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A legendary icon of local dining, The Orchard Cafe, renews its legacy with a vibrant new style and an enticing signature buffet from heritage-inspired local creations to chef-curated cuisines. continue reading
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Signature Pork Trotters Bee Hoon Braised Sea Cucumber with Abalone Oven Roasted Australian Angus Ribeye English High Tea Braised Pork Bee Hoon
Review (9)
Level4 2014-03-28
Introducing the newly launch Straits Cuisine Buffet by Orchard Hotel. Straits Cuisine Buffet consist of Peranakan cuisine, traditional roast and seafood items and other all time local favourites dishes. Complementing the selections above, look forward to their live stations and a la minute highlights.The soul behind the spread is Executive Chef Paul Then, creator of the popular durian pengat in Singapore food scene. With more than 30 years in F&B industry, Chef Then have perfected Peranakan traditional recipes and modern use of ingredients to elevate the dishes to the next level, introducing Chef Paul's Baba Theatre Kitchen.The focus of this tasting are their Straits Cuisine. We tried 3 starters, 10 mains and 6 desserts. As they are too many dishes for me savour, so let Chubby Botak Koala present to you the top 5 dishes that stands out above the rest.Lembu Rendang, slow cooked Beef Cheek Rendang with Nyonya Spices. As a lover of slow cook food, I really love this dish. At a first sight, it might not look so appetising due to the colour. However, when you put dish dish in your mouth, it just simply melt in your mouth. It is a dish that definitely must complement with a plate of soft steam white rice. If you don't like rendang before due to it toughness, this dish will change your opinion forever. Yum Yum & two thumbs up !! (Rating 9.5/10)Steam Black Cod Otah (fish cake). Unlike the common otah that uses Spanish Mackerel, Black Cod are use here. The result is a super bouncy otah texture, combine with the right balance of spices and coconut milk. I kept going for that delicious dish, until I have to stop myself so I can taste other dishes. (Rating 9/10)Crabmeat Kueh Pie Tee with Buah Keluak Caviar. I would say this is a high class Kueh Pie Tee, due to the ingredients use such as crab meat, fish roe and Nyonya Version of Caviar a.k.a Buah Keluak. Although it looks like caviar, I personally find that the Buah Keluak really accentuate this Kueh Pie Tee and provide 'a Truffle' esque aura to this dish. (Rating 8.5/10)Ayam Buah Keluak, one of the true blue Peranakan dishes, it is a Peranakan's version of chicken stew that is really memorable for its acquired yet robust flavour and taste. Chef Then had perfectly executed dish, with bone-in chicken pieces absorbing the spices well and buah keluak definitely gives the kick . Another dish that need to be accompanied by white rice. (Rating 8/10)For desserts, anything with Durian Pengat and Chempedak in it. Durian pengat in pandan jelly, where you can taste the soft and smooth durian pengat with the contrasting texture of pandan jelly. Who would have guess that Chempedak goes well with Crème Brulee. Although Chempedak taste is not as strong as the durian, it truly provide a unique straits fruit flavour to the desserts. Fresh from their live stations, they have the Chempedak pancake and durian pancake. The pancakes are warm and moist, providing another excuse to gobble it down together with the durian pengat and chempedak paste. (Rating 9/10)Overall, the Straits Cuisine Buffet are definitely a must try. Base on the quality and variety provided it is truly value for money. I personally feel you can't try all the dishes all at one seating, however no matter what you try, the quality in each food are there. For senior citizens, there is Silver Exclusive Promotion to make use of.Thank you very much to Orchard Hotel F&B team and DSPG for the invitation and your hospitality. Cheers!!!For the complete photos and Chubby Botak Koala dining experience, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/03/Orchard-Cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-29
Had a coupon for 50% off the buffet so came here for a weekday lunch buffet.The sashimi selection felt limited (only salmon and tuna) and the cuts were rather thin and didn't feel very fresh. There were no oysters available at lunch.The best part of the buffet selection was the crayfish though it ran out quickly. The cuisine is more centered on food that's local cuisine or peranakan. The ice kachang machine was broken too and there wasn't ice cream selections available. As a whole, the buffet felt mediocre at best. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-10-26
I got to know of this Apple-Yuzu Cheesecake through an article online. It has helped a team of chefs from Singapore, led by pastry chef Ng Chee Leong from Orchard Hotel, in winning a Gold Medal at WA Oceanafest 2013 organized by the Australian Culinary Federation of Western Australia (ACFWA), one of Australia’s top culinary competitions. With a combination of fruits that i like in my favourite cheesecake, plus an award tagged to it, how can i resist? Thus, i head down to Orchard Hotel one afternoon in search of this 'legendary' cake. The cake definitely won my heart at first glance with it's bright colours and the dainty 'apple' (it looks and tasted like one but i am not sure what it is) on top. Though it is expensive being priced at $9++, i did not hesitate to buy it because i really want to know whether it lived up to its hype. This was the description of the cake in the display case: 'Refreshing sour of citrus (yuzu) layered with vanilla cheese mousse, almond meringue, hazelnut sable and green apple jelly'. The cake was really so soft that when i bought it back home, the weight of the small 'apple' on top has cause it to sink into the cheese mousse. A forkful of it reveals the wonderful complexity of the different taste and element, making it a very refreshing treat. I was glad that the almond meringue base remained crispy despite being under the mousse. The vanilla cheese mousse helps to balance the sourness of the yuzu mousse. The apple jelly has a texture close to gelee. Overall, i do recommend this cake even after a heavy meal as i feel that the citrus flavour can even cut out fullness! continue reading
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Level2 2013-02-26
Wasn't sure what I wanted to have for lunch and feeling kind of hungry, I headed to Orchard Cafe for their buffet lunch as I've heard about the large spread they offer, ranging from Japanese to Indian to local cuisines. As I went during the CNY period, some of the dishes were replaced with ingredients of the traditional CNY dish, yusheng. I spotted many diners having min lou hei sessions! As a fan of Japanese food, I would say the selection of sushi available though vast in variety, were not great in taste. Freshly cut sashimi were available at the counter and were fresh and sweet, although I would say their freshly-grounded wasabi was even better. Oyster, prawns, crabs, mussels, smoked salmon and crayfish were also available and these I tasted with delight. Oysters were refilled on a less-than-regular basis and only a few pieces at a time. Five different kinds of cheese are offered, however displayed at a corner which would cause many to miss it. The desserts here looked amazing and their chocolate mousse is to die for. With five different kinds of ice-cream flavours to choose from (Matcha, Black sesame, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry), you don't have to worry about not liking any of it! Pair the matcha and black sesame ice-creams together and you will feel like you're in heaven. If you're not a fan of cold desserts, they also have a mini chocolate fondue and a variety of fruits, marshmallows or candies for you to choose from. Definitely value for money! continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-10
They had little swordfish sashimis left, and I wiped all up. My friend who did not try this before came late, and I left 1 piece for him to try. This time, instead of eating with soy sauce alone, I tried adding a little wasabi. A minor spicy would do for me as I was still learning to eat it. Overall the food was not too bad and desserts fared quite well to me. The durian mousse is quite popular I supposed as people kept coming back for more. I ended up eating 7 glasses of durians. continue reading
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