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Two Men brings the freshest and baddest bagels to the sunny shores of our Lion City. Come on down and have a go at one of our hand rolled babies baked in our very own backyard. Slurp on some of our delicious coffee that pairs best with our finest bagels. We dare say 'Addiction is guaranteed'. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Haddock Primal Clucker Aubergine Ribs
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Level2 2018-03-25
I wake up today craving a meaty brunch and the idea of a bagel pops into my head. A quick Google points me the direction of Two Men Bagel. I head over to the closest branch in Novena. The shop is located on the outside of the shopping centre with seating on the pavement. I look at the menu and there are two choices that fulfil my meaty requirement, the Primal (brisket) or Ribs, I choose the brisket as my substitute for a roast beef Sunday lunch. When I get to order my first choice of bagel the multigrain had run out so I choose the cheddar. After paying I realised the Primal already had cheddar which meant I was getting good dose of double cheese. So I sit down and wait for my order, the seating is on bar stools/table on the pavement or next to the open kitchen where you can see the fresh bagels being made. I didn’t have to wait long for my order and when it did, I opened the wrapping paper to reveal a chunky cheesy bagel with a generous portion of brisket, cheddar and pickle, I was in for a treat. The bagel was fresh, soft and cheesy, it wasn’t my first choice but did go well with the filling. The brisket was flavoursome, juicy and had small bits of fat which added to the flavour, this was all complimented by the sourness of the picked, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. I enjoyed every bite of this delicious bagel and was exactly what I was looking for. One comment on the bagel is that I generally prefer the dough to be a little more chewy but that’s a minor preference in what is a very good bagel. I will be returning to try the ribs! I’ve marked hygiene down for two reasons, even though the staff are quick at cleaning the tables, the cleaning isn’t thorough, from the picture you can see tissues and food on the floor which attracted pigeons. And secondly the bin was full. continue reading
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