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17:00 - 23:30
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Signature Dishes
Butter Pork Ribs Salad Prawn Ball
Review (39)
Level4 2015-11-18
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/11/18/ok-only-quick-3pax-lunch-two-chefs-commonwealth-crescent-on-18nov2015/went with sis & b-i-l to two chefs @ commonwealth crescent for a quick lunch today on 18.11.2015. :-)my last post on two chefs was 2 years ago, no change in opinion..haha!it was 11.35am. they were open, no customer yet. we were the first. :-)we ordered a see hum (cockles).cockles were tiny! & the serving very small for S$7. inflation la..usd going up? whatever…for me the best dish was this S$5.50 san lo hor fun.really flavourful, the real meaning of wok hae, good serving of sliced snakehead too. ^^the S$15 black bean sauce 松鱼头 was good.fish head was fresh. sauce was good. but fish head was so very tiny leh…super tiny…eh…never see before..haha!but really no comparison with 香港街珍记 – Hong Kong Street Chun Kee, just 1 level up at the market next doorthe sauce at chun kee has a nice tangy lime taste, & it’s like 2x the size.& even the zi char stall hong man ji delights 鴻满记小吃 at mei ling market & food centre sells a good S$13 hk steamed song fish head 港蒸松鱼头.lunch came to S$27.50. not ex but then servings really tiny. so for me only the san lo hor fun consider good (but then it was not always consistent!). the song fish head & cockles were just ok only…& lastly, the old lady server had a poor service attitude. haughty, unfriendly, told us curtly there was no sliced fish beehoon soup here, the S$5.50 hor fun was very small, & looked very fed-up when we didn't order a larger portion.& interestingly, the young fella who took the bill was quite courteous, maybe he's the boss..i think no chance i will come here again for the song fish head la when hk street chun kee is one step away. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-19
When you think of eating tze char in Singapore, where do you think of? The first place that comes to my mind is Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆! They have two branches - one at Commonwealth Crescent and another at Sin Ming. The Commonwealth Crescent branch is said to be the original one. Tze char is one of the styles of eating that I love the most because of the heartwarming reunion feelings when everyone gathers round a table. What better way to celebrate than good food?You cannot miss out on the Golden Mushroom Beancurd when you are here! This thick, flavourful savoury dish is easily one of the yummiest to be polished clean from the bowl. The beancurd used in this dish seemingly tastes like egg tofus and the enoki mushrooms were also cooked to a soft texture yet not completely yielding. Recommended dish!These fried Prawn Rolls will be the favourite of those who have momentarily forgotten about what's healthy! Beneath its crispy exterior lies soft fragrant prawn fillings that was paired with the heavenly roasted duck with honey sauce on the side. Yummy. I secretly liked this a lot for the sauce.The Vegetables with egg, salted egg and century egg was the favourite of the table, but I wasn't too much of a fan of vegetables. Yet I found it quite delicious especially with the addition of the swirling cloudy egg mixture that made the dish particularly sweet. Recommended (for the vegetables lovers).Next up was the Horfun - which we ordered as a carbohydrate replacement for rice. I loved it because there was so much wokhei taste and so fragrant! The horfun was also slippery smooth and coated with delectable sauce, and was gone in sixty seconds. Recommended (for those with black holes for stomachs).Another of those must-try dishes as mentioned across various food platforms: Buttered Ribs was a medley of condensed milk powder sprinkled onto juicy sweet ribs. While it seemed pretty strange, it surprisingly actually goes well together with rice. Somehow I think that the ribs could have been fried better - they could have reused the oil a little bit too many times due to the need to handle the crowd. Wonderful dish idea, but execution could have been better.You are advised to reach before 6.30pm or risk having to wait for about 15 minutes (or more) for a seat. It is also more advantageous to come as a bigger group of 6 or more so that you will be issued a seat faster. Altogether, it is a worthy and classic tze char experience here - complete with all the sweat, noise and Night Market Life playing on TV. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-01
Visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/02/two-chefs-eating-place.htmlRecently I had read an article about the Top Zi Char Places in the west and Two Chefs Eating Place was listed. Having published on the strait times in previous years had also contributed some fame to this eating place.Located next to commonwealth Food Centre and in the middle of the Commonwealth Neighbourhood Estate, it seems like their die hard fans will just join the queue no matter how long it is even during on a Friday evening. The sitting place was somehow a little unusual to me as we are dying at low lying area where the level of my table was equivalent to the level of the road. It was rare to dine in such environment anymore I thought. There were ample of parking lots, thus drivers need not have to worry.As my visit falls within the Chinese New Year Season, the given menu was rather compact with few items under each categories and we had the menu turned over, it shows the set meal for large table dining.We were told to place the order before getting our table. We were at an advantage as we were only dining as a pair and smaller tables were readily available.The dishes came pretty fast in consistent mode. The first that came to our table was the sliced fish with ginger and spring onion.It's kind of disappointing when we received the dried scallop bean-curd dish. Shreds of scallops can be found in the sauce but was given sparingly. The Toufu was nothing unusual but more towards those prepacked ones from the supermarkets. To make things worse, the green peas that were given tasted extremely raw as though it was uncooked. Though crunchy but it filled the mouth packed full of raw greens taste.Nothing beats this old school plate of braised Yee Mee. It was flavourful especially with the rich black gravy that coated each strands of the Yee Mee with consistency. If you like KL Hokkien Mee, the taste was pretty close to one. I bet this plate of noodles will beat any neighbourhood Zi Char Stall hands down. The visit of Two Chefs is never complete without having their Butter Ribs. These sweet fried pork ribs were all covered with milk powder dusts and such concoction had complimented the dish quite well. It's unique and a definite must try.I felt that Two Chefs Eating place is over-hyped. Their dishes were pretty average except the Butter Ribs that had given me the Wow Factor. But on the contrary, they are doing well by the look of the snaky queues line up at the 2nd image. Perhaps their style doesn't seems to fit my bill. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-16
Many people rave about this zi char because of their special butter ribs which I find it not fantastic after a 2nd try. It was my 2nd time here on a weekend and it was really crowded. 1) fried prawn served with mayonnaise $24This was recommended by the server. The strong taste of the lemon and mayonnaise masked the taste of the prawn so I couldn't really taste it. I suppose kids will love this.2) golden mushroom beancurd $12The gravy was really very flavourful and savoury. The beancurd was smooth and there was plenty of golden mushroom which easily absorbed the gravy. 3) fried yam (not stated in menu so i'm unsure of the price)This was quite a special dish. Even though the yam was fried (exterior was slightly crispy), it still manage to maintain moisture and softness inside. Makes a great snack and it was flavourful too.4) honey fried chicken $14This was slightly salty, nothing special. The chicken tasted like pork ribs though. Overall, it is not a must-go zichar but you can try it to understand all the hype if you're around the vicinity. continue reading
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Looking for cheap and good dinner place to bring your overseas friends to? Look no further cause today I am going to introduce one of my favorite go-to places when I have foreign colleagues in town!Two Chefs Eating Place started in Commonwealth Crescent before opening a 2nd outlet at Sin Ming Ave(Bishan). The Commonwealth outlet is still the most popular one, so I decided to head there instead! Brought my family out for dinner and we happily order quite a few dishes.You will see this signature dish popping up on different tables as an appertiser before the meal. Served cold and lightly cooked, this is a dish which people are usually aware off due to its half raw nature. However, dont shy away from it cause it is SO FREAKING YUMMY that you see a non-cockle eating me happily slurping the flesh of the shells!Tangy sour and crazy fragrant from the ginger, chilli and spring onions, it is no wonder a signature dish at this eating place.SGD 6 This was bland and watery. Definitely not a recommended item.It was a soup which we almost didn’t order. Lucky we did cause it was so flavoursome! The chicken was so tender soft that the meat can easily break apart when I was scooping the soup. With a strong herbal after-taste, you will savor each bowl with especially during this rainy season.SGD 8One of the favourites that nigh, drench your rice with the savory brown sauce cooked with soft bean curd and golden mushroom and you will be sure to slurp up every single bit of this dish.SGD 8 (small)My dad, king of sensitive tastebuds love the beehoon even though I found it tasteless. He claim it has the “wor hei” burnt wok smell which makes it extra fragrant. I dont really fancy this dish, but they are definitely not stingy with the ingredients!SGD 7 (Medium Size)BUTTER PORK RIBSThe picture which I had of the dish was so blur but so yummy that I just have to mention about it! Soft slices of spare ribs are coated with sweet milk powder, I bet the little kids at the table will be sure to love this dish!SGD 10VERDICTDefinitely a great place to head to for family dinner with affordable offerings and great dishes. You would want to be there before 7pm where the dinner crowds starts to form a queue. The queue usually clears quite fast and the moment your butt is planted on your seat, the dishes will materialize in front you of you within 15 minutes!Read more reviews at RoundTumTums.com continue reading
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