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A unique cafe that is located along Jalan Pisang, The Lab experiments with different flavours across cuisines to create quirky food and beverage items. continue reading
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Review (3)
Level3 2015-02-01
——————————————————————————————-Started only 2 months ago, The Lab SG is the latest cafe in Arab street. When you walk in, it feels like you are really in a lab, with chemical bottles at the counter and sewage pipes around the cafe. I tried their signature HeisenBurger featuring well grilled beef patty, with bacon, blue cheese, garlic mayo and served with sweet potato fries. The patty is really juicy with a slightly tangy tomato sauce, caramelized onions, and blue cheese on top! I am addicted to the fries which leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-26
Located just across from Cake Love and Fluff Bakery (the popular halal cupcake shop) is another halal cafe, The Lab SG. The cafe was supposed to be opened at 12pm, we sat outside till about 1245pm till they pulled up the shutters. When left approximately at 120pm, there was indeed a queue outside. The Lab SG can accomdate maybe 30 pax, it is quite a small cafe. From the front to the back of the cafe, there are alot of small tables to accomodate 2-4 people.As we were rushing for time, as we had expected to have ordered our food at 12pm, not 1245pm, we ordered the infamous Heisenburger, which reminds of the TV show "Breaking Bad", Terefrank Buffao Wings and 3 daily concoctions.Here were the 3 daily concoctions available, when I visited. At $5 each, they're not too expensive.1. Daily Concoctions $5 (Thyme Earl Grey Tea, Soursop Green Apple Thyme Tea and Lychee Thyme Lemondade)The drinks were all nicely chilled, with fruits in there. The green apple cubes were sour, but the lychees were sweet, probably from cans. The drinks itself were a bit bland, which is why, they provide syrups.Drip some syrup into the daily concoctions to make it more refreshing.2. Heisenberger $12.90Served with sweet potato fries which were super fresh and heavenly, the main highlight of the dish was the sweet lychee chilli. Dip the super moist and yet crispy sweet potato fries into this sweet lychee chilli and enjoy!The beef patty itself with sauted onions in tomato sauce was very nice, the bun though, was a bit dry. But the patty being all juicy, saved the bun!3. Terefrank Buffalo Wings $8.90We got the least spicy version, Yek Elek, but it was still covered with spicy chilli flakes and it was still too spicy for me. The drumlets were juicy and the skin was crispy. The sweet chilli sauce was also provided with the drumlets, which made the drumlets super sweet and delicious.The bill for our meal. Everything is nett priced, so it's relatively cheap, even the burger for $12.90 is cheap! continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-06
They do things their way, in a stylized hipster fashion that defies everything that has been tried and tested. They experiment with new elements... like being located in one of the smaller streets in Kampong Glam and having a sprawling fifteen feet long personalized grafitti right outside their wall. You probably wouldn't notice it if you were to enter by their main door. Or so I thought was their main door. Customers are guided to enter through a covert side door at the alley, as if they were accepted into an underground subculture. It's pretty cool and unconventional, and I liked the idea. But before that, to earn a spot in their dinner crowd, you have to bear the queue.. while sitting on overturned revamped beer cartons. The whole experience of being at The Lab begins even before you enter.Being one of the up-and-rising halal cafes in town, one-month old The Lab cafe oversees a predominantly Muslim crowd in its 30-seater space. Its popularity is evident by the queue at seven in the evening. We waited for nearly half an hour for a table, but luckily there was entertainment like taking photos with their graffiti wall and the occasional check by the service staff. I'm not sure what happens during rainy days given that the queuing area is non-sheltered. Advice: go early!The Lab sports an evident and dedicated theme throughout their space that are true to their name. Amber glass jars, conical flasks, beakers are strategically positioned all over. It felt like a well-decorated haunted house with the theme of mad scientists with soothing popular beats being played in the background.Their desserts rest on their cake displays, including paleo lemon pies with honey meringue and sea salt brownies. Gluten-free and grain-free without refined sugar - they don't forget about keeping it real and different in every part of their cafe. German bretzels are high on their list as entrees with the choice of salted caramel or chocolate dip. If you're feeling more than only peckish, The Lab offers many more entrees and salads for your choosing. The best part? The food there is priced very affordably, with the large serving of their signature must-try Heisenburger:Burgers often won't be on my plate, unless they are as highly raved as these Heisenburger ones ($12.90). With an excellently made beef patty that is knitted tight yet retains moisture and scatters softly in every bite, I have to say it's one of the most value-for-money burgers, ever. Did I mention that there is an additional firmly-textured, cheese-laced bacon slice stuffed between the perfectly toasted buns? What's more, you get a good serving of sweet potato fries on the side which can rival truffle fries any day.For more details: http://www.amiehu.com/2015/01/the-lab-sg-we-experiment.html continue reading
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