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A start up from one of the popular local bloggers, Peggy Chang. The cafe specialises in their Tiramisu creations. With doodling of their signature mascot Sir Antonio and quirky interactive design pieces all over the shop, it is a great place for people looking for quiet chill out place. continue reading
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Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/tiramisu-hero-cheeky-cozy-cafe-at-tyrwhitt-roadFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookIt may be a 10 minutes walk from Lavender Mrt station, however, Tiramisu Hero's fashionable and hipster storefront stood out from afar, thus locating it was a breeze. Tiramisu Hero is a dream come true by 2 heroines who were previously a financial planner and blogger respectively. Apart from their selections of creative Tiramisu, mains and starters are available too.I got myself the Chicken Gordon Bleu ($16) which was stuffed chicken breast adorned with cream based gravy.Patricia ordered the Sophie's Breakfast ($10.50) which was stacked pancakes and sliced bananas, drizzled with honey and granola.What caught my attention was the cheeky vibes that Tiramisu exudes. Sir Antonio, which is the name of the cat, can be seen all around the shop!Overall a nice cafe with good ambiance and get ready to be blown away by customized Tiramisu! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-23
Having been to The Tiramisu Hero for brunch once, I decided to give it another go today, since *Charmaine picked it anyway (out of all the cafes here in Lavender area). It was still every bit as pretty, and there are still these adorable accessories for sale.We were very full from our lunch, but girls being girls - merely ordering just a pot of hot tea just wasn't enough (initially that was our agreement - just a tea or coffee). *Charmaine had the Tiramisu (SGD$7.50) in a jar, original flavor. She commented that it tasted merely like "chocolate and cream" at first bite, but then commented that the flavor grew on her as she continued to progress through her dessert.I decided to go for the Tiramisu (SGD$7.50) in a jar - the strawberry flavor. As usual, there was no detected coffee aroma, just sweet cream and strawberries (I felt like I was eating S&C literally), though the texture was light and fluffy, lovely in its own right. I just wouldnt consider this a tiramisu place.They also have these amazing pre-mix Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows (SGD$4.80) goodies for takeaways - all one needs to do is to add hot water or milk to enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate. *Charmaine bought a couple to try - I shall ask for her review soon.For full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/dessert-at-tiramisu-hero-cafe-revisit.html continue reading
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Finally get to try out The Tiramisu Hero Cafe. It is situated somewhere behind the lavender area along a row of shop houses. A very cosy cafe with modernized look. Look at those green carpets that welcomed us! The interior has prints of their signature cat comic all over the ceilings or on the high walls. They have a corner selling some exquisite accessories.decent choice of food, might not have too many choices within one category but they do have quite a variety of food choice from pasta, pizza to baked rice etc. Can take a look at http://thetiramisuhero.com/cafe-menu-2/ for the complete menu. Top up i think around $5 to complete your meal with soup + garlic bread, iced lemon tea and a dessert. The mushroom soup is creamy with bits of mushrooms. Garlic bread is well toasted, crispy and aromatic. But edges of the garlic toast may be a lil hard.and the two mains we ordered were – AGLIO OLIO ($14,90) and CHEFCHEF CURRY BAKED RICE ($12.50), top up $2 if you want cheese to be added.Aglio Olio: The pasta is a quite dry and overall the dish is a lil oil, probably due to the bacon also. Prawns were succulent nevertheless. I’ll find this dish quite average.Chefchef Curry Baked Rice: Rice baked in chicken curry. To my surprise this dish is actually quite nice! Its a lil combination of japanese and indian curry cause when you eat you have the feel of eating japanese curry but as you know jap curry aint spicy, but this its a lil spicy as if spices were added. Also, it’s topped with chunky potatoes and tender chicken pieces! Yums.Desert from the set was brownie top with icing sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Very chocolatey. We also ordered one of their Chocolate tiramisu to try.Chocolate Mommahero ($7.50): Feels very different, first time eating tiramisu without espresso and alcohol. It feels as in i’m eating chocolate cream puffs! Guess it’s just so so for me.But overall, staffs were friendly and service was good. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-07
The sun was out in all of its oppressive heated glory. And just like everyone else, we needed to seek respite from its angry rays before we melted into nothingness. Oh the drama.And so welcoming was the blast of cool wind. We decided to bask in all of its air conditioned loving arms whilst waiting for a seat in the bustling crowd of cafe hoppers on a Sunday. Thankfully, getting a seat at their communal tables didn't take too long.The creme brulee latte came with an overpowering scent but for what it served in smell, it failed to make up in taste.These chicken wings looked like heaven. But again, fell short of their pedestal.Straight from the fridge to the oven grills left them with an unmistakable un-thawed taste.The waffles?On their own, they were decent.But those two scoops of vanilla ice cream was less than stellar.They tasted of low quality and ruined the entire waffle order.The tiramisu was quite the saving grace.Though a little costly for its size.It's a shame though because I loved the decor,the aircon was quite the blast The happy colors in the washroom and the cute drawings of The Tiramisu Hero of course! I'm sure they'll get better as the cafe continues. Jiayou! continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-02
For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/04/the-tiramisu-hero.htmlJust somewhere opposite Jalan Besar Stadium, it might not be an easy-to-spot café, but what I love is their grassy patch of greens to the entrance!Ordered Ice Caffe Latte ($6.50), and Honey Milk ($6.00). A little taste of honey, which isn't snatching away the taste of the milk. I like!Truffle Eggs Bacon Roll ($10.50) for bites. Fluffy scrambled eggs wrapped in crispy bacon drizzled with truffle oil, not forgetting the mushrooms of course! Soft bites to it, simply widens my appetite Savoury Creamy Salmon ($19.00). Oven-baked alaskan salmon fillet served with asparagus and mashed potatoes, which states a waiting time of 15 minutes! Salmon is fresh, and mashed potatoes are yummy too. Simply can't stop mouthing it!Baked Cheesy Chicken ($17.00). Oven-baked boneless chicken leg served with portobello mushrooms and golden vegetables. If you are a chicken lover, you might not want to miss this Desserts, we ordered the Minihero ($3.50) in original flavor... and the Mommahero ($7.50) which is milo-flavored, that comes in a bigger serving as compared with Minihero. I preferred the Mommahero more as it is more unique, and I definitely like the taste of it!While supposed to be known for their tiramisu dessert, I generally prefer their food! Yummy food, whereas desserts can be optional For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/04/the-tiramisu-hero.html continue reading
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