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Signature Dishes
Sweet and Sour Boneless Pork Ribs Black Pepper Beef with Rice Dry Beef Hor Fun Curry Fish Head
Review (2)
Level2 2019-05-16
Food quality is above average and tasty. I eat here as a family and happy with the ambiance. Can get crowded during lunch time. So a bit earlier will reserve you a seat. Today had the wat tan Yee mian while wife had dry tanghoon. With a cup of tea, cost $11. Good value continue reading
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The Coriander Cafe is a Chinese Zi Char cafe that has been operating in Thomson Plaza for many years now, quietly serving up affordable and tasty Chinese Zi Char dishes. Being located in an old mall, The Coriander Cafe has barely functional ambience, with plastic chairs, cheap metallic tables, and bright flourescent lighting. Very similar to a coffee shop, and since the kitchen is so close to the cramped dining area, smell of food tends to waft out.Service at The Coriander Cafe is very fast. Orders are served within 5 - 8 minutes! Staff are brusque, with a home-style / coffeeshop type of service, functional and efficient, so don't expect any greetings or conversation.The menu at The Coriander Cafe is somewhat limited, but they do classic Chinese dishes well. It's recommended to dine in groups, as many dishes are meant for sharing! Food is generally tasty, served simply in medium to big portions, and prices per dish cost below SGD $13 on average.The Garlic Cai Xin (SGD $7) is very fresh and well cooked, with a slight crunch without being limp.The Hot Plate Tofu (SGD $10) is just drowning in the savoury minced meat gravy, and the fluffy egg omelette at the bottom hold the dish together. The tofu is fresh and soft. Differs slightly from others I've tried, as there is a slight sweetness to the gravy.The Curry Fish Head (SGD $22) is the signature dish here, and it is very good! The curry is fragrant and lemak with coconut milk, medium level of spicy heat from chili, with fresh orka / ladies fingers, eggplant / brinjal, and tomatoes. The portion of fish head is large, meaty and very fresh. The meat is succulent and comes off the bone clean. Excellent!Full The Coriander Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/06/zi-char-coriander-cafe.html continue reading
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