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TOBY’S aspires to provide good quality food, that isn't tagged at an exorbitant price, in a laid back setting. Whether a family with toddlers in tow seeking child-friendly brunch options, couples on a date, or friends on a lookout for good food with a relaxed vibe, TOBY’S has something to offer virtually everyone. TOBY’S boasts an exciting line-up of hearty restaurant favourites and desserts made from original American recipes. Bestsellers include their thin-crust pizzas, Spicy Marinara spaghetti and BBQ pork ribs while standouts in the dessert line are the mud pies and Oreo Obsession Cheesecake. An i-menu at the restaurant allows customers to place orders themselves using an iPad. continue reading
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BBQ Pork Ribs Oreo Obsession Cheesecake Spicy Marinara Spaghetti
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Level3 2013-12-28
Bought a groupon and went to Marine Parade for Western. I have never heard of Toby's before and this is the first time trying. Truthfully, if there wasn't the groupon I don't think I will ever try this restaurant as Parkway Parade is a little out of the way for me. The calamari was ok while the bake rice and pasta is not bad, they are generous with the cheese and the sauce was quite nice. The last pic is the mushroom soup, we felt that it was a little bland. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-18
This place being extremely near to my ex-school and because i was armed with a couple of vouchers and coupons to this place, dinner was the plan! Didnt't really expect much from this place since i hadn't heard much, but i can say i was pleasantly surprised.We got the seafood pizza first, and the blend of cheeses that they choose was a good combination, and gave a very pleasant touch to the pizza. For desserts, we got a strawberry cheesecake and even though it wasn''t really very rich, the pairing with the strawberry was pretty good. continue reading
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I was hanging around Parkway Parade Shopping Centre and was wondering where to have lunch. Feeling famished as I haven't had breakfast, I decided to try out Toby's The Dessert Asylum for lunch as I love the ambiance of dining in an open concept casual restaurant under the bright natural sunlight coming through the clear glass panels. That also means it is perfect for food photography! The lunch crowd on a weekday wasn't that bad and the attentive staff came to me and seated me in a cosy corner as I was dining alone. It wasn't that noisy and those around dining were mostly taitais who had just completed their shopping business and working execs having lunch meeting. I would say it is very conducive for students to hangout too!Coming back to the food, I didn't know what to order but the German & Cheese Bratwurst ($16.95) caught my eyes. Served with potato salad as the side, it went well with the sausages as it balances the flavour. The German sausage tasted pretty decent but the Cheese Bratwurst was a little too salty for my preference. Thankfully, the caramelized onions help to balance the taste and overall, it pleased my palate as well as my appetite. Still feeling hungry, I had the Toby’s signature Deluxe Burger ($14.95) which it’s stacked generously with layers of bacon, cheese, beef patty, onion ring, lettuce and tomato. It looks really deliciously overwhelming and I can’t wait to work my appetite on it. Served with French fries, this is perfect for any burger junkie out there who have a love for classic Western cuisine. The bacon is a little too salty but the rest were good. The home made beef patty was nicely done, succulent and juicy!So it seem that Toby’s don’t only serve good desserts but also has pretty delicious mains as well. The staffs were very nice to offer ice water but during busy hours, they tend to forget to refill ice water for the guests. I’ll definitely come by another time to check out their highly raved desserts and maybe a few other mains which interest me. continue reading
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Full Toby's The Dessert Asylum review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/06/tobys-dessert-asylum.htmlAmbience is average at Toby's The Dessert Asylum, and decor is minimal. The good part is they have an excellent location, next to the huge glass wall which offers a good view, but doesn't dovetail with the overall dark theme they are supposed to portray. Furniture is functional, but a little cramped in layout.Service is below average at Toby's The Dessert Asylum. I'm not sure if it's the spaced out looking staff or the rather cold attitude / feeling I get from them here. But they do get things done, and food is served rather quickly. Tables are slightly unclean as well, and the menu looks worn out, both of which somewhat irks me. Food isn't a strong point for Toby's The Dessert Asylum, but the real highlights here are the mudpies and desserts. Appropriately, the desserts are quite good, and portions are large. Prices tend to be slightly higher as compared to similar items elsewhere though. continue reading
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Level2 2012-06-14
First time going to toby to eat. I do not like the fries as the fries is too potato...I prefer fries which is more thinner and crunchier. This fries is quite fat :/ and its not very crunchy. The fish is quite fresh and it is crispy. I like the fried fish a lot (: The drink is coca-cola with lemon. I like it! there is sour taste in the coca cola. It make the coca cola taste more nice~ Overall, its quite good continue reading
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