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Level2 2015-05-05
Saw a Groupon deal for Two Wings and I decided to try because it was cheap! It's $30 for a festive platter, which usual price is $49.90. It's said that it's good for 5 to 6 pax, but I think 6 pax might be a bit of a stretch.The festive platter consists of:1. 6 pcs of Brazillian Full Wings2. 8 pcs of Buffalo Wings3. 12 pcs of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks4. 12 pcs of Chicken Strips5. Cucumber and Carrot with Special Dip Sauce6. Special Large Fried Onion Rings7. Sweet Potato FriesI made reservations a few days or maybe a week in advance and proceeded to redeem my deal on a weekday night.Unfortunately, I was told that Buffalo Wings were out of stock and they offered to change to 4 pcs of Brazillian Full Wings. So was the Sweet Potato Fries, which they changed to Cheese Fries. Kinda disappointed about the change, but I didn't have a choice.I gave my mobile number as they said they would send me an sms when the food is ready. Despite most of them being fried food, they were surprisingly not very oily. However, the sides felt too little, especially the cucumber and carrot. Each of us probably only had like 2 strips each. Not impressed with their free fries. Would be interested to try their sweet potato fries since I haven't found one that's really good.I thought it's a really good deal at $30 since we each paid only $6! I probably would give it a second thought at their regular price. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-27
Full Two Wings review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/04/two-wings.htmlTwo Wings is possibly the most hyped / talked about / famous fried chicken wings in Singapore. And I'm glad to say that this is one instance that reality lives up to the hype. Despite opening in May 2014 at the modern hawker enclave of Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam, Two Wings owner Jeremy Loh has had a lifetime of fried chicken wings tutelage, and a 40-year-old secret family recipe, passed down from his granduncle. Granduncle passed this recipe on as a legacy to members of his extended family as well, including the owners of the now defunct Carona Fried Chicken Wing Rice, and the current Victor Famous Fried Chicken Rice.Ambience at Two Wings is shared with every other stall in Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam. Functional, decent furniture, bright lighting, and the garish, iconic, blue checkered tablecloth. Service provided by Two Wings is pretty good, as each order is freshly fried, there's a short waiting time, on top of the queues they normally have. When your order is ready for collection, Two Wings will contact your mobile phone, so you can actually have a seat / meal first!While prices are higher than average at Two Wings, you really get your money's worth. Their fried chicken wings are fresh, sourced from Brazil, and are large and meaty. Every single wing is massage to drain off blood, and prepared with premium sesame oil, an expensive vegetable oil, and the secret recipe batter. Fried to a perfect golden brown colour, the skin has that wonderful savoury taste and satisfiying crunch, before giving way to piping hot, fragrant, succulent, juicy chicken meat. Even more surprising, the fried chicken wings are not too greasy, have very little fat under the skin, and don't leave puddles of oil on the plate!The Fried Chicken Wings (SGD $8.50 for 4 pieces, $12.50 for 6 pieces) are really near perfect for fried chicken wings, checking all the right boxes. Piping hot, freshly prepared, large portions, golden brown colour, crisp skin, juicy chicken meat, savoury flavour, non oily, little fat, lasts even for takeaway... the only thing you could want is perhaps a cheaper price, but I'll rather pay a bit more for this high quality product! continue reading
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Ever had fried chicken wings and be able to wash your hands clean without soap? That's because these wings are not dripping in oil!Located admist a row of hardware shops, tyres shops and motorcycle repair shops is this atas coffee shop that sells an array of western food and Two Wings is the only "local" option here. The fried chicken wings here are the real deal. The whole drumstick, wing and tip!Glancing through the menu, their prices are reasonable, especially the cheese fries for $4.50!We ordered the Festive Platter to share amongst 3 people, even though they recommend it for 5-6pax, and that's actually true, we barely managed to finished the platter.1. Cheese Fries $4.50That's alot of cheese fries for $4.50 I must say! They are generous with the cheese and mayonaise!2. Brazilian Full Wings ($8.50 for 2)These are some of the best wings I've ever had. It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. A lof of chicken juices came out and I heard that it was just pure juices and NOT OIL! So we were advised to wash our hands without soap to see if our hands became clean without soap. True enough, my hands were clean! The shop staff explained that it was just the chicken juices, and not oil! You should definitely try this out!3. Buffalo WingsThe sauce was the sweeter kind, not so spicy and it was quite oily, in comparison to the fried chicken wings. The pieces were big and juicy. I did like this, but I still prefer the fried chicken wings!The onion rings were huge but the batter made it very starchy and gerlat. The cheese sticks had the same batter, so I didn't quite like it. Ate like one cheese stick and felt so full. The sweet potato fries were quite bland and should have a slightly more cooked exterior. The chicken tenders were very dry, as it was breast meat and I think this platter requires a bunch of dips, maybe honey mustard of mayonaise or something to keep it alive.For the price we paid, it was a lot of food, and 3 mouths wasn't enough to finish all the food, we had to take most of it home. Nonetheless, on a saturday afternoon, it was quite airy and windy in this coffee shop and it was a good place to hang out and have a meal with friends. The chicken wings will be the talk of your gathering!! continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-18
Please visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/07/two-wings.htmlGood things all comes in pairs! Featuring Two Wings, when one isn't just enough. From their business name, its quite obvious that they are specialized in chicken wings.Two Wings is situated in a neighbourhood coffeeshop where all the western fares are. The coffeeshop is an upgraded version of the conventional ones as its always packed full of people during meals hours and stalls like selling noodles, cze char and even the conventional drinks stall is out of sight.With stalls selling European cuisines like French and German in coffeeshop, it really gave me a surprised as I first entered the place.What's the significant of their wings as compared to most fried chicken outlets is definitely its plump and juicy wings served. These quality wings were sourced from overseas and for achieving such a perfect crisp and succulent taste, they had discovered the right temperature and timing in the fryer, thus also reducing the oiliness in the wings.Not only that, the first bite was impressive as it was flaky and crispy on its outer layer.Beisdes the origins and skills for preparing such addicting wings, what make Two Wings special is that every order is only prepared at its freshness when ordered, therefore, dont mind waiting a little while.They were served in a wooden board and came with a "powerful" chicken, closest to a Chicken Rice Chilli. Dipped into their homemade garlic flavoured chilli sauce and enjoy the right punch of spiciness and richness.What else I would say? Remarkably good! To avoid disappointments, it is best to make a reservation before heading down there. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)