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The Flying Squirrel's name was inspired by Angelina, the co-owner's wife's Australian zodiac sign - the sugar glider, which looks like a flying squirrel. The restaurant seats 25 diners and serves Japanese fusion food. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Chirashi Truffled Ebi Fry Unagi Donburi Wagyu Udon Soup Yaki Soba
Review (4)
Level4 2014-12-14
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/12/the-flying-squirrel.htmlWe chanced upon an interesting signage pointing towards an alley, which doesn't look at all promising a place for meal. But our doubts were soon hammered back to ourselves. Hidden just in the alley, there is a small, or perhaps squeezy restaurant. It was packed and the aroma of the food upon entering didn't gave us a chance to walk out.Only able to house handfuls of diners, it would be recommended to make reservations instead, especially when the lunch hour is precious during the weekdays.Despite the narrow walkway, I love the interior design of the restaurant. The walls and floors have the raw-hardened cement as finishing, without any tiles. One special side of the side is sealed with real bricks, where we believe the wall has been cracked open revealing the foundation bricks within. Very much like an interior industrial style.The Flying Squirrel's menu is limited by choice of food. They have a variety of alcoholic drinks, which at night turned to be a bar.It was initially a disappointing experience while placing our order, because both our orders, Chicken Karaage Bento and Tonkatsu Donburi were sold out then. Not having much interest in the sashimi and other bentos, we settled for the Unagi Donburi ($17.00). It consists of braised unagi, poached egg, scallions and green onions served with Japanese rice.When we were served, the aroma of the Unagi started to tickle our nostril, somewhat telling us to start cracking on the food. The tender unagi and rice which seems to be coated with collagen make the whole dish pleasing to our palates. Portion is sufficient enough for a person, which isn't too little or too much for an average person.Although the Unagi Donburi is satisfying, I am still craving for their Chicken Karaage Bento, which consists of Japanese curry sauce.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/12/the-flying-squirrel.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-21
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(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-02-16
Flying Squirrel is located along an alley that exudes foreign vibes. It is a small and cozy restaurant with unpretentious service. We had the 7-course couple set meal at $266 and they even gave us a rose.First up, "Aphrodisiac".1/2 dozen oysters served 3 ways - lime juice, lemon juice and tabasco.This was served with a glass of sakura prosecco. It was a waste as my body hates alcohol so I only had a few sips and CC couldn't finish his too. The oysters were fresh but there were bits of sand (?) in it unfortunately. My favourite has got to be the tabasco one because it was spicy! "Some Like it Raw"Chef's personal selection of premium sashimi - Fatty Tuna, Ebi Shrimp, Ark Shell, Sea Urchin, Amberjack sashimiBest one had got to be fatty tuna!! Although it wasn't the fattiest tuna with a melt-in-the-mouth feeling, I really love the taste of the fatty tuna. It tasted so different from the normal tuna sashimi. The ebi shrimp had a mushy texture and I didn't like it. Just my personal preference. It was my first time trying sea urchin and I started off by putting the yellow mushy thing close to my nose to smell it. It smelled gross and tasted gross as well. The taste of the Sea Urchin lingered on my tastebuds and I had to gulp iced water down to get rid of the taste. It was slightly pungent, very soft and mushy, and not at all sweet. Totally different from what I had expected. I have never tasted anything like it before. It is certainly an acquired taste!"Chawan-mushy"chawanmushi with dried stingray strips and edamame beansThe chawanmushi was smooth and it was quite a unique rendition as compared to the typical chawanmushi with chicken/crabmeat/japanese fishcake.After we finished the chawanmushi, it was a not-so-pleasant 30 minutes wait or more for our next course (the sushi). I was really hungry because it was such a long wait that I felt was unacceptable. We enquired and they apologized, telling us that there were other couples around and it was full so they were really busy. Okay... But still, a (at least) 30 minutes wait? Really?"That's what Sushi Said"5 varieties of premium sushi - fatty tuna sushi, salmon belly sushi, raw scallops sushi, ebi shrimp with uni sushi and hamachi sushi.I wasn't feeling very well due to my virgin experience at eating uni (ugh.) so when the sushi arrived, I couldn't really enjoy myself and I forced myself to eat the ebi shrimp with uni sushi. Bad move. My favourite sushi was the fatty tuna (of course!) and salmon belly sushi. They were sweet, delectable and kept me wanting more.There were 2 main courses to choose from so we took both."Hamaguri D'Amore"linguine with clams tossed around with asparagus and garlic butter sauceTheir linguine was the first kind that I had tried. The texture resembled a mix of linguine and udon. It was quite chewy too. Is linguine supposed to be like that? :/ The garlic butter sauce was fragrant and acceptably oily."A Love Tori"Sous Vide Chicken, topped with a creamy, mustard sauceThe chicken was really tender and it was complemented well with the creamy sauce. Love the potatoes too."Hot Tub"Assorted fish soup - This tasted average and there were a few cubes of fish in it which tasted fresh yet fishy and slightly sweet."Happy Ending"Milk pudding topped with green tea laced with azuki beans & milk pudding with raspberry syrup.The green tea milk pudding was a tad sweet for me while the raspberry flavour was alright. The milk pudding tasted average, nothing worth mentioning.There was also a secret surprise and it was supposed to be a shot of sake served with the desserts. I couldn't drink so we had sparkling orange and sparkling apple juice instead. Correct me if I am wrong but sparkling means carbonated right? I couldn't taste any hint it being carbonated and I didn't fancy the taste of the juices too as it tasted rather artificial.Overall, service had its ups and downs. Once, I had to go to the toilet but the pathway leading to the toilet was rather small. A waitress was just serving the course of sushi to the customers and was about to explain what types of sushi there were on the plate and I was there standing beside her waiting for her to give way to me for a second to let me cross. To my dismay, I just stood there awkwardly waiting for her to finish explaining to the customers before letting me cross. That aside, service was good, amiable and friendly.Will I come back again? Food didn't wow me and I could get better deals at Teppei or The Sushi bar so no thank you. It is a nice place though but it doesn't justify another special visit. continue reading
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Level1 2013-03-31
Located down a common-looking dark alley way, the Flying Squirrel is new to the Tanjong Pagar Area. A total hole in the wall type of restaurant, it took us a while before we managed to find it and boy, was it worth it.With a reservation in place, we were recommended this place by my partners friends who chanced upon it by accident. This Japanese - Western fusion restaurant is an upcoming restaurant where I envision it to be the next epic hang out location for those who frequent Club Street.The staff was friendly and seated us in a lovely little spot. The restaurant wasn't that big but it was fully packed! I was amazed by the amount of people. We started off with a bottle of white wine and a platter of sashimi about SGD$40++The catch was fresh, smooth and tasty. I love the subtle taste of the sashimi that was light yet flavourful. After, we decided to split Wagyu Udon ( SGD$30++) The beef was tender and the soup was light and delicious. The best beef udon I've ever had!!! I would definitely go back for this dish.The atmosphere is inviting, though it was kind of warm and the spot light was way too bright during dinner. We told the staff and they helped to turn the lights down a little. I would highly recommend this place for people who are thinking of a great place for a first date or for those who'd like to take their clients out for an interesting and fun business meeting. continue reading
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