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SNS-Ji Braised Asian Pulled Pork Pasta Almost Carbonara
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Level3 2015-12-16
The holqa cafe recently did minor changes to their shop by adding new wallpaper, decos and increased the number of seats. New chicken wing flavours were also introduced into their menu, together with mini bite-sized burgers.Me and my gal friends started off with their best selling item: SNS Ji.(1) Holqa SNS Ji Wings $9 (6pcs)- Holqa's bestselling wings, coated with Holqa special blend of sweet chilli sauce and sprinkled with peanuts. Love the peanut fragrance circling in my mouth when chew. Sauce was too sweet for me and just like malt candy, too sticky and gluey to my tooth.(2) Ninja Wings $9 (6pcs)- These wings were the kid's friendly version of Holqa's original SnS Ji. Difference? No peanuts and chilli. So sweet, I'm pretty sure kids will definitely love them and lick the sweet sauce off their fingers!!(3) Pineapple Buffalo Wings $11 (6pcs)- Love the excitement these spicy wings gave me which eventually numb my tongue and lips. Sambal was very spicy, take at your own risk *hahahaha* Pineapple slices were from the cans, you might wanna consider eating them to neutralize the spiciness. My voted best flavour of the night.(4) Yallow Yallow Dirty Fella Wings $12 (6pcs)- Wings tossed in very thick layer of salted egg sauce. Salted Egg sauce was sandy and you could still see bits of yolk. Savoury and flavourful, indulge before it turned cold (5) Peanut Butter Space Jam Wings $9 (6pcs)- Tasted decent but no wow factor. Wings with peanut butter jam, it's something which I could easily pull out from my kitchen.(6) Holqa Pulled Pork Mini Burger $12 (3pcs)- Tried Holqa's pulled pork eggs ben previously, these in the mini burger uses the same meat. Pulled pork still tasted as sweet which I suggest Holqa should improve on the flavour instead and reduce the sweetness. The marinades can be heavier or pork should be marinate longer. I do love the hints of ginger from the gingered mayonnaise, unique yet interesting.(7) Open Sesame Mini Burger $12 (3pcs) - The patty was very juicy and flavourful, tasted like homemade "ngoh hiang" which my mummy always make. Made up of mainly minced pork and prawns, the small majority of chestnut bits gave the extra crunch. 1 of the boss, Welson, told us that the secret recipe comes from his mum but he fine-tuned it umpteen times to achieve this current delish finished product. How I wish if Holqa serve these patties with rice Per share comes in 3 mini burgers and fries, delicious but rather pricey for $12.(8) Crabbies Strawberry and Lime alcoholic Ginger Beer $9- A very smooth and refreshing beer. The beer carries a really nice strawberry aroma. Taste of ginger wasn't overpowering, only hints of it lingering in the mouth.Verdict: Wings with asian touch, bold and creative but there's still room for improvement regardless on the flavours or time management. These wings were prepared only upon ordering therefore you might need some patience before getting your fingers on them. What's fried chicken without beer? Try out the different types of bottled beers, there's definitely 1 suitable for you. For these new items added, strengths were the homemade patties in the "open sesame" mini burgers. Holqa can consider creating new dishes with these yummy pork prawn patties. Not forgetting to mention, all the bosses and staff were nice friendly people. Do visit them for some wings if you're at near this vicinity.The Holqa37 East Coast RoadSingapore 428755Tel: +65 66357010 continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-28
Tuesdays are special to them... and they'll make the SNS-Ji special to you.It is an open secret that The East has lots of cafes - while Bedok has an enclave of them, Katong is another area that has so many of them, you'll need a couple of visits to conquer them all. So let's start with one of them: The Holqa Cafe. Entering this quaint little space, it is evident that the owners love photography, with a whole wall dedicated to vintage cameras and another, to lovely framed pictures.Why do I say that Tuesdays are special to The Holqa Cafe?I do mean that it is special to you as well. At Holqa, it's half-priced pastas every Tuesday, which means more moolahs for you to spend on more awesome dishes like their SNS-Ji! Their famous pasta involves an inventive Braised Asian Pulled Pork Pasta, an interesting fusion of the Italian pasta with the savoury, moist and tender pulled pork. The other pasta which I prefer is the Almost Carbonara is named as such because the owners have thoughtfully considered how carbonaras can become very thick and filling after a while, and have therefore tweaked the recipe to make it more 'soupy' rather than the usual rich creamy type.What on earth is the SNS-Ji?I was confused by the name for a while, before realizing it was a wordplay of SNSD (the Korean girl-pop group Girls' Generation) but refers to "sweet and spicy chicken fried chicken mid-joints". For non-Chinese friends, Ji means chicken in Chinese and rhymes with 'D'. Putting the name-issues aside, this has definitely got us sitting straight and savouring the Korean-inspired juicy chicken which were coated with this sticky sweet and fragrant herb sauce... highly recommended to order this to share! Psst. One isn't enough for each person...More worthy mentions...For a larger group dining together, you can get two side dishes (SNS-Ji as previously mentioned) as well as the Spiced Paprika Fries which were super addictive! Paprika is easily my favourite spice right now because it is very appetizing. The Savory Cream Cheese French Toast & Crispy Bacon feels like something I would choose for breakfast or brunch rather than dinner... but I know that there are some owls for would love some all-day breakfasts like this! The brioche were coated with buttery and egg goodness, toasted and then the essential bacon. Of course.The Braised Asian Pulled Pork with 3 Cheeses Sandwich was the table's favourite which was a sinfully delicious creation with braised pork howl topped with three different types of cheeses - gruyere, mozzarella, cheddar cheese. To ease your sense of guilt, you can munch on some fresh mesclun salad and pickled cherry tomatoes. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)