts), we don't exactly recommend their Pad Thai -it's not exactly authentic and you can easily get better ones elsewhere. Impressively, they also offer beers and wine (think: Heineken as well as a whole selection of wines from their own collection!) on top the usual drinks, for those who would like an alcoholic beverage to complement their meal. They have an al fresco seating (although it's not very large/spacious) but we rather sit in the comfort of the air-conditioning given the heat! x.x Service wise, the staff aren't exactly the friendliest and most exceptional, but they are polite and serve the dishes pretty quickly. Be warned though, if the place gets crowded (especially during the peak dinner and lunch hours (12.30 - 2 and 6.30 to 8), getting your bill may take awhile.The food is great, the prices are even better. Everyone should take some time to discover this gem in Marine Parade even though the regulars would very much want to have this place all to ourselves -it's such a find!Ps. There's no service charge here, only GST! And they serve water continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-03
The pad thai here (which is also known as their stir fry rice noodles) is one of their popular dish here. This is normallly a 'must order' dish whenever I visit this Thai restaurant. The rice noodles is reallly smooth and not too tough. With lots of sliced green and red capasicums in it which give that extra crunchiness to this dish. Tender sliced chicken meats are also used in this dish which also too add in the slight sweetness from the meat. The portion is really generous and I usually share one plate with my friend. Do note not to over judge by its white appearance as it is quite spicy actually. continue reading
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