Arriving by public bus: #7,36,77,105,106,111,123,132,174,174e,502,502A (09179 - Royal Thai Embassy) Arriving by Train: Exit A2 - (NS22 Orchard) Nearest Carpark: Shaw Carpark continue reading
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Indulge in the most authentic tonkatsu experience in Singapore, prepared in true Japanese traditional fashion that has remained unchanged since we first opened our doors in 1993. continue reading
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The only Tonkatsu specialty chained restaurant in Singapore, Tonkichi bills itself as a cosy restaurant in reminiscent of the causal eateries in Japan. With the soft yellow lighting, the restaurant is a stark contrast from the nearby brightly-lit Japanese department store, Isetan. From the positive raving reviews about their Original Tonkatsu, I was skeptical about the quality and authentic of their Japanese food. I decided to try for myself to see if it is really one of the best Tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore.Dashi Maki Tamago - SGD8.00Delving my chopsticks into Tonkichi's Dashi Maki Tamago reveals a wonderfully savoury taste. It was piqued with a hint of sweetness, and the eggs were so fluffy that it felt like chewing on cotton candy. It was strange how the chef could make the egg thick yet soft at the same time.All Original Tonkatsu Sets are served with Japanese rice and miso soup. They can be called Original because it is truly the most authentic Tonkatsu I have ever eaten.Kuro Buta Rosu Katsu Set - SGD32.00Deep fried black pork shoulder loinCrispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, the Kuro Buta (Black pork) was not oily and extremely moist. The shoulder loin was evenly tender, and it could easily go without any sauce or garnishing. Eating it on its own is definitely flavoursome enough.Other items and prices in the Original Tonkatsu set include:Hire Katsu Set (3 pcs — SGD21.00; 4 pcs — SGD25.00)Deep fried pork filletMentaiko Kasane Katsu Set (SGD28.00)Deep fried layered sliced pork loin sandwiched with mentaiko (spicy silver cod roe)Cheese Kasane Katsu Set (SGD28.00)Deep fried layered sliced pork loin sandwiched with cheeseRosu Katsu Toji Set - SGD23.00Deep fried pork loin simmered with egg and special soya sauce served in hot plateYou can find the Rosu Katsu Toji set in typical food courts, but the freshness and tenderness of the meat can never beat Tonkichi's. Served with free flow of Japanese radish, the amalgamation of the eggs and deep fried pork loin provides deeply savoury flavours and melts in your mouth.The added garnishing of seaweed also gave natural saltiness to the dish, with a hint of underwater aromaThe service was really slow, but I guess they can't handle the large number of customers. We also had to sit on a table with strangers, so it was kind of unpleasant as there was no privacy. Other than that, the food is really great and it's worth visiting! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-28
Feeling excited to try it again, I went Tonkichi for my lunch. The interior was a typical Japanese-style, fairly decent with simple furnishing. So sorry to tell health-conscious eater, Menu was mainly for appealing deep-fried selection. Almost everything was in golden-shiny, sinful food was beautiful in appearance.Service was quick, our food arrived in around 10 minutes. Without excessively greasy, the meat remained moist and tender. Somehow I like this kind fried stuffs, crispy yet juicy condition was awesome. Well-dressing of shredded cabbages, they can be refilled without additional cost. Plus Chawanmushi and a bowl of rice, it was a filling meal. Price at $22.90, it might be slightly expensive. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-17
My friend wanted to have Japanese food, so we decided to dine in at Tonkichi. It was quite a long time I last dined at Tonkichi, I did not know they also sell Sashimi, I thought they only sell Tonkatsu set.I decided to order the Chirashi Set with Grilled Prawns. When the order came, I was very pleasing to see such a nice placement of food. The Chirashi had much more rice than the fish and shrimp roe given. Both fish and shrimp roe tasted fresh, slightly salty and burst of water in mouth when biting it. The Sashimi was also fresh and chilled, the tuna and the salmon meat was firm and soft to chew on while the raw prawn was slightly crunchy and sweet.The grilled prawns had a nice aroma of BBQ, however the prawn had little meat, but nevertheless the meat tasted fresh and not powdery or mashy.Overall, Tonkichi not only made good Japanese Pork Cultlet but also good in Sashimi dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-26
One of the best things I like about Tonkichi is their deep-fried "katsu"! A worthy place for you to pig out over some sinful, breaded and deep-fried meats. This time round, I decided to go for a cold soba dish so I ordered their Katsu Zaru Soba Set ($24.90) It even comes with Chawanmushi too.I love how the Japanese like eating everything with sesame seeds. Even for cold soba, they gave me this small bowl of sesame seeds with a pestle for you to grind the seeds (or lightly crush them) to get the flavour out.Usually I would put crushed sesame seeds into a hot bowl of ramen, but seldom do so for cold soba..Their pork cutlet is as amazing as always. Albeit deep-fried and unhealthy, but the crispy and buttery crust is super awesome! The meat inside is also cooked just right and you can still see the light pinkish glow of the meat. I don't usually eat a lot of deep-fried food, but it's always good to have some once in a while. continue reading
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Level3 2013-04-16
If there is one thing I can never resist, even when on a "diet", it would have to be deep fried food. Whether chicken wings or french fries, as long as its fried and crispy, I'm all over it. (unfortunately for my waistline and cholesterol level) So when I'm in the mood for some deep fried comfort food, and also with some extra cash to spare, I like to enjoy Tonkatsu, which is fried breaded pork, and the best outlet in my opinion would have to be Tonkichi. After all, it specialises in Tonkatsu so it better be pretty damn good. I went to the outlet at Shaw Tower, which is convenient if you plan to catch a movie at the newly renovated Shaw theatres beforehand. Upon the recommendation of the waiter, I tried a new set "Kasane Katsu Set" which was deep fried layered sliced pork loin with chef's special sauce and served with rice, chawanmushi, appetizer and miso soup. ($30) Of course, the highlight of the meal was the pork, which was fried to perfection, all crispy and hot. The best part would have to be the meat, which remained juicy and tender despite being deep fried. The fat within the meat also made the meat all the more sinful and delicious. The rest of the sides were average, typical of Japanese restaurants so the meat is always the thing that keeps me coming back for more! don't forget to dip the meat into the "special sauce" but it is still delicious on its own, continue reading
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