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Experience the very first Indian Coastal Restaurant in Singapore, The Mango Tree serves Indian cuisine from the Malabar Coast of India including Goa, Kerala, Bombay and northern part of India. continue reading
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Allepey Fish Curry The Mango Tree Garlic Crab
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I tried out the Garlic Butter Crab at The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant. The stone crab is first stuffed with butter and garlic as marinade so the crab soaks up the flavor of the butter and garlic, then it is steamed till cooked. The result is crab meat that is infused with the fragrant garlic and butter as the chef is careful to crack the pincer claws and shell to make it easier for diners to eat. The garlic taste is slightly stronger, and gives a sweet taste to this dish. Here is a video: continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-23
It has been long in our mind to visit The Mango Tree in 112 Katong ever since they had relocated from the Marine Coast at East Coast Impressed by the varieties of food The Mango Tree offered from Naan to all other exquisite dishes from a North Indian Cuisine. Having won the Singapore Top Restaurant awards for 2003 to 2005 by Wine & Dine, you wont go wrong visiting The Mango Tree. And a visit here will definitely change your perception about Indian food. Head all the way into the restaurant and welcomed by a semi-auto doors which leads you to the lovely alfresco dinning area.Ambience comes to a perfection where surroundings are dimly lighted with some glass candles on the table with bare minimum of noises. A very good option, suitable for couples who wants to enjoy a romantic night over a simple indian cuisine. A windy place with a good overview of Katong's area.A great Environment suggestion for group gathering especially! Ample of big tables are chairs are waiting for you to fill up the space. And we had 13 in a group for that night.The Mango Tree not only provides In-House Restaurant Dinning, they do also provide catering and deliveryLEMON BASMATI RICE : $5.20 . Long thin grains of rice used with extreme sweet fragrance diffusing out of the rice. MANGO NAAN -Tandoor roasted bread with butter: S$4.50. Having tried all their Naans (From Garlic, Butter, Mango, cheese, Machli) , each of them brings out a special individual taste of North Indian's cuisine. They are freshly made by the man on the spot. on can see him working on it through the transparent glass. As the restaurant name suggests, having Mango Naan is so being adventurous. We ordered numerous of curry sauce to go along with all the naan ordered. LASSI (Choice of Sweet, Salted, Mango, Strawberry, and Peach.): S$7.00. A popular and traditional yogurt-based drink which originates in the Punjab region. Mentioned by the water will cool one's mouth/body down after so much of spicy food.KULFI (Mango or coconut ice-cream) :S$6.50. A popular frozen diary dessert described as traditional india subcontinent dessert. A different kind of ice cream eating experience.A well decorated water basin to ease customer in washing their hands before and after their meal, shining with reflection matching the entire environment of an coastal north indian theme.TMT (The Mango Tree) TANDOORI PLATTER - Chicken, Fish, Prawn Tikka, Chicken Kebab: S$24.00After so much about its good, One bad thing about the menu is that there isnt any pictures illustrations and it makes one quite difficult to imagine the food without the snap shots on the menu.Staff are quality trained, outspoken with good ability in introducing the North Indian Cuisine to customers easily on the go. We can tell the professionalism from their ablity to handle big group dinning like us. They are very attentive to our drinks and refilled the ice water promptly. Politeness is a must especially when customers are in the midst of conversation and when they want to clear the dishes. Yes, they had it. Mr Chin (the boss) & his loving wife Reeny Kosman were present during the night. A happy & friendly couple who keeps the night smiling always. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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