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The Bark Café, features outdoor fusion dining in a breezy and relaxing ambience. Located within the restaurant is a bar counter and pool table, perfect for those nights when you simply want to knock back a few drinks with your friends and have fun. continue reading
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Cheddar Cheese Salad Mushroom Fritter
Review (13)
Level4 2016-02-21
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/10/the-bark-cafe.htmlThe entirely alfresco restaurant serves coffeehouse-type fare, so you get a hodgepodge of local classics like nasi goreng and seafood hor fan, as well as western mainstays like beef stew and cheeseburgers. The food was ok, but if I had to take into account the 40-minute drive in heavy traffic from town, I wouldn't go to The Bark Cafe. That said, this would make a worthwhile visit IF you're already in the area and looking for sustenance in a chilled-out spot with lots of quiet and charm.We had:1) Tangy Calamari Rings ($9.90): thinly battered and deep-fried to a delectable crisp, but what impressed me was that the squid encased within was perfectly cooked.2) Sweet Potato Sticks ($13.90): balanced out by the salty creaminess of the Parmesan mayo dip.3) Bark Cafe Famous Chicken Wing ($15.90 for 6 pcs): they really shouldn't have slapped a superlative such as this, because it set expectations too lofty to meet. The prawn paste-accented wings were nice, but vapid, and so, failed to leave an impression. I've had better for less.4) Smoky Black Pepper Duck Breast ($18.90): surprising refined. I wouldn't have expected a casual place like this to serve this typically highbrow dish, or to do it this well. Sparkling fresh meat, with nary a hint of game, was slow-roasted to luscious perfection. This was sided by wafu-dressed mesclun greens, and mashed potatoes.5) Fish & Chips ($18.90): decent, but the deep-fried Pacific dory fillet was a dime a dozen.6) Grilled Guinness Balsamic Chicken ($19.90) marinated in Cajun herbs, sided by steamed root vegetables, mashed potatoes, and slathered in a Guinness beer gravy: nice enough, but it reminded me of those hawker centre western food stall productions.7) Chicago Roasted Tenderloin ($29.90): even though cheap, this was lackluster. The beef was gamey, so no amount of roasting finesse could save it. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-05
This is a place definitely worth it to visit even though it may be a challenge for many to find the venue. But any place that serves good food is worth that occasional taxi trip I guess.An open concept dining place, don't expect to have the air-con treatment but with the multiple huge fans all around, you will not feel the heat.The place is big enough for parties up the size of 150, so I would recommend families who are planning a small party and would like to have a huge space to move around, there is even a stage with sound system available. Just check with the manager.Food wise, we ordered a simple salad which tastes superb on its own. My personal recommendation would be the Tau Hu Goreng and Sliced Beef. It's definitely the top pick of the cafe.Or if you are not that hungry, then order the equally nice chicken wings and just relax for the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee.Besides the cafe is a museum that exhibits some prison artifacts and information. Would be a great chance to just pop by and learn a bit more. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-07
Bark cafe is nicely tucked away next to changi chapel, away from the city and any disturbance. Ambiance of the cafe is very conducive to chill out with friends. I ordered cheddar cheese salad with balsamic vinegar sauce which comes with 5 fried cheese sticks! Look at how cheese that is! Yummy! The bark cafe is famous for their chicken wing, and even though the price is a tad expensive, it is worth a try. Fried to perfection, and piping hot when served. The juice literally drips out with every mouthful taken. I ordered oven-baked pesto chicken as my main course, which is also a dish with the "must try" icon on the menu. However, the lack of pesto taste left me disappointed when the dish arrived. Definately not a must try as compared to the starters that i have had. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
Lauded for its excellent ambience in the east and away from the hustle and bustling city lives, the Bark Cafe is a definite choice to romance your date. We marked this place as our last stop before heading back to the west and called it a day.As we approached the shelter after parking the car, the neon lighted signage of The Bark Cafe's led us to the entrance.We came to the counter stand where it showed "Please Wait to be Seated" and started browsing through its menu which was placed on the stand. After flipping repeatedly through the menu, there was still no one attending to us, we decided to walked into the cafe ourselves.As we walked into the cafe, the servers then noticed us and gave us a warm welcome with a free selection of seatings. We had the same magazine looking menu on our tables.Ordered a jug of cranberry juice instead of having each a cup as we find it more economical to share this way. Servers are rather prompt in refilling our cups with the jar from time to time.Cost: S$12.00 / Jug or S$4.50 / GlassThe pool table is located just beside our dining table. Customers can pay a sum and get to enjoy a pool game whilst waiting for their meal.Crayfish Hor Fun's portion is just good enough for two. This wok-fried Kway Teow was fried to a perfection where you can actually taste the charred in them, accompanied with daily sea catch crayfish & seafood covered with its superior egg sauce essence. Dont miss this out!Cost: S$17.90Seafood like the "Sotong" (Squid) is delicately cute to a pleasing appearance, a bite of it simple discloses its chewy and Q tasting feeling.Many of the hawker who prepared the the Hor Fun nowadays had actually forgotten that this is the most important area that makes a plate of Hor Fun Stands up but the bark cafe did it! Enjoy the charred smell of every mouthful of Hor Fun Tossed in the great tasting egg sauce essence. Yums!Bark's Cafe Speciality Chicken is also voted one of the must tries dishes. Similar to our local "Har Cheong Kai" (Prawn Paste Chicken), it goes best even without any sauce. Be prepared to move your 10 fingers as they are pipping hot and finger licking good!Cost: 3 Pieces - S$8.90 6 Pieces - S$15.90Chapel Beef Stew has its beef knuckled steam and baked to a chewy softness with tomato, potato & vegetables served with french toast. Enjoy the meal with the crunchy and crispy toast dipped into the sweet sauce. Cost: S$17.90I did try the song dedication and when asked, this is only applicable on their live band nights during Monday and Tuesday.Overall, their service is good and they will come changing our dirty plates in exchange for a new one. I will recommend this place especially you just want to laid back and have a relaxing weekend meal.Recommendations(1) For those who are mosquito-proned like me, equipped yourself with some mosquito repellent before dining.(2) Located beside the Changi Chapel & Museum, the carparks lots are rather limited, be early to avoid disappointment. (3) A very good place to throw your events. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-15
After a stressful cycling session, we head over to The Bark Cafe for dinner. Food were served pretty fast and so we quickly dig in!German Pork Loin Ribs - tender, juicy & sweet. Corn is tasteless thou.Seafood Aglio Olio - Pasta done al dente with generous servings of fresh ingredients, but not spicyVery nice Fried Chicken Wings!Chicken Satay - Chicken is tender & the sauce has the fragrant of peanutChapel Beef Stew - Stew a little salty but the beef is very tenderDouble Chocolate Brownie - Brownie is quite sweet but it blends quite well with the Vanilla Ice Cream continue reading
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