<BR>In the daytime, Twoface Pizza & Taproom appears to be a regular kopitiam selling old-school delights such as mee pok and yong tau foo. When night falls, it transforms into a casual chic place for drinks and unique food fare, fusing tried-and-tested favourites with new mouth-watering recipes. continue reading
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Tue - Thu
17:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat
17:00 - 00:00
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Aglio Olio Mushroom & Bacon Ha Chong Gai Kiam He Pizza Smoked Duck Pizza Yong Tau Foo
Review (4)
Level2 2013-11-05
Twoface pizza is actually a cafe made from the traditional coffee shop and revamped to be a vintage cool place for dinner at night. From far, I could hear the english oldies played soothingly and spotted a few caucasians having casual dinner and beer. The staff there were very friendly and approachable, and recommended a few popular items on their menu. We had the meats lover and the smoked duck pizza, oh man they were good. I had agolio but it was rather oily. My favourite dish was in fact, the buffalo wings. Would definitely bring my friends down for a chillax dinner there again! continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-27
I ate here in the day when it was a kopitiam, and had the famous yong tau foo and vegetarian beehoon. The yong tau foo was not bad but the tau kee was a tad bit salty. The vegetarian beehoon was nice and tasty. However, the vegetarian sides contrary to popular sentiments, I found was overly fried and very oily. The zai er was not bad but the beancurd skin with mushrooms inside was overly starchy. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-01
Two Face, like Alibabar has gone down the path of nostalgia. Kopitiam by day and a bar by night. They recently opened another outlet at Tanjong Katong to bring rivalry to a completely new level. Yet for diners - we always welcome competition and truly, may the best prevail. With tunes from the 70s-80s playing on the background, part of me wishes there were a gramophone somewhere to complete the experience. Everything screams old school from tiles to tables to signages and well, I really just needed an old ah pek to hobble over to take my orders. Blast from the past I must say.The perils of being housed in a matured estate - uncles who insist on communal dining. Cai png from the template and a really hungry old man. Truffle Fries ($10)It was a tragic case of foie gras with fries versus truffle and the latter was highly recommended yet it was just a basket of fries with cheese. Wherein smells the truffle? Beats me, I actually questioned the smell buds of the order taker who claimed it signature. Anatra Pasta ($18)Reads pasta with duck ragout - an absolutely tasty dish with a generous portion of duck ragout, it could pass off as mee pok even and earn brownie points for marrying East and West. \Meat Lovers Pizza ($18)The molten cheese made this beyond delicious - well just the cheese since everything else was forgettable and pizza base was not the best eaten. Two Face Signature Drink ($4)Pineapple, Cai Xin, Sour PlumYes, chye sim or cai xin was blended into a wheatgrass lookalike and neutralised with the tropical flavours of pineapple and infused with sour plum which effectively turns the whole drink one flavour - like fairy godmother's wand would. Sour plum fans, only.Average food with an ambience that speaks so much louder - in short, a pity. I would be back to check out their morning offerings - Jalan Tua Kong's famous Bak chor mee anyone?Wait, I did not even know of its existence. Full review and photos up on: http://www.thefoodchapter.blogspot.sg/2013/09/two-face-pizza-taproom-eng-hoon-street.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-07-19
Twoface boasts of pizzas with unorthodox and unique flavors such as the use of Giam He (salted fish), which cannot be found in any pizza shop I supposed. However, in my opinion, quite contrary to the name of the store, I feel that the star of their menu is definitely their pasta dishes!!My favorite is their Aglio Olio with Mushroom and Bacon. It does not leave a sick oily taste in your mouth, as some other poorly cooked Aglio Olio do. Instead, the olive oil has been fully infused with the fragrance of garlic. Just as its name suggests, the mushroom is definitely the star of the dish and not just a simple garnish. In addition to the garlic fragrance, you can also taste the goodness of fresh mushrooms in this simple pasta dish. Complemented perfectly with the extra bacon fat goodness, its just bliss in your mouth! A huge fan of cream or rather anything creamy, I absolutely adore their Carbonara as well! Every mouthful is just packed with the rich flavors of cheese and bacon, but nonetheless it does get a little 'gelat' (as for all carbonara! I haven't had any that doesn't, so do feel me to recommend me if you guys know of any) till the end. Even so, Twoface's carbonara is one of the best I ever had. If you are looking for drinks, Twoface also stock special beers from Europe like Leffe, Lindeman's that are not very common everywhere.The food at Twoface is pretty affordable and its name, though contemptible sounding is just creative wordplay on the shop's concept - a coffee shop by day, cafe by night. continue reading
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