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The Bakery Chef is a western bakery that is located in the heartlands of Bukit Merah. They serves a variety of pastries and cakes, including cupcakes, croissants and macarons. continue reading
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The bakery chef, located in bukit merah central, serves waffles, cakes, soft serves and their signatures toast. The toasts ran out of stock easily. Upon cutting the thick toast of bread, you can observe the lava within ooze out immediately. The café was generally small and compact with some tables outside of the store to accommodate more diners. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a huge chalk board indicating the menu of the shop. If you are not tempted by the food menu, one can choose from the cake display or purchase their specialty – Bread Toast. We decided to order a few items to try such as the thick toast, rainbow cake, rainbow Caramel guilt and blue salted caramel soft serve. For the price of $12.80, you get a choice of toast (charcoal, brioche or matcha), fillings (salted egg, Nutella or matcha) and a scoop of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla or matcha). We have chosen two toast to try to spot the taste difference. The first order was brioche toast together with nutella lava and matcha ice cream while the other order is charcoal toast with salted egg yolk lava and vanilla ice cream. The brioche toast was actually a form of french toast.We could taste the buttery taste of the thick toast. It was really buttery and crispy. Upon bitting, the inner core of the bread was fluffy and soft. Oh ya, I forget to mention that I love cutting the toast. This is because the moment you cut the toast, the lava gushed out. The nutella lava was really smooth and rich. The café was really generous with the lava filling.Lava Toast ($12.80)See!! The lava following outGenerally for the charcoal bread, it was crispy but I found the bread very bland. But I guess it was ok as it was meant to accompany the sweet-savory salted egg yolk lava within. The salted egg yolk lava was flowly and a little grainy. Another hot favourite was the blue sea salt soft serve. It was really pretty and yummy as well. The salted caramel taste was just nice not to make you too sick of eating it. Sea salt ice cream ($7.20)Rainbow Caramel guilt has a pretty appearance with layers of fluffy moist rainbow cakes topped with droplets of caramel cream. We love the texture of the cakes. Within the cakes, it also contains a caramel core. As we are not a fan of too sweet food, we find it a little too rich and sweet. Rainbow Caramel Guilt ($5.80) With the same square shaped design, the rainbow cake was another pretty cake that drew my attention. The colours of the raimbow cakes tend to be brighter and pretty. The sponge cakes were layered with cream making it moist and fluffy. This suit my taste better as it was less sweet as compared to the rainbow caramel guilt. All in all, the cakes and desserts served here were great. But my favourite was definitely the lava toast. I would suggest that you visit café earlier in the day as we have several failed attempted visiting the café was it closed earlier than the operating hours as more of their food were sold out. Follow me at instagram/ facebook: @jacefootprintsRead more at http://jacefootprints.blogspot.sg/2016/05/singapore-bakery-chef-lava-toast-ice.html continue reading
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Looks familiar, what lies beyond that pretty facade?I haven't had enough destiny credits to try out Aqua S in Sydney (reason to go again), but there is now a contender for this blue-and-pink(white) twisty soft serve cone on cotton candy clouds... right here on homeground in Singapore. Location: Bakery Chef at Bukit Merah.The blue gives a jolt of sea salt and the pink (I see it as white, even in real life lighting, but pink is indeed more romantic), a swirl of faint gula melaka. A little more magic comes with caramel crunchy balls which are obviously more aesthetically exciting than for practical eating as they roll anticlimactically off the cone. This soft serve is on the creamy and rich side, but flavours weren't as intense as I would liked it to be. Still very Instagrammable. Note: Bakery Chef is more famous for their rainbow cakes. continue reading
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I had been wanting to try out the rainbow cakes at The Bakery Chef for over a year now! And I finally got there! There's HDB parking at the nearby library, which is gantry operated.It is quite a small cafe, not a lot of seats, and they do not take reservations either. The cake display is so inviting! I had to order the $5.80 rainbow cake for sure and it did not disappoint! The bakery chef has started to sell waffles recently as well and I decided to try a non-conventional waffle with cotton candy!1. Rainbow cake $5.80The was moist, the layers were of even thickness and most of all! The butter cream on the top wasn't sweet. It was perfect. I loved it! I would totally get this again for sure! I like that it is a petite size, so it's not too huge that you have to share it and also makes the price cheaper as well 2. Berries waffle $13.90The waffles came with cotton candy perched on a plastic stick that was "planted" into a cup of green tea powder on top of a cup of chocolate mousse. The waffles were very crispy and I loved it! They were generous with the fruits and I am won over by their crispy waffles.I also like that they have free wifi! The staff were friendly, but the shop is really cramped, and the tables are very close to each other. Nonetheless, if you are within the area, do check this out continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-13
I've heard quite a lot about the Bakery Chef ever since I came back from Tokyo but I've never got the motivation to head to the main shop. So it must be luck and fate that I chanced upon its pop-up stall at Orchard Central. For full review : www.dairycream.blogspot.comAlas, something unpredicted amidst the predictabilities. In fact, both cakes surpassed the excellency of the predecessors with their unmistakable saturated sponge and little mounds of smoky piped cream. Nonetheless, these cakes were extremely delicate and I counted my blessings that little damage was inflicted by the heat when I transported them home. However, it was only until the Praline Delight ($6) when I started to see potential of this pastry shop. Chocolate mousse, hazelnut paste +crunch, sponge cake coated in chocolate ganache and nuts. It might not be the most original idea, but it's a classic combination done well. Simply look at how beautiful each layer has come together! This cake should deserve more credit and raving reviews than the mundane sponge cakes. For full review : www.dairycream.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-28
The Bakery Chef is like a gem in the otherwise boring and sleepy Bukit Merah neighbourhood. It provides a great place to chill at after visiting the library or after lunch at my favourite food centre.The signature Rainbow Cake ($5.80) is one of the best rainbow cakes I have ever tasted. It not only is a visually pretty sight of colours, it is light and moist and not as sweet as other rainbow cakes that I have tried before. The Calamansi Sunrise is very refreshing and light too, that's why I love their cakes. Prices are reasonable too.   continue reading
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