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Level4 2016-08-29
The place used to house a hawker centre which offered the cheapest priced food in area with fresh fruit juice priced from $1 and rice with 3 sides from $2.50 onwards. I was so sad that the hawker centre was taken away.In its place, now taken over by atas hawker centre called Timbre+, with prices more than double. The place quite hot and humid. So the number one to do when one plan to eat here is to look for a table in front of the huge fans.Do take note that most stalls charge $1 for tray which would be refunded when the tray is returned. So remember do not give the tray to the cleaning uncle when he comes by.The Garcons stall offers french food. Order is taken through the self service machine. Only cash, NETS and NETS flashpay is accepted here. Remember in the number on the pagar which can found next to the machine.BANGERS AND MASH ($16.30).Spanish Chorizo (pork), German Bratwurst (Pork), Chicken Cheese Sasusge (Chicken) served with mashed potato, double mustard and petit saladThe sausages were quite huge. One of the sausages had a taste which was similar to otah.The well known Two Wings also has a stall here. Remember to show that you have a Pokeman Go account, where you will get a lucky dip which could be a discount or a free drink.Chicken Wings ($8.60/ 6 pieces)Topped with chilli crab sauce. Not as eggy as the dish found in most zhi char stalls. The version here was more tangy sweet.Food Anatomy is a stall which offered food such as Nasi Lemak, Salted Egg Prawn on Charcoal Bun in cube forms. We selected 3 items on the display shelves which cost $10.80.Cold SobaThe sauce was in a kind of gel form on top of the soba. The sauce was not bad, but a bit too little and let down by the bland and slightly uncooked soba.Pork LasagneColorful looking with black, green and pink pasta sheets. It was quite moist and tasty.Yuzu Cream with Matcha GenoiseThe yuzu cream was light and refreshing, but melt easily, which helped to keep the matcha cake below moist. Could not really taste the matcha flavour below.  continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-13
What's all the rage in April? Timbre+. Some people call it the hipster hawker centre - is this where our future is headed - others, the 'new one-north place with containers and stationary food trucks'. You should have seen this plastered all over your social media newsfeed by now, but I'm visiting it only when the hype has died down a bit more. Lucky, because otherwise, it would have probably even a notch more stuffy and crazily warm. The first impression was really: sweat is pouring down me like it just rained. I don't normally sweat a lot and this is really insane humidity. Despite the huge fans installed everywhere, it was still really warm. But after a while, it was slightly better. Well, we are after all in Singapore.I like the concept of it, it's generally really new-age, funky... there's character in it, and I like how its entry into the food scene makes it more vibrant. There are many stalls in Timbre+, you're bound to find something you like. Not everything is on the premium end like Dancing Crab, there are many usual type of hawker stalls selling your ban mian, chicken rice, fishball noodles and nasi padang too. I don't think it's my last time here, I'll definitely be back to check out how it looks like when there's music bands playing in here. But here goes my first time in Timbre+:From the corner, there's Portico Platos where we got a plate of chicken paella for 6 bucks (not including additional 1 dollar for the tray - their idea of making people return trays). Plating and color presentation wise, pretty fantastic but its taste falters, which was quite disappointing. We were really late to be part of the lunch crowd at 2pm, but the dry and cold rice and chicken could hardly pass the mark. Granted the chicken was tender and generally flavourful, we both agreed it was average.The fruit juice stall must be really popular in this oven, I got a green apple and yakult drink for $2.50. They have thirst-quenchers going at $1.50-2.50, with plenty of fruit juice combinations. We also got the salted egg fries from Kushi at $8.50 which was pretty expensive in hindsight for what it is, essentially just fries with a salted egg sauce dip. Then again, we could sit there for ages and have finger food while chatting which is a major plus for us.I obviously haven't tried a lot of the food at Timbre+ yet. Based on the choices I made, it has yet to impress me. It is a cool concept for sure, very different and interesting to be in, but the food really has to make up for the stuffiness in order to keep people coming. I would go back and try Fishball Story and a couple of other stalls for a second chance though, since I haven't had the full experience of Timbre+ yet.For the full review: www.amiehu.com continue reading
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I was expecting to find the noodle stall in one of those dark, dim and stuffy underground foodcourts - a few years back I met a client around this area, under such conditions! Instead, Timbre+ turned out to be really cool - a huge, open space foodcourt with many food trucks, a live band station and heavy on graffiti art.Decided to try the Beef Brisket Spinach Noodles (SGD$5.50) first. The spinach noodles were utterly smooth and literally glided through the palate; flavour was very mild despite the intense color. The beef brisket were moistened and rather succulent - but not as melty as I was hoping they would be. Portion was good and the entire dish was enjoyable.Then the other signature, the Char Siew Dumplings Tomato Noodles (SGD$4.50), served with a bowl of wanton (meat dumplings) soup on the side. The tomato noodles was quite smooth as well, though not as satiny as the spinach one; there was a slight touch of zest to it and it was nice - as though I've ordered wanton noodles with tomato sauce (an old-school delight). Char Siew was well-roasted with a nearly-charred exterior, the way I like it - lots of tender lean meat and very little fats.For more detailed information and full review, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/04/lunch-at-wong-kee-noodles-at-timbre.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)