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Michelin Plate (2021)
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Pea and Mint Soup Duck A La Orange Terrine Hokkaido Scallop Japanese Mountain Asparagus Iberico Pork Belly Apple Tarte Tatin
Review (4)
Level4 2016-07-06
The Tippling Club is well known for its drinks made by its in house bartenders. Besides drinks, it is also a restaurant and offers 2 course and 3 course lunch set during weekdays. The place is decorated in modern and stylish way with open kitchen.I was showed to a counter who offered a great view of the chefs making desserts. While it was noisy with the noise from the kitchen, it was funny watching the staffs at work. And I got most of the dishes served straight from the chefs, who also explained about the dishes themselves. Between the 2 course and 3 course lunch, I decided to go with the 3 course which cost $60++. I started the meal with an aperitif cocktail.Tanaka Collins ($20++)yuzu vodka, citrus, gomme, sodaThe drink was like a lemonade soda. I felt that the vodka part was barely there.The lunch began with a a trio of amuse-bouches.The first amuse-bouche was curry leave tempura with a coconut curry mousse, served in a rock. The tempura was light and crispy, while the curry flavour was barely there. It was really unexpected.The next amuse-bouche was charred grilled red pepper in squid ink tempura, served on a stone plate with tweezers.The tempura was light and crispy. It was served with a soy wasabi dip which tasted stronger in miso than wasabi.The last amuse-bouche served was basil sauce with tomato flavoured olive oil. It looked like a lava lamp. The basil and tomato were distinct. Although it looked like oil, the taste was not that oily.Starter : Artichoke Soupquail egg, air baguette, avruga caviarThe soup smelt great from far. It was rich and creamy. But the surprise of the dish was the air baguette which turned to be a crispy pillow puff. It was encased with a smoky savoury mousse which filled with seafood flavours.Main : Braised Pigs Earchicken & truffle mousse, morels, pomme mousseline, perigourdine jusThe pig ear was crunchy and soft, with a savoury stuffing, sitting on top of a savoury mash potato mousse. The morels (a type of mushrooms) were well braised and juicy. The spinach which served with it was disappointing as it was too salty and overcooked with parts tasting quite bitter.Dessert : Snickers Bar Soufflepeanut butter mini magnumThe souffle was light and airy, with a bit of nutty texture at the bottom. The magnum had bits of peanut butter in it.Lastly there was petiti four to end the meal with. There was crunchy almonds slices topped with almond mousse and compressed blueberries, matcha chocolate with yuzu drop, and hazelnut praline chocolate. I was very full but these were so yummy.Overall the food was unique in its own way, offering an unique experience in taste and presentation. Service was great, with water refilled often. Do not leave without paying a visit to its restroom. There was Penhaligon's (very expensive brand) hand lotion and liquid hand wash available. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-14
I must say I was rather disappointed with my experience at Tippling Club. My husband and I had gone for their drinks and bar snacks, so I can't make a fair assessment on their food considering we didn't have their lauded tasting menu. We'd heard such great things about their drinks but unfortunately didn't find them very palatable. To make matters worse, I wanted a drink with champagne & gin but it wasn't on the menu and the waiter refused to customise one specially for me. A bit rigid for a high class establishment, don't you think? Their bar snacks were definitely the best part of the night. We ordered polenta fries, fried haloumi and bacon croquetas. The bacon croquetas were probably my favourite as the taste of smoky bacon permeated the little, crunchy potato balls and enveloped my mouth as I bit into it.For full review and more photos, please visit my blog at: https://treatsandmeats.squarespace.com/blog/2013/7/15/tippling-club continue reading
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Level3 2013-03-03
The chef is a molecular gastromist as Chef Ryan had done a presentation of his cooking in my lecture class last year. He was invited by my lecturer and best still, what he doing is what my group had been researching and presenting about. Hence, it was great to meet him in person, see him cook and eat the food too because I know he own the Tippling Club in dempsey, I went there to take a look and try last year. The kitchen looks like a laboratory since molecular gastronomy is fusion between cooking and science. Though the food is expensive for just something small, to go there once to try is a lifetime thing. A unforgettable experience. THUMBS UP!!! I would go to his another restaurant to try too. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-01-30
We actually went to Tippling Club a while ago, but this is one of the restaurant that you will remember for life once you have visited. It's a molecular gastronomy concept kind of restaurant, which located up at the Dempsey Hill. The kitchen is run by Chef Ryan Clifford, and one would love the interior design of the restaurant. It's glamorous in a sense, yet with a touch of laboratory feel. First Amuse Bouche is the potato soup served in a tiny flat container. One is supposed to eat the tiny cube of vegetable jelly while sucking out the coup at the same time. The creamy soup is pleasantly smooth, and definitely a good start to the molecular gastronomy journey! Next dish meant to be Curry Chicken Rice,but we were served with this delicate glass jar covered with foil! Pretty looking! After taking off the foil, a strong aroma of curry just burst out. The bottom layer in the jar is the curry foam, fluffy texture but rich in curry and spices flavour! And it's topped with a layer of crispy rice, which has been baked I assume. When two extreme textures come together, it's a huge surprise. I love this dish heaps! It's an effort shown by the chef who wanted to integrate the local flavour in his 'experiments'! Thumbs up! Smoked Quail Egg is another dish that served in a pretty glass jar. When the lid is opened, one could smell a strong scent of burning, it's the 'smoked' part. The quail egg itself is slightly sour, quite appetizing! I love how the Gazpacho is served in the test tube, reminds me so much of my chemistry lab! The clear looking soup is actually a blend of tomato and variety of vegetables. It tastes really good, light and chill. There's also a droplet of basil oil in the straw, that enhances the overall flavour of the soup! Another must-try. Smoked Eel is served with heaps Braun crumbs,fennels, spring onion, and weirdly Wasabi ice cream! Despite the funny combination, it actually turns out delicious! Love the flavour of the eel! Good food keeps coming out hey! We then had the Bacalau white gazpachio. The balacau is slightly salty, yet balanced well with the fresh grapes and lots of rocket salad. The plating is gorgeous too! Gnocchi served with heirloom carrot broth probably another dish that easily catch one's attention. The colourful dish looks very appealing! The orange-coloured thingy that looks like carrot chunks are actually the gnocchi, surprisingly not very chewy in texture. Served together with avocado and the homemade carrot broth, slightly sweet, but tasty in a whole. It's a brand new experience dining at Tippling Club. Some flavours or textures might not be easily accepted by many people, but this is about experimenting and exploring! I love the fact that you won't know how your dish will looks like or taste like, until you actually see them and get to eat them. They might sound 'normal' on the menu, but you never know! Oh yea, they also serve very good cocktails if you're up for a drink after work! continue reading
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