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<br>Tom Yum Kungfu offers a range of authentic Thai dishes, chief of which is MooKata, the Thai mix of BBQ and steamboat, which will be available during lunch as well. continue reading
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Full Tom Yum Kungfu review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/05/tom-yum-kungfu.htmlTom Yum Kungfu is a Thai inspired casual restaurant, focusing on serving authentic and affordable Thai cuisine. Known for their generous portioned dishes at decent prices, Tom Yum Kungfu usually draw crowds during peak dining hours, and queuing is a norm.Decor at Tom Yum Kungfu is post-modern yet retro, with Andy Warhol inspired pictures, and mulit-coloured light bulbs. Overall ambience at Tom Yum Kungfu is noisy, poorly ventilated, yet comfortable and open.Because Tom Yum Kungfu tends to operate mostly in semi coffee shop settings, Tom Yum Kungfu staff tend to be brusque / to the point. Service is generally fast and efficient, albeit loud and without finesse. Expect heartland style service.The menu at Tom Yum Kungfu is diverse in range. Focusing on Thai speciality dishes, Tom Yum Kungfu mostly serves ala-carte, communal / sharing portions. They are also known for their Thai style combination steamboat and grill, also known as Mookata.Prices at Tom Yum Kungfu, in comparison to other Thai restaurants, is generally cheaper and more affordable. Even their Mookata is slightly cheaper than other places. Expect to pay between SGD $15 - $25 per person, for Thai food which is tasty, is served in large portions, and is good value for money.Mookata is an all-in-one steamboat and grill, with the soup / broth in a shallow trough below, and a curved grill top above. The idea is that during grilling, the meat and seafood juices will flow down and flavour the soup! The Mookata Pot here uses good quality charcoal, and comes with some aromatics like corn and cabbage. The original soup stock is MSG free, and starts quite bland, but gets more robust after cooking.This place has no buffet, only ala-carte sets... but the Mookata Set Large (SGD $44.90) is good enough for 3 - 4 people, plus there is no GST! All sets are served with sliced pork belly, pork loin, prawns, scallops, fish cake, and a vegetable basket. I love that the food here is completely fresh, and properly handled by staff!The Mookata Vegetable Basket is served with kang kong / water spinach, cabbage, golden mushrooms, pea sprouts / dou miao, bok choy / chinese cabbage / xiao bai cai, bean skin, and cellophane noodles.The duo Thai Dipping Chili Sauce & Seafood Sauce enhance your meal... use the tangy Seafood Sauce for dipping any seafood items or vegetables, while the spicy Thai Chili Sauce is great with grilled meats. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-31
Modern classic Thai décor in general, the restaurant was brightly appetizing. My first time to Tom Yum Kungfu, impression was greatly pleasant. Extensive choices from Menu, orders were flexible. Service was attentive friendly, staff was polite and helpful.Excited platter with succulent meat and seafood, serving was pretty huge. Charcoal-grilled instead of gas power, it made the process more interesting. Used lard as natural oil, food was prepared neatly and hygienic. Cannot wait to start!Enjoy BBQ moment at the same time slurping up the soup at bottom, the concept was thoughtful creative. Original soup-based was similar with normal steamboat soup, decent but little oily. Meat was well-marinated while Seafood was fresh, nothing beats. Savoury tangy absolutely, it did satisfy my taste buds. Using my cooking talent, we ended up a burnt surface of pot. Trust me, the taste was definitely delicious. Price at $38.00 per set was rather reasonable, it can served up to 3 persons. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)