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Tsujiri Tea House, which possesses a rich history of 150 years in Japan, Kyoto, has opened its first outlet in Singapore offering a selection of green-tea based desserts and beverages. continue reading
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Matcha Ice Cream O-maccha Milk Ice Blended
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Located at 100am is Tsujiri's biggest outlet, they also have another outlet at clarke quay and a little kiosk in somerset.They were having a promotion for their float drinks, it sounds like $6 is a great deal, but you're actually only saving 50 cents if you choose the matcha soft serve.They have a wide range of desserts and drinks, all mainly focused around matcha or tea.Here we see the staff working on making my Uji-KintokiIt's basically made of shaved ice with green tea syrup on the top with two mochi balls and a layer of red beans at the middle.1. Uji-Kintoki $6.20With all the bingsu craze going on, I'm still game for Japanese offerings like this. Yes the green tea syrup was sweet and at once the ice started melting and it will! It became a very sweet "green tea" syrupy drink. The red beans at the bottom added even more sweetness to the drink.I do like the way it is presented and you can easily get this to go and walk your way back to Tanjong Pagar MRT which is just a block away. It would be completely melted by then too!!2. O-Maccha Float $6Everyone is always going crazy about how "authentic" some places have their matcha ice cream. The bitterness is what people go by or how "icy" it can be. But to me, it's a balance between sweet and bitterness. Tsujiri's one really isn't too sweet but it really melts too fast! This picture was taken just as the staff handed it to me! continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-19
Was craving for matcha softserve ice cream, so I decided to stop by Tsujiri. They serve various matcha creations, from drink to parfait.O-Maccha Soft Serve Ice Cream - $4.80. According the picture on the menu, they serve the ice cream with cone, but the staff asked me if I wanted it to be served with cone or in a cup. I chose cup as it was more convenient. The ice cream itself was soft, the matcha flavor was not too bitter yet very flavorful. Price is tad steep, but overall it was worth it. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-09
Finally got to try the O Matcha Latte at Tsujiri! Had the hot version ($5.20) today, strong and rich with a nice foamy feel. Love it! There is a 5% discount on all lattes, which is a surprise bonus! Will be back to try the ice blended next time.The matcha soft serve ice cream ($4.80) is super yummy and smooth. Quite expensive for a soft serve ice cream though, but its definitely a must try for all matcha lovers! continue reading
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My friends and I were at 100AM at Amara Hotel having dinner and after dinner, we were leaving to find somewhere nice for desserts and hang out. We just happened to pass by Tsujiri Tea House that is at level 1 just beside the escalator and being a fan of anything matcha, I persuaded them to give it a try as this brand of Tea House has been around for more than 150 years originating from Uni in Kyoto, Japan.Using the finest quality of green tea, this kiosk serves a selection of pattiseries including shaved ice, soft serve ice cream, ice blended and hot/cold latte selection. Beside the kiosk, there were a few seating places which doesn't allow a huge group of people to hang out here. However, the staffs were very helpful to bring out some stools for us to sit as there weren't enough chairs.Looking like a typical bubble tea kiosk, there were menu hanging above the counter and also menu in a mini leaflet so you can carry it around in your pocket to decided on your next order. It is very helpful because they will issue a member card and will issue a stamp with every $5 purchase to redeem a free drink after 10 orders.I didn't know what to order being my first time here and the staff recommended me to have the Shiratama Parfait (O-maccha) ($7.80) which was a popular choice among many people. I can see why as it has their signature matcha soft serve accompanied by a mochi with peanut shavings. It is topped onto some Azuki Beans too, making it oh-so-heavenly! My perfect combination! The soft-serve has a very smooth texture with a nice, milky flavour. The soft-serve took some time to melt too and of course, that rich matcha flavour was excellent! How nice is it the chewy mochi ball complements the soft serve very well.My friend had the Shiratama Parfait (O-maccha) ($7.80) too but they have a different choice of topping, a chocolate roll instead of a mochi! How interesting to have chocolate with matcha but both of it goes along too balancing out the sweetness of the chocolate. My female friend enjoys it with the crunchy cornflakes in between. What an interesting combination!Being a huge fan of Yuzu, I couldn't resist not ordering the YUZU Citron Tea Float (O-maccha) ($6.80) which has a nice citrus twist topped with creamy matcha soft serve. I thought the combination is a little weird but as long you finish the soft serve before it melts into the yuzu sofa, it should be alright! Overall, I enjoyed my post-dinner dessert here as macha generally is beneficial to health and I need not worry about all the excessive sugary sweetness. I will be back again to try their other items like O-maccha Latte with Whip Cream and even Original Black Tea Latte as well as O-maccha Float too! continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-01
Located at 100AM, it can be easily access by the nearest mrt station at Tanjong Pagar. They offered a variety of matcha product such as tea, latte, ice blend, ice cream, shave ice, parfait and etc. I ordered a matcha shiratama parfait, its filled with rich matcha ice cream, japanese mochi and akazuki bean paste. Overall, I find it is one of best matcha parfaits that I had try before. continue reading
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