Having established the shop 6 years ago in its present location, it has garnered accolades and fabulous reviews at home and away. Our portions are famously large and delicious and we do recommend sharing as you do not want to leave without trying our cakes. continue reading
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Review (17)
For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/06/food-review-fabulous-baker-boy.htmlThe Fabulous Baker Boy is located at the foot of Fort Canning Park, directly opposite Liang Court. Cross the road from Liang Court and walk in from the carpark entrance. It's been around for a few years already, but about a year ago, they installed aircons and made the whole cafe indoors instead of having only alfresco dining. A very good move, I'd say, because it's perpetually HOT here!Boy, are they really serious about their cakes! That's 11 different kinds of cakes right there! Plusplus 5 more inside the fridge just beside the cake rows! Pancakes with Cheese ($12++)They have a few types, with strawberries, with blueberries or with cheese. I thought the latter was the most unconventional so I decided to try it. Wow, the fragrant smell of the pancakes wafted to my nose before the three big and fluffy were presented right in front of me.The cheese was stuffed in the pancake batter and it was rich in flavour! But the downside is that it makes you feel full very fast. I stopped at 2 pancakes because of that + I just had to leave some stomach space for the cakes!! Oh and it got a little bit dry afte a while so some maple syrup would come in handy.Beef BBQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($13++)Triple cheese grilled sandwich filled with smokey BBQ beef brisketThis is a fine example of a sandwich done right. The beef was not too tough, plus the cheese was just ooey gooey and yum! And there, the toast, was nice and crispy! What an all rounder. Well if I had to pinpoint, it would be that they gave a bit too much toast because there were carbs leftover heh.Strawberry Shortcake ($8.50++)This was a weekend special so we thought we should order it. Initially I was scared off by the thick layer of cream. But when I sliced my fork through the (very tall) cake, I realise it's actually cream cheese, which was delightfully light! The sinful-ness meter just went down a few notches hah. Frosting aside, the sponge cake was also light and just the right sweetness, and went hand-in-hand with the strawberry cream. Both of us like this cake!Blueberry Lemon Cake ($8.50++)Blueberry is my favourite food so I was kinda attracted to this cake. Plus the light blue frosting was so pleasing to the eyes! I know it's just food colouring but I thought the flavour is relatively uncommon so I suggested trying this.Hmm I thought this cake tasted a bit oiler and sweeter than the first cake. Well ok yeah because of that it was also more moist. But we still prefer the first cake.Overall, the food is of good quality. I really want to return to try more of their cakes! The ambience became better ever since they converted an alresco-dining style to all indoors in the comfort of airon. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-21
Located at the top hill with an amazzing decoration of homed welcome cafe.During the tea time, they only have dessert and none of ala-carte meal is available.A good chilled place which i like their cafe decoration and inside there is a roomwhich i think is quite pretty cozy to enjoy our meal in this american concept style. Blog review : http://cennds.blogspot.comTake a look at the fully displayed of cake.. Are you a cake lover ? If yes, its definitely be a good place to visit. Most of the cake costs you spend more than $7.There is bunch variety of choices to choose from. So, bring more of your friends to share together so each of you can taste more on the cake.Bitter MarmaladeOrange taste may be discovered on this cake ( $8.50 )Buttermilk layer , filled with marmalade and a slight lemony cream cheeseApple Cider StackerApple lover here is your choice ( $8.50 )Spice buttermilk sponge with apple sauce ,filled with salted caramel cream cheeseLatte Let's make latte or hot beverage for your drink choice on top of your dessert. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-20
Was blown away by its location... Beautiful... breath taking I love the relaxing environment surrounding this little joint opposite liang court.Expectations were high... food turned out mediocre..the fried chicken with waffle... hmm.. the flavours just didn't work for me. some of the maple syrup got to the fried chicken. The syrup and the fried chicken just didn't gel.So next to try their beautiful cakes... aiks another disappointment... not as nice as they looked.. we tried 3 dif flavours , their famous red velvet, green tea and lemon.It's not that spectacular in terms of flavour, the best for us will have to be lemon.. though aint great either.Once is enough continue reading
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Level3 2014-07-06
Finally checked out The Fabulous Baker Boys at the foothills of Fort Canning. I've been meaning to pop by for a while but the lack of air conditioning was a put off and when i finally decided to go, they were closed for a long renovation! Well but guess what, The Fabulous Baker Boys are back, WITH AC! And DAILY BRUNCH! And they take reservations now too (we were chided for not making reservations when we went)! Is that FAB or what?TFBB Champion Breakfast is a massive plate of food for the hungry. 2 perfectly poached eggs served on a toasted brioche, roasted rosemary potatoes, garlicky mushrooms, swirly sage chicken sausage and a side of beef bacon. Honestly how do you finish this?! What i was more curious about was they perfect such nice egg spheres. The sauce was not explosive to be honest but the whole combination was very comforting. Nice starchy potato cubes that are crispy at the skin. The beef bacon taste like savory bak kwa.The hot favorite was the 3 Cheese Pancake made using Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. This was cheesy and mushy in an awesome way and even had a slightly crispy exterior. The combination with the sweet maple was a match made in heaven. Who knew.Chili Crab Mac & Cheese ($18) made with mini elbow macaroni tossed in a cheesy béchamel, with lumps of chilli crab meat and topped with herbed Panko (japanese breadcrumbs). The flavors were not spectacularly robust but anything more would have worked in its disadvantage. Great savory dish that was devoured within minutes. I would have preferred a bigger macaroni though.Ju's Prawn Pasta ($20) is a tiger prawn pappardelle cooked in a secret crustacean cream. I thought the sauce was heavy on cream but too light on the seasoning so there was an oily mouthful without the appropriate flavors.Now back to the cakes! We were sufficiently stuffed but couldn't resist these sweet treats. Prices are $8 upwards.We settled for the Apple Cider Cake which was deliciously moist and light tasting. The Red Velvet Cake with Valrhona chocolate frosting ($9) was just so so for me, so was the Iced Latte ($5.40).We enjoyed the food at The Fabulous Baker Boy. Fab food but the service was no where near fab. They had problems with our big group (we also had 2 kids with us), my additional side order of eggs and even with the kids. I only discounted the bad service because i was too engrossed with my pancakes but honestly they really need to work on their service. The young girl (probably a part timer) was way more helpful to us than the men.So yea, decent brunch spot but snotty service by the dudes. Head there if you can take that attitude.For more reviews, visit www.ms-skinnyfat.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
One day i decided to pop by The Fabulous Baker Boys having heard about them from a friend. It is a little bit out of the way but it is worth the trip. The restaurant boosts a cozy ambience with sofas and chairs around the place. The cakes too! I was so excited when i saw the pretty cakes on display.I decided to order a slice of the Red Velvet ($9) and they were so nice! I only tried Red Velvet cupcakes but they are quite similar in terms of appearance and taste (somewhat). I love the fact that the slice of cake is littered with little hearts. So cute. Anyway the cake is really dense with layers of cream cheese in between the cake layers and a layer of chocolate. Not a chocolate lover but the cake just blows me away.Shall organize an outing there soon with my friends to satisfy my cake cravings! continue reading
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